Fortunate Wife Ch 53

Chapter 53 – Related to

Under the dusky lighting, Li Man’s thoughts were in a whirl.

Suddenly, a tall figure came into the kitchen, grabbed her arm, and started pulling her outside. “Wife, come out and look.”

Li Man could tell that the voice came from Li Shu. In her confused state, she hadn’t properly tied up the bag of jujube yet. They ended up falling out and landing on top of the cooking range.

After leaving the kitchen, Li Shu pulled her towards the back of their home. Underneath the dusky sky, Li Yan and Little Five were clustered around the pigpen and chatting about something.

After pulling Li Man over here, he asked with a grin, “Wife, look at the pig pen that I made. What do you think?”

She hadn’t expected that he would be able to build one so quickly. It had only taken him a day’s work to build the pigpen. It wasn’t very big, but it was enough to protect the two piglets from rain and wind. She leaned over the low stonewall and saw that the two piglets were competing with each other over the food. They dug into the food with their snouts and tried snatching bits of food from each other. They also made little snorting and squealing sounds. It was really fun to watch.

Seeing a smile appearing on Li Man’s face, Li Shu felt indescribably happy. He enthusiastically said, “Wife, this is pretty good, right? My construction skills can still be considered good enough. I was just talking about it with second brother. Once autumn arrives, and we’ve earned more money, I can build a few more huts for our home. What do you think of that idea?”

Li Man listened to his barrage of words, but she couldn’t understand most of it, so she could only muster up a smile in response before saying, “I haven’t finished washing the dishes. I’ll leave first.” If she didn’t leave soon, she felt as if she would drown under Li Yan’s gaze.

“Wife…” Li Shu wanted to stop her. He hadn’t finished talking yet.

“Third brother.” Li Yan stopped him and patted his shoulder. Smiling, he said, “You’ve been working hard all day too. Go wash up and go to sleep.”

“But, I haven’t finished talking yet.” Li Shu pressed his lips together. He felt a bit disheartened. A moment later, he resolutely said, “Anyways, I decided. Our wife will definitely live in a better hut by the end of the year. The hut that she’s staying in is okay for now, but I’m worried that the ceiling is going to leak once it starts raining.”

Li Yan nodded and encouragingly said to him, “En, that’s definitely doable.”

Li Shu grinned. Beautiful images that had accumulated over years of yearning flashed through his mind. His body suddenly felt as if it was filled to the brim with excitement.

Still smiling, Li Yan clapped his shoulder and said, “Come on, let’s go back to our hut.”

“En,” Li Shu agreed. The three brothers returned to the western hut together.

When they entered, Li Hua was the only one inside and sitting on the heated bed. He was facing an oil lamp and reading a book.

Li Shu hurriedly got onto the bed and excitedly asked, “Fourth brother, is there anymore to the story you told us last time? Tell us more.”

“Huh?” Li Hua raised his head and blankly looked at his brother for a moment. It seemed as if he had sunk deep into his thoughts and wasn’t fully aware of his surrounding yet.

Li Shu thought his brother had just been too focused on his book, so he moved closer and impatiently said, “The story about that poor youngster that became a general. It was such a good story, and you haven’t finish telling it yet.”

By now, Little Five had also taken off his shoes, climbed onto the heated bed, and reached Li Hua’s side. He impatiently looked at his older brother. His fourth brother was the best storyteller, and he told the best stories.

Li Hua chuckled, put down his book, and said, “There’s not much left…”

Li Shu and Little Five quieted down. Their attention was fully focused on hearing the remaining part of the exciting story.

The corners of Li Yan’s lips curved up into a light smile as he watched them. As Li Hua was painting a vivid story with his words, Li Yan sneakily left the hut and headed toward the kitchen.

Inside the kitchen, there was a small oil lamp on the cooking range. The faint yellow light warmed every corner of the room.

Li Man was still washing the dishes. She had been scrubbing the same bowl since she had come back here from the pigpen. She scrubbed and scrubbed. The cleaning rag kept going around and around the bowl as if it couldn’t move away from it. Her gaze also seemed a bit off. She was blankly looking at the little lamp. It was if her eyes had forgotten how to blink.

