Fortunate Wife Ch 70

Chapter 70 – Ignoring

Li Man’s scalp tingled when she felt his cold fingers touching her skin. She abruptly retreated a few steps until her back touched the stove. Glaring at him, she asked, “What are you doing?”

“Helping you scratch your itch,” Li Yan said in a matter of course tone. He stretched his ten fingers out. It felt as if he was brandishing his claws at her.

“Don’t come over.” Frightened, Li Man tried to shrink further away back against the stove.

Li Mo stood up. He sighed in relief when he saw that while his second brother had his hands out, he wasn’t actually trying to touch Li Man. Still, he helplessly admonished, “Second brother, stop causing trouble.”

Li Yan put his hands down. He was in a very good mood as he laughed, “She’s so cowardly.”

Li Man knew that he was just teasing her, and so, she felt even more annoyed as she glared at him. This person was too despicable. Why was he acting so wicked so early in the morning? Besides, she was his younger brother’s fiancée. Shouldn’t he restrain himself a little bit more? Could it be that people were more open-minded in ancient times compared to modern-day?

Seeing her uncomfortable expression, Li Mo harshly glared at Li Yan. “Second brother, you were acting too outrageously before. You’re scaring her.”

Li Yan suddenly went closer to Li Mo and mockingly asked in a low tone, “Oldest brother, are you feeling heartache?”

Li Mo’s expression stiffened, but he didn’t refute Li Yan’s words.

Li Yan chuckled. Seeing that Li Man was biting her lip and still glaring at him, he apologetically smiled and said, “Alright, I was just messing with you. You looked upset when I came in. What’s wrong? Is something bothering you?”

This person’s eyes were really too poisonous. Li Man pretended that she couldn’t understand him. After she stopped glaring at him, she picked up a bowl and scooped out some cornmeal. She decided to make some cornmeal pancakes. The men in this household all had large appetites. It wouldn’t be enough to just feed them congee.

Seeing her like this, Li Yan didn’t try to bug her again. He got some water and went to wash his face.

At this time, Li Shu yawned as he entered the kitchen. Seeing that Li Man was kneading cornmeal flour by the stove, he went over and asked, “Wife, why are you the one that’s cooking breakfast today?”

He was leaning too close to her, so his warm breath was blowing on her face as he talked. Li Man blushed and instinctively contracted her neck. She thought of their relationship, and her face turned redder from awkwardness. She kept her head lowered and didn’t reply.

Seeing that she was keeping her head lowered and saying silent, Li Shu felt increasingly confused. So, he lowered his head and carefully looked at her. “Wife, is something wrong?”

Her small face was as red as clouds during the sunset. Her long eyelashes trembled. Could it be… she had a fever?

Panicking, he stretched his hand out to check the temperature of her forehead. Li Man instinctively raised her arm to block him. She rebukingly glanced at him and said, “Go wash your face. It’ll be time to eat breakfast soon.”

Li Shu was briefly stunned to hear her fake-sounding angry voice. It felt as if honey was being wrapped around his heart. He liked it when his wife looked at him and talked to him this way

“En.” Li Shu obediently agreed. He was all smiles as he went out to wash his face.

By the time everyone else was done washing up, Li Man had finished cooking breakfast. In addition to the pot of congee and three cornmeal pancakes for each person, she had also stir-fried a plate of pickled vegetables with some chili pepper. Its sour and spicy flavor tasted quite delicious when paired with the plain congee and pancakes.

Li Man had a small appetite, so two bowl of congee and one pancake was enough to fill her. She thought it over before giving her remaining two pancakes away. She gave one to Little Five and the other one to Li Shu.

Of course, no one thought anything of it when she gave one piece to Little Five. But, why had she given the other piece to their third brother?

Li Mo, Li Yan, and Li Hua cast a confused as well as forlorn gaze at Li Man in unison.

