Fortunate Wife Ch 46

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Chapter 46 – Expressing her true feelings

Li Man put away the wine pot, stood up, and didn’t forget to implore Li Mo, “You don’t have to finish this today. Be careful. Don’t get injured again.”

After saying this, she scurried back to the kitchen.

Li Mo lightly moved his bandaged finger. There was a silly-looking smile on his face as he picked up the thin bamboo strips that he had finished preparing. He decided that he would build a small chicken-coop next.

Li Hua stepped forward to stop him. “Oldest brother, your hand is injured. Let me make it instead.”

“You wouldn’t know how to make one,” Li Mo said. In the past, he been injured plenty of times while hunting, and it hadn’t been a big deal. He wasn’t some delicate person. His finger had just been pricked by a bamboo strip today.

At this time, Li Man animatedly came out with the large whicker basket and put all of the chicks inside the fenced area.

Li Hua glanced over in her direction, then he smiled at Li Mo and said, “It’s what she wants us to do. She’ll be really unhappy if you get hurt again.”

Li Mo turned his gaze over there too. Seeing Li Man supporting herself on the fence as she happily watched the little balls of fluff frolicking inside the fence, Li Mo felt as if his heart was being wrapped in honey. He said to his younger brother, “It’s okay. It won’t take me much time to make it.”

Li Hua looked at his older brother whose lips were curved up. This was happiness that came from the heart. Li Hua felt his own heart calming down.

Perhaps, this was good too. Hadn’t he already silently accepted this?

After Li Man had settled the little chicks and seeing that it was still early, she decided that she would go with Little Five to the back of the mountain to dig up some wild plants.

She knew that Li Mo didn’t understand her words, so she returned to the eastern hut to tell Li Hua.

Li Hua was currently sitting on the bed and sewing clothing. After Li Man told him what she wanted to do, he put down his needle and thread and stood up to go with her.

“It’s okay. I can just go with Little Five.” Li Man hurriedly waved her hands.

But, Li Hua had already taken the bamboo basket from her. He smiled and said, “Let’s go.” He clapped Little Five on the back, and the two of them left the hut first.

Li Man could only follow after them.

After leaving their home, the three of them headed towards the back of the mountain. Li Hua walked in the center. One hand was holding Little Five’s hand, and the other hand was holding the basket. From time to time, he would look to the side to check that Li Man was able to keep up with them.

Li Hua had very long legs, and he naturally walked in long strides. Furthermore, he frequently had to walk long distances in order to attend school at a large town, so he had gotten into a habit of walking very fast. It took him conscious effort to slow down. However, after they had only been walking for a little bit, he discovered that Li Man had to jog in order to keep up with him, so he deliberately slowed down his pace to match hers.

When they passed by the village’s entrance, there were several married women sitting underneath the bent locust tree.

Someone teasingly asked, “Yo, isn’t that Li family’s fourth son and his wife?”

“Li family’s fourth son, where are you planning on taking your wife?”

Hearing Li Man being referred to as his wife, Li Hua started to blush. He snuck a glance at Li Man to check her reaction.

Li Man didn’t notice that he was looking at her, but she recognized one of the women in the group. Seeing this tanned and plump woman that had thrown rotting vegetables at her on her first day here, Li Man’s expression turned a bit colder.

Unfortunately, Li Hua misunderstood and though the change in her mood was because she had understood what those women were saying.

Was she unwilling to be his wife?

Feeling the unkindly intentions in the gazes of those women, Li Man felt uneasy. Forgetting her manners, she grabbed Li Hua’s arm and quickened her pace. “Let’s walk faster.”

“What’s wrong?” It was only now that Li Hua noticed there was something wrong.

A few minutes of quick walking later, they turned a corner and reached a place where there was no one else around. Li Man stopped and looked at Li Hua with red eyes. She slowly expressed her true feelings, “That day, I was tied to that tree, and one of those women had even thrown rotting vegetables at me. I feel scared just from seeing them.”


Fortunate Wife Ch 45

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Chapter 45 – Bandaging

The young woman’s soft and silvery voice was lovely and innocent. Shocked from hearing her voice, Li Mo blankly turned around and saw that Li Man had crouched down next to him without him noticing. Her hands were cupping her cheeks, and she was blinking her large, limpid eyes while looking at him with a child-like gaze.

Seeing that he wasn’t responding, Li Man thought that she hadn’t pronounced the words correctly, and she seriously repeated the phrase again, “Oldest brother, thank you for your hard work.”