Li Yan was leaning against the doorway and quietly looking at her. The corners of his lips were curved up into an unrestrained wicked smile. If a woman was blankly staring off into space, it had to be related to a man.

But, who was that man?

Oldest brother? Fourth brother? Or himself?


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Fortunate Wife Ch 52

Chapter 52 – Feelings

Using a dried gourd ladle, Li Man scooped out some water from the water jar. After she had gulped down several mouthfuls of cold water, her mind cleared up, and her mood had also calmed down.

Li Man didn’t notice that Li Yan had put down his baskets and walked to her side.

“Are you treating that water like its wine?” Startled by his deep, low voice that sounded by her ear, Li Man dropped the ladle, and it almost fell to the ground.

Li Yan caught the falling ladle and put it down on the cooking range. Seemingly by chance, his movement caused Li Man to be caught between him and the cooking range. He deeply stared at her.

“You?” His actions caused Li Man to suddenly feel oppressed. She felt as if it had gotten harder to breath. In an instant, this anxious feeling quickly spread until it filled her heart

Watching her big, innocent eyes widening as she looked at him, Li Yan thought she looked unbearably cute. The corners of Li Yan’s lips curved up, and a gentle smile was revealed. He took out something from inside his clothes and stretched his hand out towards Li Man.

As Li Man pulled her head back in fear, she felt him inserting something into her hair. She curiously stretched her hand up to feel out the item in her hair, but Li Yan caught her fingers in mid-air.

“It looks really good.” His gaze was very gentle as he looked at her, and his eyes were full of smiling intent.

Li Man tried her best to pull her hand out of his and fiercely glared at him. What had he put into her hair?

At this time, Little Five shouted from outside, “Second brother,”

Feeling anxious, Li Man’s little face flushed red.

Li Yan chuckled. He pointed at her hair and lightly said, “You’re not allowed to take it off. Remember to wear it every day.”

“Second brother, third brother is calling for you.” At this time, Little Five ran into the kitchen and pulled Li Yan towards the outside.

“What’s the matter?” Li Yan lightly asked. His steps were slow and deliberate as he walked out. He even turned his head back and winked and smiled at Li Man.

Li Man’s heart, which she had finally calmed down, went right back to feeling distressed and unbalanced from that smile of his. She hurriedly took down the thing he had put in her hair and saw that it was just a wooden hairpin. The craftsmanship was very meticulous. It was a simple flower design, but every grain in the wood had been carefully polished so that it looked exceptionally smooth. It was easy to see that he had really put his mind to it.

Li Man made noodles from scratch for dinner. She normally really enjoyed eating this type of noodles, but she didn’t have much of an appetite this evening. She kept feeling as if someone was staring at her with a peculiar gaze. It made her heart feel very uneasy.

When the entire family was eating together, it was usually very lively and noisy. Li Shu was usually the worst offender. No matter how delicious the food was, it wouldn’t stop him from jabbering away. But, tonight, for the very first time, he didn’t say a single word during the meal and seemed absorbed with eating his food. He put down his bowl and left the room right after he was finished eating.

By the time the meal was finally over, Li Man felt quite gloomy. She waited until after everyone left to gather up the chopsticks and bowls. But, a strange scent unexpectedly wafted over in the dusky lighting. She trembled in fear. When she turned around, she was surprised to see that Li Mo had been standing behind her.

“Ah -” Li Man patted her chest and let out a long sigh in relief. She had thought it was…

Feeling a bit frustrated, Li Mo explained, “Don’t be scared. It’s just me.” He had been worried that she hadn’t eaten enough during dinner, so he had taken out a precious bag of jujube and came back to give it to her. This way, she would have something to snack on if she got hungry later. He hadn’t expected that his presence would scare her. He felt frustrated. Even if he tried to explain himself, she wouldn’t be able understand his words. Under this flustered state, he simply stuffed the bag into her hand and exited the hut.

What was this? Li Man opened the bag and saw several plump jujubes inside. She still felt confused.