Li Man was very calm. She deliberately ignored their looks. She was Li Shu’s fiancée. It was only right that she would favor him. Her action was meant to remind them of her relationship with Li Shu, so that they would stop doing things that would make other people misinterpret their actions.


Fortunate Wife Ch 69

Chapter 69 – Smiling

Seeing him take several steps back and his mortified look, Li Man thought Li Mo was just regarding her as an outsider. Alright, since she had already made the resolution that she would be a member of this family, then she would start doing her best right now.

“It’s just a piece of clothing. Just leave it here. I’ll wash it with the other clothes later.” As she said this, Li Man had already snatched the basin from him without giving him time to explain himself and put it down in a corner. Then, she scooped out some clean water from a water bowl and took it with her to wash up as she went outside.

Li Mo was frozen in place. He looked through the doorway. Li Man was currently leaning over and washing her face. Her slender, snow-white neck was slightly bent into a graceful curve. She splashed some water onto her face, rubbed her damp face with her hands, and dried off with a towel. Very quickly, she was done washing her face.

After pouring out the water she had use to wash her face with, Li Man turned around and discovered that Li Mo had been staring at her this entire time. Blood surged to her face in embarrassment. She squeezed out a smile as she asked, “Is there something on my face?”

How could that be? Her dainty face was usually fair and clear. Since she had just washed her face, it looked even softer and suppler than usual. It was as sparkling and translucent as early morning dew.

There was nothing that could be more clean and pure than her.

As he remembered the dream from last night, he felt an uncomfortable heat, and his gaze became deeper.

She felt flustered by his gaze. Li Man didn’t dare to continue meeting his eyes. She hastily put down the bowl and ran back into the western hut. Wait, no. She had to make breakfast today. And so, she mustered up her courage and returned to the kitchen.

Li Mo was still standing in the same place. Seeing her coming back and the blush that hadn’t faded yet from her cheeks, the corners of his lips curved up.

Why was he still standing here? Li Man inwardly rolled her eyes at him. She pretended to be unperturbed as she went about her work. She cleaned a bowl of uncooked rice and decided to make congee.

Without thinking, Li Mo crouched down by the stove and helped her with cooking by starting a fire.

Li Man felt as if there was something off about this. She was busy cooking on the stove, and he was tending to the fire below. Why did this feel like a scene of martial harmony?

Li Man struggled with this feeling for a bit before finally asking Li Mo, “If you have other work that you need to do, you can go do it. I can handle cooking by myself.”

“I’m not busy.” Li Mo slightly smiled at her. He tossed another piece of firewood into the fire. There was a crackling sound as the wood burned. His smile looked warm and dazzling as it was illuminated from the light of the cooking fire.

He was smiling? Li Man’s heart thumped as if she had just seen a ghost. Since she had transmigrated here, this was the first time that she saw him smile. And his smile looked so gentle too…

She hurriedly turned her head away to stop looking at him. Her mind became a bit muddled again.

As it turned out, it wasn’t the younger brothers that were flirting with their future sister-in-law.

It was the oldest brother that was trying to seduce his younger sister-in-law?

Oh, no, no, no… Li Man hurriedly shook her head to dispel her absurd idea. Based on the past several days of interaction, she could see that LI Mo was a honest person with a steady disposition. He definitely wasn’t a man that would try to seduce his younger brother’s wife.

He… He was just being nice and helping her. That’s all.

He was only smiling at her because he thought of her as a member of his family.

Still, wasn’t that smile a bit…

“Be careful, if you keep shaking your head like that, it’ll fall off.” Suddenly, a voice interrupted her thoughts. Before Li Man could recognize who was speaking, a pair of rough hands held her head still.

When her eyes had settled, she saw that it was Li Yan.

There was a teasing look in his eyes as he asked, “What’s wrong? Is your neck feeling itchy? Want me to scratch it for you?”

Fortunate Wife Ch 68

Chapter 68 – Deciding

“Oldest brother, why do you have a stick with you when you sleep?”