Li Mo hastily tried to return to a calm state of mind, but her words and gaze made him feel at a loss. His honey-colored skin was already flushed red. Deprived of his composure, he lowered his head and tried to weave the bamboo strips. But, for some reason, it felt like his fingers weren’t obediently listening to him anymore.

Seeing him like this, Li Man thought she hadn’t done a good job with learning and wanted to return to the hut and ask Li Hua to teach her again.

As soon as Li Man stood up, Li Mo’s fingers paused. A burst of disappointment rose up in his heart. He wanted to try to get her to stay and find words to say to her, but she had already scurried towards the eastern hut.

Staring at the eastern hut’s wide-open door, there seemed to be a person swaying inside. Li Mo’s brows were slightly frozen in concentration before he finally lowered his head back down again and continued the work he was doing. But, he was using a lot more force compared to before. It was if he was feeling sulky over the bamboo strips. Suddenly, he felt a sharp pain on his finger. One of the bamboo strips had stabbed into his left hand’s forefinger, and bright red blood was dripping out.

Startled, he only blankly watched as drop after drop of blood welled out and dripped down his finger. Instead of being aware of the pain, the blood surprisingly reminded him of the cinnabar dot on that woman’s arm.

Li Man animatedly rushed out of the hut again. “Oldest brother, thank… Ah, what happened?!” She had originally wanted to go to Li Mo’s side to show off her new knowledge, but seeing the blood on his finger, she felt alarmed. She hurriedly grabbed his hand to look. His entire finger had been stained by blood, and there was still more blood coming out of the wound on his finger.

“Did you get pricked by a bamboo strip?” Li Man narrowed her eyes and stared at his injured finger. She carefully removed the splinter from the bamboo strip from his finger. “You can’t just leave it like this. You need to disinfect and bandage your finger.”

Li Mo had already been struck dumb. He just watched as she ran back into the eastern hut and came running back shortly after with a small jar of wine as well as a strips of cloth.

Li Hua and Little Five had also followed after her. With a very worried expression, he asked, “Oldest brother, are you okay?”

“I’m fine. I just accidentally stabbed myself with a bamboo strip.” Feeling embarrassed, Li Mo awkwardly curled his injured finger towards his palm to hide it.

Li Man couldn’t understand their conversation and just single-mindedly devoted herself to her task. Half crouched down by Li Mo’s side, she uncurled his injured finger and wanted to use the wine to disinfect it first.

In front of his two younger brothers, Li Mo’s face flushed red again. As if he had just gotten an electric shock, he took his hand back and lowly said, “It’s okay.”

Forgetting that he couldn’t understand her, Li Man gently persuaded, “Your finger is injured. It’s spring right now, the season where harmful bacteria propagate the fastest. If you don’t properly treat it, what will you do if your wound gets infected?” As she said these words, she had already grabbed his hand again and used the wine to gently wipe his injury. After cleaning his injury, she wrapped the clean strip of cloth around his finger.

Li Mo felt as if the wine had been poured into his heart instead of being used to wash his finger. He felt as if he was utterly intoxicated and was completely at Li Man’s mercy.

Even as Li Man instructed Li Mo to not get the bandage wet, he was still dazedly looking at her.

Li Hua, who was also standing at the side, also felt too stunned to react. His ink-colored eyes were as calm as water. As he quietly watched this scene, his heart felt a sense of relief as well as sudden pang of bitterness. He couldn’t explain why there was a painful feeling….

Fortunate Wife Ch 44

Chapter 44 – Cutting cloth

Oldest brother and fourth brother were working together to bully him! Half-collapsed on the table, Li Shu thumped his chest as he continued to cough. He felt as if his brothers were horribly tormenting him.

Seeing this sight, Li Man was slightly worried. But, since Li Hua had already assured her that Li Shu was fine, she didn’t ask any more questions.

Fortunately, Li Shu quickly recovered and resumed eating lunch with gusto. He simply treated this experience as his oldest brother and fourth brother being jealous of him.

After lunch was over, the brothers each went their own way to do their work. Little Five was the only one that stayed to help Li Man clean up the plate and bowls.

Very quickly, Li Man finished washing the pots and bowls, and Little Five also finished with wiping down the table. The two of them left the kitchen together and decided to go to the backyard to see how Li Shu’s construction of the pigpen was coming along.

Seemingly by chance, Li Hua came out of from the eastern hut at this time. Seeing Li Man and Little Five, he waved at them and shouted, “Come over here for a second.”