An unexpected kiss, a carefully crafted hairpin, sweet and plump jujube fruit…

Had her earlier guess about the situation been correct?


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Fortunate Wife Ch 51

Chapter 51 – Doubt

As soon as Li Shu returned home, he told Li Mo that he had seen the three of them huddled together and crying.

When Li Mo heard his story, he thought that Li Shu was probably exaggerating. It would have required something really big to happen for all three of them to start crying. Besides, would fourth brother really cry over something?

“It’s true.” Li Shu almost took a vow to guarantee his words. “I saw it with my own two eyes. How could it be fake? I just don’t know what happened. You should ask them about it when they come back. Fourth brother always listens to you.”

Seeing him like this, Li Mo started to doubt. Had something really happened? Still, he comforted Li Shu by saying, “Fourth brother was with them. Nothing bad would have happened. Besides, they were just going to the back of the mountain to gather some food for the piglets.”

However, the more he tried to reassure Li Shu, the more he felt worried too. What if something really had happened?

“Third brother, I’ll head over there to take a look.” In the end, Li Mo couldn’t let go of his worries, so he decided to go to the back of the mountains to look for them. He put down the work he was doing and stood up.

“En,” Li Shu agreed. Then, he walked to the stool that Li Mo had been siting on, sat down, and continued Li Mo’s work for the chicken coop. It was already more than half done. It just needed a couple more bamboo splints.

Li Mo’s steps were hurried as he kept trying to puzzle out what could have possibly happened. When he reached the village’s entrance, he met those three on their way back.

The three of them all looked glum. It was obvious that something had gone wrong.

He rushed forward and called out, “Fourth brother.”

“Oldest brother?” Li Hua was a bit surprised to see him.

Li Mo walked to his side and took the heavy basket from him. As he did this, he lightly swept his gaze over Li Man. She looked very dejected, and her eyes were a bit red. He asked Li Hua, “What happened? Third brother said that all three of you were crying before.”

Of course, third brother would spill the beans. Li Hua squeezed out a smile and said, “Who was crying? Some dust just got into our eyes.”

Li Mo’s eyebrows were tense. Even third brother wouldn’t believe this excuse, so how could he be expected to believe this? But, since fourth brother wasn’t willing to tell him, he didn’t want to question him further. Anyways, everything was okay now. The three of them were safely standing in front of him.

“Let’s go back then. The sky had changed. It looks like it’s going to train,” said Li Mo. Without him noticing, his eyes had strayed over to look at Li Man again.

It was only a glance, but it was enough to make Li Man feel guilty. There was definitely a problem with that gaze. Could it be that Li Mo was feeling unhappy that his fiancée was walking so closely with his fourth brother?

Seeing her cowering look, Li Mo started worrying again. Walking in the front with Li Hua, he quietly asked, “Did someone say something? She looks upset.”

“It’s…” Li Hua’s expression stiffened, and he didn’t continue his response.

Li Mo cast a doubtful glance at his fourth brother and saw that he was looking glummer than before. He silently wondered what exactly had happened between his fourth brother and their wife.

No one said another word. They finished the walk home in gloomy silence.

Li Yan was carrying a pole laden with wheat bran. He had just been about to go inside when he saw these four people dejectedly walking back. Feeling confused, he called out, “Oldest brother? Fourth brother?”

When the four people had walked closer, he placed his pole and baskets down to the side and curiously asked, “What’s wrong? It can’t be that the four of you got robbed when you went to get food for the piglets, right? It’s so unpleasant to see your sullen faces.”

Little Five hurriedly said, “We weren’t robbed.” He didn’t understand what was going on between his older brothers and sister. After they had left home, Li Man had cried, then smiled and seemed very happy. On the way back, it had changed into not smiling or crying. He felt at a complete loss.

Li Yan stretched his hand out and pulled Little Five over. “Little Five, tell me what happened.”

“It’s nothing. I went out and happened to meet them, so we returned together,” said Li Mo. In actually, he really wanted to know the truth too.

