Fortunate Wife Ch 135

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Chapter 135 – The truth draws near (6)

Hearing her response, Mudan mistakenly thought that Li Man was unwilling. She quickly said while crying, “I’m begging you. Other than Li Yan, there’s still Li Mo, Li Shu, and Li Hua. They’re all great. You have so many people to love you. I’m begging you. Please let me have Li Yan. I…” As she said this, she seemed to have remembered something. She quickly took something out from her clothes. It was something wrapped up with a handkerchief. She opened it up in front of Li Man. There were bracelets, earrings, rings, and other jewelry.

“It took me a long time to collect all of this. I’ll give it all to you. If this isn’t enough, I still have five silver taels at home. Once I have more money in the future, I’ll give you more money too.”

She was trying to bribe her? Li Man found it difficult to immediately accept this information. She pushed the jewelry back to Mudan. “Miss, don’t be like this. Let’s just talk calmly. Tell me clearly about you and Li Yan. Wait, no, that’s not the issue. Isn’t it your family that’s the one objecting?”

“Yes, my dad, mom, and older brother are all against this.” Mudan looked very depressed. She looked at her with glassy eyes and continued, “But, my dad and mom have also said that if Li Yan can offer twenty silver taels, they’ll agree for me to marry him.”

“Twenty silver taels?” Li Man didn’t really know how much this amount meant. Still, if this matter could be settled with money, then it wasn’t a big deal. She quickly comforted her, “Don’t worry about it then. Even if Li Yan doesn’t have enough, our family can work together to gather this money.”

“Huh?” Mudan blankly looked at her. “What did you say?”

Li Man placed her hands on Mudan’s thin shoulders and encouragingly said, “I said, you don’t have to worry. Isn’t it only twenty silver taels? As long as the two of you genuinely love each other, our family will do anything to gather up this money.

“You? You -” Mudan was stunned. She couldn’t believe her ears. “Do you really mean it?”

“Of course.” Li Man seriously nodded.

“But…” Seeing how sincere Li Man looked, Mudan suddenly felt guilty. “He… He’s considered your man. Y-you’re just going to -”

Li Man suddenly interrupted her, “Wait, you said he was my man?” Her confused mind still noticed there was something wrong with Mudan’s words.

“En.” Mudan woodenly nodded. “You… didn’t know?” Weren’t they already married? Could the rumors that they hadn’t consummated their marriage yet be true?

“I?” How could she have known this?

“You’re telling me that Li Yan and I are married? He’s my husband? I’m his wife?” Not daring to believe this, she asked several questions to confirm.

Mudan really wanted to say no, but the facts wouldn’t allow her to lie. “Yes.”

“This?” Li Man was too shocked to speak. She had once thought that she was Li Mo’s fiancée, and had also thought that Li Shu was her husband, but she had never dared to consider Li Yan. His actions had always come off as a flirtatious lecher. How could she have known he was her husband?

Err, wait no, that was wrong too.

Li Man abruptly tightened her grip on Mudan’s shoulders and stared at her. “Mudan, tell me everything. When did I marry into their family? Why is Li Mo still not married? What about Li Shu? It’s not just Li Yan. Li Shu and Li Hua also call me wife too. At first, I thought they were just joking around, but now it’s obvious they weren’t. Am I right?”

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Fortunate Wife Ch 134

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Chapter 134 – The truth draws near (5)

In modern-day, especially in some villages, the requested bride price might be alarmingly high. As for the people in the city, having a house and car had become a minimum requirement for marriage. Some women even required that the other party didn’t have any parents or siblings. It would be more peaceful if they could live alone as a couple and without in-laws.

Li Man had thoughtful considered all of these factors.

However, once she had finished speaking, everyone was dumbstruck, even Li Mo’s expression looked strange.

Li Man suddenly thought this situation was a bit strange too. Could it be that in a peasant family, women weren’t allowed to meddle in family matters?

“Let’s talk about this later.” Li Mo had tightened his grip on his bowl and chopsticks. After a pause, he added, “Actually, second brother truly only sees Mudan as a younger sister.”