“What’s wrong?” Li Man walked over to him. Seeing that he was holding a scissor, she couldn’t help feeling curious.

Li Hua smiled. He had just been about to cut the cloth to make her clothes. After all, he could guess her overall measurements just by looking at her. But, when he was about to cut the cloth, he lost his confidence. She wasn’t the same as his brothers. Girls usually care more about beauty, and clothes had to fit well to look good. It wouldn’t be good if he made a mistake with the measurements. Just to be safe, it would be better to have her come over so that he could get her measurements. As a matter of fact, as soon as he heard movement from the neighboring building, he hurriedly came out of the hut without remember to put down the scissors first.

Li Hua went inside the hut first, put down the scissors on the heated bed, and took out a measuring tape from a bamboo basket. “Come over here.”

Seeing the newly purchased cloth and then the measuring tape that Li Hua was holding, Li Man immediately understood. Very pleasantly surprised, she asked, “Are you making clothes for me?” She straightened her body and very cooperatively opened her arms of her own initiative.

Looking at her happy appearance, Li Hua pursed his lips and smiled too. Holding the measuring tape, he took her measurements: neck circumference, shoulder width, arm length…

Seeing that he was only measuring without writing anything down, she mimicked writing with her hands and reminded him, “Don’t you need to write down the numbers to remember them?”

Li Hua pointed at his head and said with a slight smile, “I can remember them here.” He continued to take her other measurements.

Li Man didn’t say anything else. This didn’t take very long; Li Hua was very quick with taking measurements. After this was done, he unrolled the snow-white fabric onto the heated bed that been cleared of clutter and started cutting.

“You know how to make clothes? Do you just use needle and thread to sew the clothes?” Li Man curiously picked up the needles and colored threads that had been prepared and placed on a flat basket-tray in advance. Looking at his skillful technique in cutting out the fabric, she felt even more impressived with this teenage boy.

He was good-looking, a scholar, had an extremely good memory, knew how to sew quilts and how to cut out fabric to make clothes without a pattern….

Li Hua put down the cloth he had cut out, turned around to pick up the needle and thread from the flat basket-tray, and happened to meet Li Man’s large, limpid, black eyes that were glimmering with little starts. Feeling uncertain, he asked, “What’s wrong?”

Li Man sincerely raised a thumb up at him. “You’re so amazing. Can you teach me this too?”

Li Hua slightly smiled and nodded. He would love it if she wanted to learn from him.

Li Man just felt happiness in her heart. She silently decided that she would learn the dialect for this place as fast as possible. Otherwise, it really would be too difficult to communicate with the people here.

Thinking of this, her thoughts slightly turned to a different direction. Li Man charmingly smiled and wrote on the ground, “Thank you for your hard work. How do you say that?”

Li Hua curved his lips into a smile and chuckled. Then, he cleared his throat and seriously taught her how to pronounce that phrase.

Li Man very seriously listened to his pronunciation. After quietly repeating what he said and feeling as if she had got the pronunciation correctly, she curtsied at Li Hua, astutely smiled at him, and said, “Thank you for your hard work.”

Before Li Hua had time to respond, Li Man had already scurried out of the hut. Seeing that Li Mo had already finished erecting a bamboo fence and was using a knife to carve the remaining bamboo into thin strips, she carefully walked over, crouched down by him, and softly said, “Oldest brother, thank you for your hard work.”


T/N: I’m not sure if this was already mentioned in the novel? They’re just speaking a different dialect than her, so there’s going to be similar sounding words that she already knows, and the grammar is the same. It’s not like she’s trying to learn a totally new language.

P.S. I’m surprised that Li Hua didn’t feel awkward when he was measuring her bust size.

Fortunate Wife Ch 43

Chapter 43 – Looking

Li Mo put down what he was doing, got water from the well, and washed his hands before entering the kitchen.

The food had already been put on the table. The large plate of fish with pickled cabbage was enough food for the family to have a very satisfying meal.

“Oldest brother, we’re so lucky to have such a skillful wife.” Lu Shu winked at Li Mo. He hadn’t been able to resist sneaking a bite. The fish today was even more delicious than the braised fish from last time.

Slightly smiling, Li Mo sat down. Li Man brought over a bowl of rice as well as a pair of chopsticks.

“Thank you for your hard work,” Li Mo politely said. His heart felt as if it was overflowing with warmth.

Li Man smiled. She understood what those words meant. “No problem.” After picking up a piece of fish with her chopsticks and removing the bones, she gave the fish to Little Five and said, “Take your time with eating so that you don’t choke.”