Li Yan believed that his oldest brother wouldn’t do anything wrong, but he didn’t believe the same of his fourth brother. He guessed that something must have happened before oldest brother met up with the other three. There was something really wrong with fourth brother and their wife’s expressions…

“Is this wheat bran?” Li Mo looked at one of the large wicker baskets.

Li Yan said, “Well, we have piglets in our house now, right? So I bought some wheat bran from Zhao family.”

Li Mo nodded. Second brother was as thoughtful as always. “Have you finished the work for Mudan’s family?”

“En,” Li Yan snorted. “There were guests at Uncle Shen’s house today, so I’ll go get my wages in a few days.

“That’s good too.” Li Mo didn’t ask further questions. After entering his home, he put down the basket under the eaves.

Li Shu and Little Five returned to the eastern hut. Li Man felt thirsty, so she went into the kitchen to pour herself a cup of water. Li Yan picked up the baskets of wheat bran and went inside too.

Fortunate Wife Ch 50

Chapter 50 – Sealing off

Li Hua deeply looked at her and didn’t say another word. He turned around and started leaving first. But, his steps were very, very slow. He was intentionally waiting for her to catch up.

However, from Li Man’s perspective, he had only said a few words to her before leaving, and he clearly looked vexed. She felt wronged. He was the one that kissed her, so why was he feeling upset? Was he regretting his action?

Li Hua slowly walked down the path. Noticing that she wasn’t following him, he turned his head and saw that she was still standing in the same spot. Her head was slanted, and she was looking at him with an aggrieved look in her eyes. For a moment, he got upset too. Did she dislike being close to him that much? To the point that she wouldn’t even go home with him?

Li Man bit her lip. What was this rotten child looking at? Shouldn’t he explain himself to her at least? For example, why did he kiss her? Or, what exactly was their relationship…

If they weren’t siblings, then the answer to this question was probably complicated.

The recent events that had happened during the past few days flashed through her mind. One by one, the images of the men in Li family also flashed through her mind.

That day, the oldest brother had stood at the kitchen’s entrance and quietly stared at her. Thinking of that gaze now, it had felt a little too ardent.

And, during one early morning, second brother’s slender fingers had gently stroked the back of her hand when he was handing her the water.

And, third brother had started at her with a very explicit look in his eyes several times.

And, just now, the teenager in front of her had caught her off guard and kissed her.

When she thought about all of these incidents together, it didn’t seem like she was overthinking things…

Li Man suddenly felt scared. If they weren’t siblings, then what was her relationship to them?

Relative? It didn’t seem like it.

Had Li family adopted her into their family so that she would marry one of them in the future?

She felt alarmed by this idea, but it seemed the most likely one. In this era, it was rare that someone of Li Mo’s age wasn’t married yet. Furthermore, he didn’t seem to have any sense of urgency. This must mean that his future marriage had already been settled. And, if she had been adopted into their family to be a future wife, her engagement should definitely be with the oldest sibling.

Then, what about the others?

Li Man suddenly thought of a drama that she had watched during childhood called Wanjun. A wealthy family had married their oldest son to little Wanjun in hopes that their marriage would bring good luck to their son, and he would recover from his illness. But, the second son and third son of that family also fell in love with little Wanjun. Did that mean she…

Could it be that the original agreement was that she was going to marry Li Mo when she got older, but familiarity breed fondness, and Li Yan, Li Shu, and Li Hua all started have feelings for her as they grew up together?

Too melodramatic! Way too melodramatic!

Li Man fiercely shook her head. She would rather believe that such a contrived and melodramatic idea had to be wrong.

Li Hua was standing nearby and watching Li Man’s little face constantly changing expressions. He finally compromised by walking back to her, grabbing hold of her hand, and saying, “If you don’t like it, I won’t ever do that again.”

With her head lowered as he led her home, Li Man was the quintessential image of a child that had been bullied. In actually, she was just feeling annoyed at herself for being a wimp. The answer was right in front of her, but she was scared of knowing the truth.