“Huh?” While Li Mo was still feeling confused about this question, a chuckle had escaped from Li Yan.

Li Mo’s face turned even redder. He cleared his throat and said to Little Five, “It’s still early. Be good and sleep some more.”

“There really isn’t a stick? But I felt something poking my arm earlier.” Little Five sat up and held out his hands. He carefully looked at Li Mo and really wanted to lift up his oldest brother’s quilt to check.

Another snort of laughter came from Li Yan.

At this time, Li Shu blearily opened his eyes. “Huh?”

Li Yan said with a smile, “Ask oldest brother.”

Li Shu really was going to ask what was going on. But, before he could speak, Li Mo warningly said, “Go back to sleep.”

“What?” Li Shu felt baffled. Besides, the sky was getting brighter, and he couldn’t fall back asleep. He poked Li Hua, who was next to him, and quietly asked, “Fourth brother, what’s wrong with oldest brother?”

Li Hua had actually been awake since Little Five called out “oldest brother” the first time. But, how could he possibly say aloud what had happened?

Li Yan lightly smiled as he said, “Third brother, go to sleep for a little bit longer.”

Li Shu sulkily huffed. He turned over and decided to go back to sleep.

After Li Mo’s recent admonishment of Li Shu, Little Five didn’t dare to keep asking questions. He obediently closed his eyes and went to sleep too.

As for Li Mo, after he reprimanded his younger brothers into going back to sleep, he was unable to fall asleep himself.

He lifted up his quilt and very quietly got off the bed. Then, he walked to the large wardrobe and took out a pair of pants. Just as he was about to exit the hut, he heard Li Yan’s voice from behind.

“Oldest brother, it’s still early. Why aren’t you going to get some more sleep too?”

Li Mo turned his head and saw that his second brother was lying on his side with his chin propped up in one hand and observing him.

His second brother was really bad. He clearly knew what was going on, but he still asked him this question.

Li Mo responded, “I’m not sleeping anymore. I’m going to repair the hoe that broke yesterday.” Right after saying this, Li Mo pulled open the door and strode out.

Li Yan looked at the sorry figure of his oldest brother and pursed his lips together as he chuckled.

As soon as Li Mo exited the hut and closed the door, he dashed towards the outhouse.

In the western hut, Li Man heard the sound of a door opening in the neighboring hut and immediately sat up. She felt embarrassed that she had woken up so late in the past days.

After thinking it over all night, she finally thought things through. No matter what her relationship with this family was, or whom she was going to marry, she had to live her life well here. Besides, apart from this choice, there were no other options for her to choose from, right?

In this strange and unfamiliar world, she was just a weak and lowly female. Even if she successfully left this mountain and the Li family, where could she go? Not only was she unable to support herself, she could die in an indescribably horrible way if she encountered wicked people.

Yeah, it was true that she was a timid person that was scared of dying. But, since there was a warm, cozy shelter available to her, why should she refuse it?

Besides, Li Shu was just a bit short-tempered. Other than that one negative aspect, he had a handsome face, a muscular physique, and was hardworking and competent. He didn’t drink excessively, go to brothels, or gamble. He also treated her very well.

Why wouldn’t she want a man like him?

Even if there weren’t feelings between them yet, she didn’t dislike him either. She believed that once she got to know him better, feelings would naturally develop between them.

She was also willing to do her best to gain feelings for this new world.

As for the other members of Li family, they were all good people. They definitely wouldn’t mistreat her.

She would happily live her life here. Her diligent efforts would definitely win her a place in this family.

Once again, Li Man summoned up her courage. Then, she quickly changed her clothes and brushed her hair. Once she had tidied up, she opened her door and headed towards the kitchen. She wanted to make breakfast for everyone.

Right after she entered the kitchen, she saw Li Mo holding the container used for washing clothes as he walked out. There was a pair of pants inside.

Li Man was briefly surprised. Soon after, she politely asked, “Are you going to do laundry? Just leave it there, I’ll wash it with the other clothes after breakfast.”