“Thank you, older sister.” As Little Five ate the fish, he somewhat gloatingly looked at his three older brothers. Hehe. Once again, older sister added food to his bowl, and he was the only one that got this special treatment.

Li Hua picked up a piece of fish with his chopsticks and placed it in Li Man’s bowl. “You should eat too. Little Five can get his own food.”

“Yeah, wife, you should eat more. I heard that women that like to eat fish would give birth to beautiful and clever children.” Li Shu hurriedly followed suit and stuffed two pieces of fish into Li Man’s bowl.

Li Hua almost choked on the rice that he was eating, and Li Mo’s face flushed red. Li Mo admonished, “Third brother, stop saying nonsense. Eat.”

“Who’s saying nonsense? I’m just repeating a fact,” Li Shu seriously said, then he tried to add more fish to Li Man’s bowl.

Li Man picked up her bowl and tactfully declined, “No need. I can get the food myself.”

Seeing her rejecting gesture, Li Shu didn’t mind. He tossed the slice of fish into is own mouth. Ah, so yummy.

Seeing him like this, Li Man lowered her head and secretly smiled.

Actually, Li Shu was the best looking one in his family. He was slender, tall, and straight. His heroic facial features were very distinct too. If they were in modern-day, there would be countless actors trampled under his feet.

However, this was only true when he wasn’t talking. The second he opened his exuberant mouth, his unrivaled handsome image would be destroyed. Of course, he also had an explosive temper. His eyes there were as a deep as a lake seemed to always be shooting out fiery sparks. If he couldn’t win an argument in a few words, he would be ready to throw a punch. This was probably why no one noticed how handsome he was.

“Wife, are you looking at me?” Li Shu wickedly batted his eyes at Li Man. “Well, what do you think? Have you discovered that I’m better looking than them?”

Although Li Man didn’t understand the meaning of his words, the explicit look in his eyes was enough to make her heart skip a beat. She hurriedly lowered her head and pretended to not understand.

Li Hua helplessly glanced at Li Shu. Fortunately, Li Man didn’t understand their words yet. Otherwise, how would they be able to peacefully continue this meal? She already looked too uncomfortable to eat.

Li Mo furrowed his brow, “Third brother -”

“Okay, okay.” Before his oldest brother could lecture him, Li Shu surrendered of his own accord. “I won’t talk anymore, okay? Still, you have to admit that our wife had been gazing at me. Hehe.”

Li Mo picked up a piece of garlic and put it into Li Shu’s bowl. “Just eat.”

Li Shu immediately exclaimed, “Oldest brother, you know that I hate eating garlic.”

Taking advantage of Li Man lowering her head to eat rice, Li Mo gave Li Shu a warning glaring and said, “If you keep talking nonsense, you’ll have to eat chili peppers too.”

Li Shu tossed the piece of garlic onto the table. “Haha, oldest brother, you’re feeling jealous…”

Before Li Shu could finish, a piece of chili pepper was tossed into his open mouth.

Caught off guard, Li Shu ended up choking on the chili pepper and having a coughing fit.

Li Man raised her head and asked in worry, “What’s wrong? Did a fishbone get stuck in your throat?”

Li Hua smiled at her comfortingly, “It’s okay. He’ll be fine after eating some rice.”

Fortunate Wife Ch 42

Chapter 42 – Fish with pickled cabbage

Li Man pointed at the grass carp that were swimming back and forth and said to Li Hua, “Grab one out. I’ll make fish with pickled cabbage for you guys.

(T/N: Below is a picture of fish with pickled cabbage.)

Ch 042 - Pickled Fish

Even if she didn’t say the words, Li Hua knew that she wanted a fish. But, he really wasn’t very good at catching fish. He had to go ask his third brother for help. “Wait here, I’ll get third brother to come over.”

Seeing that Li Hua and Li Man were by the pit with fishes, Li Mo had already walked over. “Let me do it.”

Seeing that his oldest brother had come over with a bamboo stick, Li Hua automatically moved to the side. “Oldest brother.”

Li Mo stood near the edge of the pit and focused his gaze on the fish. Suddenly, he struck the bamboo stick down. When he raised the bamboo stick back up, there was a plump, grass carp pierced onto it.

Li Man felt as if she had just witnessed something from a martial arts drama. There really were people that could catch fish with just a stick! She immediately clapped her hands together and expressed her admiration. “Wow, so amazing. You’re so awesome!”