For now, she could just pretend that she had lost her memories and didn’t know what was going on. If she confirmed her guess by asking them, they might tell her that Li Mo couldn’t wait any longer, and that it was time for her and Li Mo to get married. What would she do if they forced her to get married to Li Mo? And, what about the others? They obviously had feelings for her too. What if the brothers starting fighting because of this?

My god, she felt a headache just thinking about this. And so, Li Man simply pretended to be an ostrich that would stick its head in the ground to hide from danger. Li Man did her best to seal off that recent incident of Li Hua kissing her along with everything else.

Fortunate Wife Ch 49

Chapter 49 – Not understanding

“Older brother Hua, I have some extra vegetables with me. Here, you should take it and eat it at home.” Seeing that he wanted to leave, Lianhua hurriedly took out a large handful of tender green beans and stuffed into Li Hua’s basket.

There was a look of awkwardness on Li Hua’s face. But, when he glanced over at Li Man to check on her, she had a bystander’s detached expression as if she was just watching an entertaining show. It made Li Hua feel as if a stone was clogging his heart. He grabbed the green beans and placed them back into Lianhua’s basket, “No thanks.”

Then, he turned around and grabbed Li Man’s hand and called out to Little Five, who had been standing to the side, “Let’s go. We’re going home.”

“Older brother Hua…” Lianhua wanted to chase after him, but Li Hua’s pace was too swift, and she couldn’t keep up. She fell behind after only a few turns on the footpaths.

Little Five knew that his fourth brother didn’t enjoyed being chased after by the village girls. Moreover, Little Five didn’t like Lianhua either. And so, when Li Hua told him to go, he ran faster than anyone else. Like a wisp of smoke, he ended up in front of Li Man and Li Hua.

It was Li Man that was the one that was suffering. It was already hard enough to walk on the paths between the fields to begin with, but Li Hua had been dragging her forward without pausing. Every time he took a step, she had to take several steps to catch up to him, and he was walking so fast too. There were many times that she almost slipped and fell, but Li Hua would always catch her in time.

She couldn’t help feeling bewildered. What was wrong with this rotten brat? Why was he unhappy that a girl had given him some food to express her feelings? Why were they running away?

Still, Li Hua really had a lot of admirers. In addition to those two girls, there was also that girl, who was being confined in the shrine. They were all very interested in him. She just didn’t know which one of them he was interested in…

“Ah,” she yelped.

Li Hua had abruptly stopped walking, but Li Man hadn’t noticed and ended up accidentally falling into his arms.

She raised her head and saw that Li Hua’s eyebrows were slightly furrowed and his gaze was hot, but it was also mixed with a hint of annoyance. Li Man’s heart suddenly felt tight, and she carefully asked, “What’s wrong?”

Li Hua’s expression was tense. He stayed silent and kept staring at her.

Li Man felt flustered from his stare. When she instinctively took a step back, she heard a muffled crashing sound. The basket fell from Li Hua’s hands and the food for the piglets spilled out.

“You – ” Li Man felt as if her heart was going to jump out of her chest.

Before she could ask a question to clear up her doubts, Li Hua suddenly took a step forward, leaned down, got very close to her face, and brushed his warm lips against hers.

In an instant, it felt as fireworks were going off by her ears. Li Man was dumbstruck.

Li Hua’s heart was beating like a drum. He didn’t dare to look her in the eye. Taking advantage of her stunned state, he hastily picked up the basket and ran away from her in panic.

Little Five had been lying down behind a slope. Seeing that Li Hua was running away like he was fleeing from something, he stood up and called out “Fourth brother, why were the two of you walking so slowly? Where’s older sister?”

“Older sister?” Li Hua abruptly stopped. When he turned around to look, he saw that Li Man hadn’t followed after him. Losing his head in panic, he dropped the basket and hurriedly went back.

Li Man was still standing in the same place as before with her fingers touching her lips. It felt as if there was still residual warmth from the teenager’s kiss. But, how could this have happened? Weren’t they siblings? Wasn’t he her older brother? How could he have kissed her?

Seeing her like this, Li Hua’s heart fell to an all-time low. Did she not like it? He had ended up scaring her because of his impulsive action.