“Younger sister?” Li Man didn’t quite believe him.

However, Li Mo had already lowered his head to eat. It was obvious that he didn’t want to continue this discussion.

Li Man could only shut up. She wanted to help, but she was powerless. Li Yan’s happiness would have to depend on his own fate.

It was very difficult for Li Mo to finish eating this meal. It was because Li Man’s words had made it very clear that she had no clue.

He suddenly thought it was wrong to keep hiding the truth from this girl that was wholeheartedly considering the needs of his family. He had to find the time to clearly explain the truth to her.

No matter what the result was, even if she wanted to leave this family, he would accept it.

Once lunch was over, Li Mo went over to the eastern hut to check on Li Yan. It was only a short while, but when he returned to the kitchen, he only saw Li Hua washing the bowls. Li Man had disappeared. He ran over to the western hut to look. She wasn’t there. He looked for her in the backyard too. Not there either. When he asked Little Five, Little Five also said that he hadn’t seen her.

Feeling anxious, Li Mo quickly went out to look for her.

As for Li Man, she was right outside of Li family’s house, in a corner by the dirt wall. Mudan had grabbed her hand and was crying nonstop.

Li Man had just put down her bowl and chopsticks and was about go back to her room when she saw Mudan sneakily standing by the entrance and looking around. When she saw Li Man, she waved at her, so Li Man went over to her.

Mudan seemed as if she had seen her savior. She grabbed her hand and led her over to a nook outside that wouldn’t be easily noticed by other people. She only glanced at Li Man before her tears started to fall again. Her eyes were already swollen red from excessive crying.

Li Man couldn’t bear to see this sight. She gently persuaded, “Don’t cry anymore. Look, your eyes are already so swollen. Why did you come looking for me? Just say it, if I can help you, I definitely will.”

“Thank you.” Mudan wiped her tears with the back of her hand. Her voice was choked with emotion as she said, “I knew you were a good person. Otherwise, Li Yan wouldn’t…” As she said this, she raised her eyebrows to look at Li Man again. Then, she tightly clutched both of Li Man’s hands. In a flash, her emotions got worked up again. “Older sister, I truly like Li Yan. Please be merciful. Can you please give him to me? I… I’ve like since we were kids. I can’t bear to live without him.”

“Wait -” Li Man was thrown into confusion by her words. “Did I mishear you? You want me to give you Li Yan?”


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Fortunate Wife Ch 133

Chapter 133 – The truth draws near (4)

After listening to that commotion for a long time, Li Man only figured out the general gist of things. When she went inside to ask Li Hua, he said that he didn’t know much about this matter either. It was obvious that Li Hua didn’t want to talk about this, so Li Man secretly pulled Little Five into the kitchen to ask him instead. The information that Little Five told her was what she already knew, that girl liked his second brother, but she was already engaged and what not.

In summary, she guessed that the answer was, Li Yan and Shen Mudan were a couple that grew up as childhood friends, but her parents were people that looked down upon the poor and flattered the rich. They were determined to marry their daughter into a rich family. The news of her engagement broke Li Yan’s heart. This was why he resisted all of Mudan’s attempts. As for Mudan, she was filled with grievances and couldn’t see a way out. She took things too hard, and she tried to hang herself. And then, her brother came to Li family’s house.

Thinking of Li Yan’s behavior towards her during the past several days, Li Man felt dreadful. She felt as if this scoundrel was using her to vent his suppressed feelings.

He was too despicable!

She had decided to ignore him forever, but when Li Yan returned home at lunchtime, his handsome face had become badly battered. The corner of his mouth was still bleeding. Everyone was shocked, and Li Man couldn’t resist feeling worried.

Li Shu was the first one to jump to his feet. He picked up a hoe that was by the corner. He wanted to go find the other party and get even with him. “Second brother, who hit you? I’ll go find him.”

“Put that down.” Li Yan looked at him in askance, then pushed him out of his way. Rubbing his face, he continued walking to the eastern hit. Without saying a word, he lied down on the bed once he went inside.