Faced with Li Man’s smiling eyes that were full of worship, Li Mo felt a bit self-conscious. After he handed the fish to Li Hua, he headed straight back to the peach tree. At the moment that he turned around, his lips had curved up without him noticing. His earlier depressed mood had faded away just from looking at her smiling face.

Still smiling, Li Man said, “Your oldest brother is so amazing.” As she took the fish from Li Hua, she said, “I’m going to gut the fish. Help me by getting some water from the well.

Li Man went to the well, and Li Hua returned to the kitchen first and brought back a knife and a bowl.

After Li Hua got a bucket full of water from the well, Li Man brought everything outside of their home, by the entrance. She was worried about getting the courtyard dirty.

Very quickly, the fish was gutted and cleaned, and Li Man happily returned to the kitchen. Fish with pickled cabbage was her specialty dish.

Little Five had obediently stayed sitting by the cooking fire to watch over it. Seeing Li Man coming inside with a fish, he was pleasantly surprised. “Older sister, are you going to cook fish for lunch?”

“En.” Li Man placed the fish on the chopping board, and sliced off flesh from both sides of the fish. In addition, she cleaved the fish head and cut the rest of the fish into uniformly, smaller pieces.

Watching her nimble and efficient technique, Li Hua and Little Five were blown away by her skill.

The pickled cabbage had already been sliced up, so she didn’t need to do anything else to it. One by one, Li Man prepared the other ingredients. She peeled and minced the garlic, washed and sliced the garlic, and grounded the chili peppers into a powder.

After all of the ingredients were prepared, she ordered to Little Five to start a fire for another pot. When the oil had reached medium heat, she dropped in the pieces of garlic, slices of garlic, and grounded chili pepper. The heated mixture quickly released puffs of delicious smells. After roughly stir-frying the pickled cabbage, she added water, the fish head, and the fish bones to the pot and brought the food back to a boil before letting it simmer for a bit.

After that, she added the sliced pieces of fish and salt into the pot that already had the other seasonings and mixed everything together. She let everything boil for a while, then she covered the pot and let the food continue to cook at a lower heat.

Li Hua sincerely praised, “It smells really good.”

Leaning against the cooking range, Little Five gluttonously looked at the food.

At this time, Li Shu had already smelled the delicious scent and ran into the kitchen. “What are we eating for lunch? Why does it smell so good?” He wanted to take off the lid to see what was inside, but Li Man stopped him.

“Wait a bit. It’s not ready to eat yet.”

Li Shu took his hand back and looked at Li Man with a splitting grin. Surrounded by wisps of steam, her soft, white face looked even more beautiful.

Faced with such abnormally bright eyes, Li Man felt a bit scared. She instinctively leaned towards the cooking range.

Seeing her action, Li Hua pulled Li Shu back and explained, “It’s fish with pickled cabbage.”

Li Man continued to lean against the cooking range. About fifteen minutes later, she decided that the fish should be finished cooking, so she took off the lid and picked up a large plate so that she could transfer the food onto a plate.

Li Hua was worried that she would get scalded by the hot steam and went forward to help her, but Li Man wouldn’t let him. She just said, “Tell your oldest brother to come back. Everyone has to wash his hands too. We’re going to be eating soon.”

Little Five ran outside and shouted, “Oldest brother, it’s time to eat. Lunch is fish with pickled cabbage. It smells really good.”

There was no need for Little Five to shout. Li Mo had already smelled the delicious scent. It only took one guess to know that their wife had cooked lunch.

Fortunate Wife Ch 41

Chapter 41 – Wonderfully thoughtful

Since Li Mo had expressed his viewpoint in those terms, it wouldn’t be good for Li Shu to keep pushing this point, so he said, “Oldest brother, it’s good as long as you know. Our wife is pretty good. You can’t make a mistake and miss this opportunity.”

“En.” Li Mo gave him a comforting look. As for their wife…

Li Yan knew that his oldest brother had already made a pretty big breakthrough today. At the very least, Li Mo had admitted that woman was their wife.

Smoothing out his sleeves, Li Yan picked up the bowl from the stove and continuing washing the rice. “Alright, third brother, help me with the fire. I’ll cook.”

Li Mo said, “Second brother, you should probably go back to work. Oh right, how many items did Mudan’s family want you to make?”

Li Yan poured the clean rice into a pot as he replied, “Not much, some trunks for clothes as well as wooden bowls, bathing barrels, tables, and chairs. It should be done in a few days.”