Li Hua walked to her side and said in a low voice, “I’m sorry.”

Li Man heard his voice, and her face flushed red. Why had he come back so soon? She hadn’t recovered yet. Should she ask him why he had kissed her?

“Come on, let’s go home.” Seeing that Li Man was keeping her head lowered and not saying a word, Li Hua felt even more dejected and upset with himself. He had originally wanted to hold her hand and bring her home, but right after he stretched his hand towards her, he took it back. He was worried about making her even more unhappy.

Fortunate Wife Ch 48

Chapter 48 – Styling hair

After sprinting down a path and seeing that Li Shu was no longer in sight, Li Man finally stopped. Pressing her hand against her chest, she gasped for breath. Little Five was also taking big gulps of air to catch his breath.

Li Hua let out a chuckle when he saw that Li Man looked like a frightened and helpless baby rabbit. His headscarf had also been loosened when he had been dragged along during her frantic dash, and he cut a sorry looking figure too.

As Li Hua took down the headscarf, he looked at her with a slight smile and asked, “Are you okay now?”

Li Man bit her bottom lip in embarrassment. Soon after, she walked to his side, took the headscarf from him, and gestured at him. “Crouch down. I’ll help you with putting it back on.”

Seeing Li Hua was only staring at her blankly without moving, Li Man tugged him down by the arm. After that, she gently gathered up his inky black hair and tucked most of it underneath the headscarf. The rest of his hair was scatter over his shoulders like a waterfall.

“Your hair is really good. It’s so black and lustrous.” At the end, Li Man admiringly looked at his hair and even used her fingers to comb his hair a bit.

Li Hua straightened himself. Seeing her glittering eyes, his heart felt quite warm and happy. Since ancient times, women only styled the hair of men they deeply loved. It was just like how his mother had always brushed and styled his father’s hair.

She must know this, right?

“What are you looking at?” Feeling uncomfortable from how Li Hua was looking at her, Li Man rubbed her face and smoothed out her hair.

Li Hua curved his lips into a smile. He tugged her hand down and tucked her disheveled hair behind her ears. “Alright.”

When his warm fingers lightly brushed against her cheeks, it felt as if she was being shocked by electricity. Li Man lightly trembled. Her face turned slightly to the side, but he had already taken his hand back.

This? Was this just the kindly action of an older brother towards his younger sister? Li Man uneasily wondered.

Li Hua had already picked up the bamboo basket and continued walking forward with Little Five. Seeing that she wasn’t following them, he turned around to wait for her.

Li Man could only discard that recent strange feeling and jogged a little bit to catch up with them.

At the foot of the back mountain, there were a variety of wild plants growing in one continuous field. There were ones that were growing well, and ones that were growing poorly.

Li Hua and the others had come to this field to gather some wild plants.

Li Man actually didn’t know which plants the piglets could eat. She just thought that if the leaves looked tender, then it could be picked. Fortunately, none of the plants that grew in this field were poisonous. After Li Hua looked over the plants and determined they were all okay, they started tossing in random sprouts, dandelions, and wild amaranth greens into the bamboo basket.

It was spring right now, and the time when plants would be blooming. The field was filled with lush and flourishing vegetation. It didn’t take long before the three of them had filled up the basket. There was at least enough to feed the piglets for two meals.

But, since they had already come all the way here, Li Hua wanted to bring more back, so he pressed the plants down to make more space in the basket.

At this moment, a happily surprised voice from nearby called out, “Older brother Hua.”

Following the direction of that sound, Li Hua saw two teenage girls running over here. His eyebrows slightly furrowed.

Li Man also stopped what she was doing and raised her head to look. The two teenagers had already reached them. She had met these girls before.

“Older brother, are you picking plants for pig feed? Did your family recently buy pigs?” Lianhua happily looked at him and offered, “Let me help you.”

“It’s okay. We already have enough. We’re just about to go back,” Li Hua refused.

“What’s the hurry?” Lianhua hurriedly grabbed onto the bamboo basket and anxiously said, “Your basket isn’t full yet. Qiqiao and I happen to not be busy right now. We can help you.”