As soon as he saw that it was her, Li Mo felt as if his heart had almost forgotten to beat. He was so overcome with panic that he didn’t even know where to look. Holding the basin, he took a step back. “N-no…”

Fortunate Wife Ch 67

T/N: Hey guys, the chapters are going to get super long (5 to 9 times longer than previous chapters) starting from chapter 82. So that I can continue updating 6x a week, I’m going to split the chapter parts up. Right now, each chapter part is about 670 to 900 words in English. On average, each chapter is 800 words. The split up chapters will be within that range.

I’ll also be renumbering the chapters, so chapter part 82.1 will be chapter 82, chapter part 82.2 will be chapter 83, and so on.


Chapter 67 – Dreamland

Hubby? Did she just call him hubby? Li Mo felt overwhelmed with joy and excitement.

“Hubby, the water is getting cold.” Li Man gently took out her small feet from the bucket. Droplets of sparkling water slowly rolled down from her perfect feet.

Li Mo felt as if his eyes were being stabbed. His heart was palpitating. In a dither, he took a dry towel and dried her feet for her.

He had wanted to go and pour out the water she had used to wash her feet with, but in the midst of his panicky state, he suddenly felt a soft body against his. Somehow, without him being consciously aware, he had pressed the woman down against a bed.

“Sorry, I -” He didn’t know what to do and wanted to flee from the bed.

In contrast, Li Man smoothly wrapped her arms around his neck and stared at him without blinking. Her small, delicate hands touched his face. She went from his brow to his eyes to his nose. At the end, her hands slid down to his tightly pressed lips. She gently stroked his lips and said in a low voice, “Hubby, kiss me.”

*Boom* It felt as if something had exploded in his mind. He lowered his head and quietly stared at her moist, little mouth. Their breaths seemed to intertwine. A subtle feeling erupted as the fragrance of her body assailed his nose. It felt as if all his senses were being overcome by a surprise attack.

He tightly held her arms. He wanted to ask her if this was real. Would she regret this later?

However, he had a stronger urge to just envelope her so that they could become one.

But, just as he was about to kiss her, her body disappeared, and there was only empty air.

“Man-er!” He anxiously shouted and looked around.

In the midst of a white fog, Li Man’s figure gradually became more distinct. He rushed forward to catch up with her, but when he did, he discovered that she was in the arms of a strange man.

He felt as if someone was stabbing his heart. It was a blunt sort of pain…

He heard her quietly call out by his ear, “Hubby, what’s wrong?” Li Mo suddenly became clear-headed. There wasn’t any stranger.

The two of them were standing in their family’s uncultivated fields. His wife was in his arms and was rubbing her head against his chest like a kitten.

Countless feelings overwhelmingly gushed forth. Right here, in this field that was overrun by weeds, he pressed her beneath him…

“Oldest brother, oldest brother -”

Suddenly, he heard Little Five’s voice by his ear. It was like being shocked by a bolt of lightning.  Startled, Li Mo trembled for a moment before waking up from his dream. His body was rigid for a moment before collapsing like someone suffering from loss of blood.

Little Five was sitting by him. Observing his oldest brother’s blank state, he worriedly asked, “Oldest brother, what’s wrong?”

“What’s going on?” Li Yan was also on the bed. Hearing Little Five’s words, he turned his head towards them.

“I think oldest brother had a nightmare,” Little Five said.

At this time, the sun was just coming up. Li Mo absent-mindedly looked up at the shabby roof.

Seeing that Li Mo still seemed nonplussed, Little Five gently nudged him. “Oldest brother, did you really have a nightmare? What were you dreaming about?”

“Oh, it’s nothing.” Li Mo abruptly came out of his half-asleep groggy state. The lower half of his body felt sticky, and he realized what had happened. In the dimly lit room, his face felt as if it was burning hot. He didn’t dare to look at Little Five.