“Oldest brother?” Li Shu looked at Li Mo.

Li Mo silently sighed. “Put down the hoe.”

“But -”

“Let’s go eat,” said Li Mo. He went back inside the kitchen by himself.

Li Hua said to Li Shu, who looked unconvinced, “Third brother, don’t worry about this matter. If second brother wasn’t willing to beaten up, no one would be able to win against him.”

“You’re saying that second brother willingly let someone hit him?” Li Shu found it difficult to believe this.

Li Man actually thought Li Hua’s words sounded very reasonable. Li Yan originally had a falling out with his beloved, but after hearing that she had tried to commit suicide, he couldn’t take it anymore and ran over to her home to check up on her. And when her family had beaten up him for coming over, how could he fight back?

Sigh. Wouldn’t it be too cruel if a loving couple was torn apart merely because of lack money?

And so, while they were eating, Li Man stuck her head out against the stifling atmosphere by probingly asking Li Mo, “Oldest brother, Li Yan and the girl from this morning…?”

Li Mo froze for a moment, then he raised his head and answered her, “Don’t worry. There’s nothing going on between them.”

Why would she worry about that? Li Man continued to ask, “I meant, does that girl’s parents dislike our family for being poor, so they want to marry their daughter off to someone else? That girl doesn’t look too old. There’s still time. Oldest brother, how about you go over there and discuss with her parents. Let’s set an engagement for now. As for the bride price, we can make up that money later once we earn it. Could we do that?”

After all, other than Little Five, there were four grown men in this family. She didn’t believe that this family wouldn’t be able to earn enough for a decent bride price.

To her surprise, everyone looked at her in shock once she said these words.

“What’s wrong?” Li Man wondered if she had said enough. She quickly added, “Is it because her parents want a lot for the bride price? Or, is it because they don’t like our home? We can build another house. Or, is it because Li Yan has too many brothers? Once they’re married, they can move out and live separately.”


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Fortunate Wife Ch 132

Chapter 132 – The truth draws near (3)

“I…” For a moment, Shen Fulai was a bit tongue tied by Li Mo’s words. “So what if your family has a wife? My younger sister is like a celestial fairy. How could he not be tempted by her?”

Li Yan’s lips curved into a mocking smile. “Shen Fulai, go home and tell your celestial fairy sister that I, Li Yan, am only an ordinary mortal. I’m not good enough for her. Tell her to not come looking for me again. Even if she’s seeking death, pick a good day. Stop causing me bad luck just because she’s bored.”

“You? You -” Shen Fulai was so angry that even his face was shaking.

Li Mo gently reprimanded Li Yan, “Don’t say nonsense, second brother.” Then, he said to Shen Fulai, “Don’t mind him. My second brother has a bad temper. But, you should still go back and have a proper chat with Mudan. Even if she doesn’t agree to the engagement that your parents made for her, she can’t kill herself. Also, I hope that can she give up on my second brother. Love isn’t something that can be forced.”

“Y-you… you rotten brothers, working together to gang up on someone,” Shen Fulai was so angry that that his voice was trembling. He hatefully swept his gaze over everyone. “Fine, just you wait. This matter won’t be so easily settled.”

After saying this, he started to stagger away on the muddy backyard. Li Man and Little Five automatically moved to the side to give way.

Shen Fulai swept his gaze over Li Man’s face from top to bottom. He was slightly stunned, but soon after he coldly sneered. He turned his face away and continued to limp his way out.

Yes, he was limping Li Man carefully watched him and noticed that he wasn’t walking unsteadily. It was that his left leg was a bit shorter than his right leg, so he couldn’t walk as smoothly.

After waiting until Shen Fulai had left, Li Shu said, “Second brother, why has that Shen person become like that? He’s becoming more and more unreasonable.”

Li Yan’s exception was somewhat gloomy. “He wasn’t like this before.”