Li Hua exerted a little more strength and pulled the basket away from her. He politely said, “Thank you, the pigs in our family are still small. This will be enough food for them.”

Fortunate Wife Ch 47

Chapter 47 – Feeling helpless

Li Man had originally just wanted to express her true feelings. But once these words were said, her sadness also spilled out. She couldn’t stop her tears from coming out.

Back then, she had read some transmigration novels when she was feeling bored. In those novels, no matter how horrible the female lead’s original life was, once she transmigrated, there would either be an explosion of energy that would raise all of her stats, or she would gain a superhuman body. No matter what kind of environment the female lead was dropped into, she would thrive in it like a fish being dropped back into water.

But really, that was too unrealistic. She wasn’t a superhuman and didn’t have any special skills or a high IQ. She was just an ordinary housewife in modern-day society. After coming to this strange environment, she only had fear and helplessness.

In the blink of an eye, she had come to this world with its unfamiliar dialect, scenery, and people. She had been tied to a tree and almost hanged.

There was no electricity, electrical lights, or even well-fitting clothes here. If she woke up in the middle of the night, she would get scared all over again from the pitch-black room. She didn’t even dare to go outside to use the outhouse. One night, she had woken up wanting to pee and had uncomfortably waited until dawn before daring to go outside to relieve herself. After that incident, she would always hurriedly use the outhouse before night fell and didn’t dare to drink water for the rest of the night.

“Older sister, what’s wrong?” Seeing the tears falling from Li Man’s eyes without stopping, Little Five was so worried that his face had paled. He helplessly stood by her side and gently tugged on the edge of her clothing. His eyes had turned red, and he looked like he was about to start crying too.

Li Man also knew that her behavior was somewhat wrong, but she couldn’t stop herself. The more she wiped away her tears, the more she cried. She could only turned around to try to hide her crying.

Right after she had turned around, a strong arm wrapped around her, and she heard Li Hua’s low and clear voice say, “It’s okay. All of that has passed. No one will bully you in the future.”

“Older sister.” Little Five squeezed his way in so that one hand was holding onto the edge of Li Man’s clothes and his other hand wrapped around Li Hua’s waist.

Li Hua simply stretched his arm over so that Little Five could be included into his hug.

Li Shu had been pushing his stone-filled cart. When he turned around the corner, he saw this scene.

His fourth brother had his hand half lowered and was looking at Li Man with a tender expression. His wife was half-leaning against Li Hua’s chest and hugging his arm as she softly cried. Looking down, LittleFGive was hugging Li Hua’s waist and also crying loudly.

Li Shu hurriedly stopped his cart and came forwarded to ask, “Hey, what happened?”

Seeing his older brother, Li Hua was also a bit stunned. Before he could answer, Li Man had already let him go and hastily wiped her eyes. She waved her hand and said, “It’s nothing. I just got dust in my eyes.”

Li Shu looked at Li Hua in confusion. Li Hua awkwardly laughed and said, “She said that she got dust in her eyes.”

Who were they trying to fool with such a weak excuse? Li Shu looked at Little Five and asked, “Little Five, what happened?”

Little Five shook his head while rubbing his eyes. He didn’t know what had happened either. Older sister had started crying, so he started crying too.

“Let’s go get the wild plants for the piglets.” Li Man hurriedly pulled Li Hua and Little Five forward to continue walking. She knew that Li Shu had a short-temper. He had hit Xing-niang this morning just because Little Five had blabbed to him. Because of that argument, they had ended up going all the way to the village head’s house. What if Li Shu cut down that tree and hit that woman if she told him the truth? The truth was simply that the tree and that woman had reminded her of that miserable day?

“Third brother, you can go back first. We’ll come back after gathering some wild plants for the piglets.” Li Hua tossed down these words and followed after Li Man.

Li Shu gloomy scratched his head in puzzlement. That rotten brat. He had even tried to fool his older brother. He didn’t believe that Li Man had been crying because of dust. But, why would his wife be crying?