“It’s really okay?” Little Five felt less worried, so he lied back down. Still feeling a bit confused, he asked, “Oldest brother, why do you have a stick with you when you sleep?”

Fortunate Wife Ch 66

Chapter 66 – Gaining fluency

After having burned a pot of rice, Li Man didn’t dare to allow her thoughts to wander again as she cooked. Once the pot of fish with pickled cabbage was finished cooking, it had delicious flavor and aroma.

After lunch, Li Mo took out the family’s hoes, sickles, and shovels and sharpened them. Then, he took Li Yan and Li Shu to the fields with him.

Li Hua remained at home to study in the eastern hut.

Li Man pulled Little Five to a corner of the courtyard and picked up a branch to write and draw. She was doing her best to learn this old dialect from Little Five. She had taken out the same zeal she had when she was studying for her college English fluency exam. She was determined to learn this old dialect to a level where she could speak fluently within a month.

Actually, learning an old Chinese dialect was much easier that learning a foreign language. She didn’t need to learn new grammar or the spelling of new words. She just needed to remember the different pronunciation. In addition, she had quickly grasped the key differences in speech pattern of this old dialect. The flat tone sounds like z, c, and c weren’t as distinct, and the tone for the last syllable would usually rise.

Right now, Li Man was like her college self when she would look for foreigners to practice speaking English. Every afternoon, she would dedicate her time to chatting with Little Five. At the end of their practice today, she even told him the fable about the race between the tortoise and the hare in the old dialect. She was extremely happy when Little Five was able to understand her completely.

In the past days, before she started cooking dinner, Li Man would point at the brown rice, white rice, cornmeal, and other items and recite the words for them.

Since she had cooked a lot of fish with pickled cabbage for lunch, she had set aside a large bowl of it for dinner. For today’s dinner, she decided that she would warm up the remaining fish and pickled cabbage and cook knife-cut noodles. Once the cooking fire was started, she pointed at the firewood, fire tongs, and the wood pile and named each of the items aloud in front of Little Five.

Once the noodles were cooked, as she was taking the noodles out of the pot, she didn’t forget to point out at the bowls, chopsticks, and other items, name each of those items, and check with Little Five that she had pronounced those words correctly.

Little Five thought that although Li Man’s pronunciation wasn’t very accurate, he could still understand what she was trying to say. Besides, her voice was very pleasant to hear. When she was trying to speak the local dialect, the clumsiness of her pronunciation sounded cute. He liked to listen to her speak. And so, when Li Man tirelessly asked him if she was speaking each word correctly, he would patiently answer her.

The other members in the family also thought that this phenomenon was good. If their wife was willing to learn the local dialect, it meant that she had accepted them and wanted to be part of their family. As a result, they became more encouraged too. One after another, they would take the initiative to search out Li Man to chat. They hope that she would gain fluency sooner.

And so, after dinner was over, none of the men were willing to leave the kitchen. They remained seated at the table to talk with Li Man.

At the end, it was Li Man that couldn’t outlast them. Yawning, she said that she was going to bed, and the men departed the kitchen one after another.

After Li Man had boiled water and wash up with it, the men also washed up before going to their bed too.

After working hard all day, everyone was feeling a bit tired. Once they got into their beds, they didn’t chat any further, and most of them fell straight asleep instead.

Li Mo had originally been feeling quite tired from working the fields with his two younger brothers this afternoon. However, although his body was exhausted, his mind felt especially awake once he lied down. He recalled the words that his second brother had said before lunchtime and Li Man’s silhouette snuck into the forefront of his mind without him noticing.

On that day, when he had rescued Li Man from being hanged on that tree, Li Man’s had looked so helpless and pitiful. It made him feel so distressed for her.

This was the first time that Li Mo had a difficult time falling asleep. He tossed and turned –

A beautiful and delicate woman was kneading dough by the stove. Her sleeves were rolled up high, and her snow-white arms were exposed. Seeing him enter the kitchen, her lips curved up into a bashful smile. “What are you looking at?”