Li Shu shook his head and scornfully said, “From how I see it, he hasn’t done any work after he became lame. He even fought with old father Zhao. Old father Zhao is already so old, but he still hit him.”

Knowing the reason behind Shen Fulai’s change, Li Mo softly sighed. “Let it go. If that thing didn’t happen with Mudan, he wouldn’t have come here to cause trouble.”

“What right does he have to cause trouble? Second brother hasn’t done anything to that girl. She’s the one that keeps bothering him every day…”

Seeing Li Yan’s gloomy expression, Li Mo hastily shouted for Li Shu to stop, “Alright, third brother, let’s drop this.”

Li Shu pouted. Not having a better option, he shrugged.

Li Mo gently patted Li Yan’s shoulder and comfortingly said, “Second brother, don’t take it too hard. He’s just worried about his younger sister.”

“I know,” said Li Yan. He wasn’t happy either about the bad situation with Shen Fulai and Shen Mudan. One person was his childhood friend, and he had treated the other one as a cherished younger sister. Why had things turned out like this?

“Second brother, go inside and rest. The roof is almost done. I can clean up the rest with your third brother,” said Li Mo.

“En.” Li Yan nodded, but he didn’t go inside. Instead, he left the backyard and headed somewhere else.

Li Shu doubtfully asked, “Second brother, he…”

Seeing this sight, Li Mo slightly furrowed his brow, but he didn’t call out to stop him. “Let him go where he wants.”

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Fortunate Wife Ch 131

Chapter 131 – The truth draws near (2)

Li Shu was really angry too. He was itching for a fight. “Surname Shen, it’s you that came here and brought doom onto yourself.”

Li Mo grabbed hold of him and angrily rebuked, “Third brother, go stand on the side.”

“Oldest brother, he was cursing at second brother.” Extremely unwilling to back down, Li Shu started to roll up his sleeves.

“Third brother.” Li Yan lightly swept his gaze over him and gestured for him step back.

“Shen Fulai.” Li Yan deeply looked at him and coldly said, “Did we just meet today? Do you know not what kind of person I am? If I wanted to do something to your younger sister, do you think you can stop me?”

“You?” Shen Fulai expended a great deal of effort to get up. Glowering at Li Yan, he said, “Li Yan, have I been wrong about you? You dare to do something, but won’t dare to admit it? If you haven’t done anything to Mudan, why would she be hell-bent on you? Have you not see your family condition? Your family is so poor that it only has two beds. If you didn’t do anything, how could my younger sister possibly be interested in you?”

Li Yan’s complexion was ashen. “Shen Fulai, don’t be such an annoying troublemaker. I’ve never lead Mudan on. I can’t help it that she keeps pestering me.”

“Li Yan, how could you still say such words at this time?” Shen Fulai was so angry that this entire body was trembling. “Do you know? After Mudan came back from your place, she…. she secretly tried to hang herself. Fortunately, my mom discovered her in time. Otherwise, her little life would be gone.”

As he said this, Shen Fulai was both angry and upset. He beat his own head and said, “That stupid girl.”

Shen Mudan tried to kill herself? Everyone was stunned. They listened as Shen Fulai pointed at Li Yan and continued to curse him, “Li Yan, you better listen to me. If Mudan is okay, then fine. If she’s not, I won’t let you off.” After saying this, he started staggering away.

Staring at his back figure, Li Mo gravely called out, “Stop.”

“What?” Shen Fulai turned his head and coldly looked at Li Mo. “Li Mo, do you want to interfere? Let me tell you, this isn’t the end. Even if you plead for him, it won’t be any use. If my younger sister’s engagement is ruined, I’ll force your entire family to compensate us.”

“What do you want to do? Fight? I’m not scared.” Li Shu angrily raised his fist at him.

Li Mo pressed Li Shu’s fist down and expressionlessly asked Shen Fulai, “How is Mudan?”

Shen Fulai’s expression slightly stiffened. He snorted. “Not dead yet.”

Li Mo didn’t get annoyed with his attitude. He continued to ask, “Does Mudan know that you came over here?”

“That girl has been crying nonstop since she was rescued. There’s no use in talking to her.” Shen Fulai angrily glared at Li Yan again.

“Okay then,” Li Mo said, “Go back home. Wait until Mudan calms down, then have a proper talk with her.”

“What do you mean?” Shen Fulai could tell that there was some implied meaning in his words

Hearing him asking this question, Li Mo didn’t continue to be polite. His expression was somewhat heavy as he answered, “Fulai, you grew up playing with my second brother. How can you not know his character? He’s always treated Mudan like a younger sister. He’s never had improper thoughts about her. Besides, our family already has a wife. Isn’t it irresponsible of you to come here and say that my second brother seduced your younger sister?”

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Fortunate Wife Ch 130

Chapter 130 – The truth draws near (1)

After Li Shu secured the thatch with rope, he spat in the direction of Second Shun’s home. He angrily said, “It’s early in the day, and that rotten woman is already looking for trouble. Her mouth is filthy. She hasn’t changed after being confined in the shrine for the past few days. Older brother Second Shun is too weak. If I don’t beat her to death, it would only be leaving her to cause trouble.”

“Focus on your work.” Li Mo tossed hemp rope over to him, then looked towards Second Shun’s home. Second Shun had already pulled Xing-niang inside, and they couldn’t hear her cursing anymore.

Li Yan used a tool to evenly spread out the thatch. Seeing his oldest brother’s serious expression, he persuaded, “Oldest brother, we can’t interfere in someone else’s business. Besides, you tried persuading older brother Second Shun back then, but he wouldn’t listen. It was his choice to marry a piece of work like her. He has to live with his choices.”

“Oh,” Li Mo lightly grunted. When he looked up, he saw that Li Yan’s complexion was still a bit pale and suddenly realized something. “Hey, why did you follow us up here? Quickly, go back inside to rest. This small amount of work, third brother and I can finish it.”

“Yeah,” Li Shu abruptly smacked his own head. He swiftly walked over and took the tool from Li Yan. “Second brother, go back and rest. Why did you come up onto the roof? It’s too windy here. You just got better. Shoo.”

Seeing how nervous his oldest brother and third brother were, Li Yan chuckled. “When did I become that weak? Besides, it feels uncomfortable to lie in bed for so long. I’ll feel more comfortable doing some work.”

Seeing that Li Yan’s energy level was pretty good, Li Mo said, “Just lay thatch on the side then. If you feel tired, stop to rest.”

“En.” Li Yan knew his own body, so he didn’t try to show off. He listened to his oldest brother’s words and only did light work.

With the three brothers continuing to busily work on the roof, Li Man followed Little Five back to the kitchen to take out the previously purchased seeds. They discussed how to grow these vegetables.

However, although the shopkeeper had wrapped up each different seed type in separate packets for her, she had put all of the seed packets in the cupboard when they came from the market. When she took them out today, she only knew that they were vegetable seeds. She couldn’t recognize the seeds types at all. When she sniffed them, she thought some of them smelled spicy, some of the smelled pungent, and other ones didn’t have any scent. Wonderful, she had no clue what these seeds would grow into. How was she supposed to plant them?

Just as she was opening each packet of seeds with Little Five so they could try to distinguish them, she heard people arguing outside.

Arguing? Li Man hastily put down the seeds and tugged Little Five outside to see what was going on. Li Hua hurried out of the other hut. Their eyes meet, and Li Man asked, “It sounds like your third brother’s voice?”

“It’s second brother,” answered Li Hua as he rushed toward the backyard.

Sure enough, it was very noisy in the backyard. She saw an unfamiliar young man being held back by Li Shu by his waist, but the young man was desperately trying to break free and kept shaking his fist at Li Yan. “Li Yan, you bastard. What did you do to my younger sister for her to cry like that? Tell me, you bastard. I’ve always treated you as my friend. How could you bully her? Don’t you know that’s she already engaged? She’s going to marry the young master of a rich family soon. How could you try to fool around with her? Let me tell you, don’t even think about lusting after a swan, you toad.”