A ripple went through his heart. He wanted to say, “You’re so beautiful.” But, he lost his nerve and lowered his head instead. He didn’t dare to keep looking at her.

But, she stretched her hand out and stopped him from leaving. She leaned closer to his face and softy called out, “Hubby.”

Fortunate Wife Ch 65

(T/N: Quick reminder that I’m translating Shennugo (the Goddess’s Ravine) instead of leaving it in pinyin.)

Chapter 65 – Lighting fires

“Who would dare?” Li Shu’s hackles immediately went up.

Li Yan rolled his eyes at him. “Who would tell you if they were going to steal your wife?”

“I….” Li Shu slumped down. Not knowing what to do next, he pleadingly looked at Li Mo.

Li Mo’s expression was solemn. His second brother’s words weren’t unreasonable. It was true that the Goddess’s Ravine was lacking in women, so men trying to seduce married women and vice versa was a scandal that frequently happened here. For example, there was the Shun family, who’s home was right behind theirs. First Shun and Second Shun’s shared wife, Xing-niang, didn’t follow the proper conduct of a married woman at all. She spent all of her time flirting with other men.

Of course, their wife wasn’t like Xing-niang. Still, the better she was, the more she would attract the attention of other men.

He was the oldest son in Li family. If he couldn’t even keep their wife in line… no, that was impossible.

“Second brother, you’re overthinking things. That type of thing wouldn’t happen in our family,” Li Mo confidently stated.

“Oldest brother, it’s not impossible. If one day our wife becomes attracted to someone else -” Before Li Shu could finish his words, Li Mo’s cold glare scared those words right back down.

Li Yan lightly tugged Li Shu’s sleeve to indicate for him to stop speaking.

Li Mo looked at his two brothers and didn’t say another words Instead, he turned around and went into the kitchen to pick up the buckets. He decided that he would fetch more water.

Li Shu felt a bit anxious. “What is oldest brother thinking?”

Li Yan stopped him from going after Li Mo. He smiled enigmatically. Anyways, he knew that oldest brother had taken his recent words to heart.

Li Man didn’t look for Little Five to tend to the cooking fire for her today. Instead, she crouched down by the stove and tossed in pieces of firewood.

When Li Mo came back with the buckets filled with water again, he smelled that something was burning. He quickly put down the buckets, rushed to the stove, and pulled out the firewood that Li Man had put in.

Startled by his sudden appearance, Li Man hurriedly stood up. It was only now that she smelled there was something burning. Before she could figure out what was wrong, she saw Li Mo scooping out water and pouring it into the pot. She looked inside the pot. It was a giant smear of charred rice with only a small bit left unburnt.

“This… I…” Li Man’s eyes reddened in remorse. She knew that rice was considered very expensive for this family.

“It’s no big deal,” Li Mo comfortingly said. There was no way to salvage this giant pot of rice, so he scooped it out into a large bowl. Then, he scrubbed the pot clean before adding new rice into the pot.

Watching this sight, Li Man wanted to crouch down to restart the fire, but Li Mo softly called out to stop her. “Let me do that while you cook.”

“Oh.” Li Man turned around again, scooped up some water, and used it to wash the pickled vegetables.

The two of them stayed like this. One bustled around the stove, and the other one tended to the fire below. During this period, there were many times when Li Mo wanted to speak, but when the words came to his lips, he would swallow them back down each time.

After Li Man had finished washing the vegetables and chopping them, she pointed at another pot and said, “Start a fire for that pot too.”

“Alright.” Li Mo nodded and started another fire. The light from burning fires shined on his face and gave off gentle warmth. Hearing the sizzling sounds from above, a burst of warmth suddenly welled up in his heart. Lit by the fiery red of the cooking fires, he seemed to see her face as the smoke wreathed upwards. It was a beautiful and moving scene.


Fortunate Wife Ch 64

Chapter 64 – Warning

Li Mo left the kitchen and saw that Li Shu was still standing around in the courtyard and doing nothing. He went forward, dragged him to a corner by his arm, and sternly looked at him.

Li Shu was originally going to throw a fit, but seeing his oldest brother’s expression, he panicked and asked, “Oldest brother, what are you going to do?”

“Tell me. What exactly did you do to her?” Li Mo’s expression was grave as he interrogated in a low tone.

“What?” Li Shu felt baffled. ” I didn’t do anything.”

“Do I have to beat you before you’ll be honest?” Li Mo’s forehead was very wrinkled, and his hand had already clenched into a fist.

Li Shu’s eyelids twitched in alarm. He retreated a step towards the wall. “Oldest brother, what explain happened? Explain it clearly first, ah.”

“If you didn’t do anything, why would she be upset?” Li Mo stared at him in disappointment. “Did you bully her?”

Feeling wronged, Li Shu exclaimed, “What?! I haven’t even tried to touch her hands.”

Li Mo deeply looked at him. A long time later, he finally said, “You better be telling the truth.”

Seeing that his oldest brother was finally letting him off, Li Shu let out a sigh of relief. He felt quite wronged and said, “That’s the truth. What about fourth brother? He’s held her hand several times. Oh yeah, oldest brother, shouldn’t you be asking second brother about the hairpin that wife is wearing? Second brother was definitely the one that gave it to her.”

Li Mo knew this even without Li Shu mentioning it. “Just watch yourself.”

Lu Shu felt depressed. “How come it doesn’t matter what second brother and fourth brother are doing?” Suddenly, he thought of something else. He quickly said, “Hey, wife recently asked me what the word wife meant. Isn’t that funny? How could someone of her age not know what wife means?”

“What?” Li Mo was flabbergasted too. Why would she ask such a strange question?

At this time, Li Yan, who had been watching the entertaining show from the eastern hut, finally came out. “Oldest brother.”

Li Shu immediately asked, “Second brother, you were the one that give wife the hairpin that she’s wearing, right?”

Li Yan slightly smiled and straightforwardly admitted, “Yup, doesn’t it suit her very well?”

“Second brother, you’re cheating,” Li Shu immediately whined.

“Third brother.” Li Mo was worried that Li Man would overhear their conversation from the kitchen, so he fiercely glared at Li Shu.

Li Shu pouted and lowered his voice as he continued talking, “Oldest brother, that’s foul play. What if wife starts liking second brother because of the hairpin he gave her?

The smile on Li Yan’s face deepened. “Third brother, you woke up so early to get food for the pigs, then you came back to feeds the pigs and chickens. You even caught fish. Aren’t you doing all of these things to please our wife so that she’ll like you?”

“…” Li Shu couldn’t defend himself. It was true. He wanted their wife to like him, but he felt that his second brother was more successful at catching their wife’s attention. He felt both admiring and envious.

Since their third brother wasn’t saying anything, Li Yan hid away his smile and seriously said to Li Mo, “Oldest brother, you should be more thoughtful with our wife too.”

Li Mo furrowed his brow. He didn’t understand the meaning of his words.

Li Yan walked a bit closer to him. A wicked smile flashed through his eyes as he lowered his voice and said, “Oldest brother, isn’t it about time for our family to have children? Even if you’re not feeling anxious over this matter, your younger brothers are very anxious about this. Besides, did you see how Third Lia was looking at our wife today?”

Li Mo hadn’t noticed, and Li Shu hadn’t been there at the time. Li Shu anxiously asked, “How was he looking at her? Was he sneaking glances at her?”

Li Yan kept his gaze on Li Mo as he continued, “We all know how beautiful our wife looks. There’s probably no one that can compare to her in the surrounding villages. Oldest brother, aren’t you worried about the people lusting after her? Moreover, everyone in the village knows about that. What if the matter spread outside of our village and someone tries to seduce her away?”