Hearing these words, Li Shu showed Shen Fulai away. “Screw you, you’re the toad.”

Shen Fulai stumbled, stepped into a muddy spot, slipped, and fell on his butt. He immediately started cursing up a storm in anger.

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Fortunate Wife Ch 129

Chapter 129 – Delivering soup (6)

Li Man was sitting in the corner of the kitchen and eating a steamed corn bun when she saw Mudan, who was wearing wooden clogs, leaving the courtyard. She looked very lonely, and her footsteps weren’t stable. There were several times when Li Man was worried that she was going to fall.

Wasn’t Li Yan being a bit too heartless towards this gentle, beautiful girl?

Bah, never mind. Other people’s feelings were the hardest thing to be accurate about. Sometimes, a person could seem as if he was doing something heartless, but in reality, he was using the most kind-hearted method.

Because of Mudan’s matter, the family had eaten breakfast rather gloomily today. No one said a word during the meal.

Once breakfast was finished, Li Man scrubbed the bowls, and Li Hua went to feed the piglets for her. Li Mo, Li Yan, and Li Shu went to finish up getting rid of the rotting straw on the roof and piling it up in a corner. After that, they would repair the roof.

During this time, Li Man collected all the clothes that need to be washed. Because the dirt paths wouldn’t be easy to walk, she didn’t go to the back mountain’s pond to do laundry. Instead, she had Li Hua pump out water from the well for her, then she started washing the clothes at home in a wooden basin.

Once she was done with laundry and not having anything else to do, she went to the backyard with Little Five to watch the brothers busily working on the roof.

On the roof, Li Shu stood up and saw Li Man. He hurriedly warned her, “Wife, go back a bit. Be careful. Don’t let the falling straw get into your eyes.”

“En.” Li Man held Little Five’s hand and led him to a corner with her. The walls of their home were made of dirt. She suddenly had an idea. If she planted long vines near the walls and arranged for them to climb up the walls, they would have flowers in the spring, fruits in the summer, and falling yellow leaves in autumn. It would look just like a scene from a fairytale world.

Right, she had bought some vegetable seeds the previous time they went to the market. Because this family didn’t have any fields ready to plant vegetables, she hadn’t done anything with those seeds. Wouldn’t it be nice to plant some Chinese okra and what not in this corner?

Li Man had been happily talking with Little Five when she unexpectedly heard someone viciously cursing nearby.

She turned her face to look and saw that Xing-niang was walking over here while viciously glaring at her. She had one hand on her hip, and the other hand holding a cucumber that she was munching on. Her gaze showed that she had come here to pick a fight.

Little Five quickly grabbed Li Man’s hand and said, “Older sister, let’s not pay attention to her.

“Oh.” She didn’t want to talk to a woman like Xing-niang either. She decided to walk away from this corner with Little Five.

Xing-niang looked at them coldly. She spat out a piece of chewed up cucumber. “Bah, you’re rotten goods too. Why are you pretending to be innocent?”

Second Shun heard her cursing from inside and came out. “It’s so early in the morning. What’s wrong with you?”

Xing-niang looked at Second Shun, then she looked at Li Mo and his two brothers on the roof. They were too eye-catching. She abruptly directed her anger at him. Poking his head, she said, “What did you say about me? It’s already so late in the day. And you just woke up? This old lady has to chew on this cucumber because you won’t cook. Do you want this old lady to starve to death so that you can go out and find a slut?”

“What nonsense are you saying? Don’t use such shameful words.” Second Shun knew that Li Mo and the others could hear their conversation, so he quickly grabbed Xing-niang to pull her inside.

Xing-niang turned her hand over and harshly slapped Second Shun. She cursed, “You idiot. You only know how to treat this old lady badly. When other people bully your old lady, you’ll turn around and apologize to them. You’re so useless. This old lady’s face has already been thrown into the trash because of you.”

Her voice was very loud. Li Mo knew that she was yelling because she wanted him to hear. His expression immediately sunk.

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