Li Shu scoffed and said, “I thought they were even going to have you build the bed.”

Li Yan chuckled. “Alright, oldest brother, I’ll leave now so that I can try to finish my work by the end of tomorrow.”

“Go.” Li Mo nodded.

After Li Yan left, Li Hua said, “Oldest brother, you can go do your work. I’ll cook.”

In their family, only second brother and fourth brother knew how to cook. Li Mo nodded. “Okay, have Little Five help you with the cooking fire.”

After verbally agreeing, Li Hua went to look for what he could gather to cook their lunch.

Seeing that Li Shu wasn’t moving, Li Mo ordered, “Third brother, go and round up the piglets.

“Oh, I almost forgot about that.” Li Shu hurriedly left the kitchen.

Seeing that Li Shu had walked far away through a window, Li Mo finally asked Li Hua, “Where’s the life contract?”

Li Hua understood the meaning of his question. “Oldest brother, don’t worry. I put it away in a safe place.”

“That’s good.” Hearing this, Li Mo was at ease, and he also went outside to the courtyard. Untying the bundle of bamboo, he decided to make a fence underneath the peach tree.

In the western hut, Li Man went through the wardrobe, found another upper garment, and put it on. She folded the torn upper garment that she was wearing before and placed it on her bed. On another day, when she had free time, she could try altering it into something useable.

Li Hua told her to rest for a bit, but how could she feel comfortable sitting around and doing nothing? Anyways, it was about time to make lunch.

At the moment that she got up, she saw thought the back window that Li Shu was building something with stones near the outhouse, and she immediately thought of a pigpen.

Right, with a pigpen, the little piglets would have a home of their own.

After happily leaving the hut, she saw that Li Mo was building a fence using slender bamboo by the peach tree. Her smile immediately widened.

The men in this family were truly wonderfully thoughtful.

So then, she should make something yummy for lunch to reward them for their considerate behavior.

As soon as Li Man entered the kitchen, she saw that Little Five was by the stove tending to the cooking fire, and Li Hua was washing vegetables.

“What are you planning on cooking? Let me to do.” Li Man walked closer and saw pickled cabbage that had been washed clean.

Li Hua put the washed pickled cabbage onto a plate, then he pointed at a stool and said with a smile, “Sit down for a bit. I’ll be done soon.”

Li Man watched him as he sliced the pickled cabbage into pieces. Then seeing that he was going to put the cabbage into the other pot, she hurriedly stood up to stop him. “Are you going to cook it just like that?”

Li Hua didn’t understand her words.

Seeing that there weren’t any other vegetables by the cooking range, she suddenly felt a bit awkward. She had eaten this family’s pickled vegetables before. It had been sour enough that she wanted to spit it out. If he just cooked it like that, it really wouldn’t be edible, ah.

Got it! Feeling as if a divine light had suddenly shined down on her, she pulled Li Hua towards the courtyard as she walked.

Li Hua felt a bit confused and blankly allowed himself to be tugged to the small pit where the fish was being stored. Smiling, he asked, “You want to eat fish?”

There were still a couple of fish in the pit. Oldest brother had specially told them to not sell all of the fish.



Fortunate Wife Ch 40

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Chapter 40 – Knowing

Li Hua blushed. He wanted to argue, but he didn’t know where to start.

In contrast, Li Yan curved his lips into a smile. He swatted away Li Shu’s hand from his shoulder. Laughing, he said to Li Shu, “You think everyone is like you. You’ve been saying that you wanted a wife every single day since you were thirteen years old.”

“What’s wrong with want a wife? If I didn’t keep bugging you guys about it every day, would you guys have gotten a wife so quickly?” Li Shu meaningfully looked at Li Mo. When will his oldest brother come to his senses? Li Mo was already twenty-three years old.

Looking at his younger brothers’ expectant gazes, Li Mo felt all of his vexed feelings dispersing. As their oldest brother, he was like a father to them. It was only natural for them to be concerned about his relationship with Li Man.

But, as soon as he thought about Li Man’s delicate appearance and fearful gaze, Li Mo didn’t have the heart to go through with forcing her. “Third brother, let’s wait a little bit longer.”

Li Shu impatiently asked, “How long will we be waiting for?”

Li Mo also felt at a loss. “We have to wait at least until she’s familiar with here…”

Before he could finish his words, Li Shu let out an anguished wail. “Continue waiting? Are we going to wait for a day that will never come?”

Li Yan wasn’t as pessimistic as his younger brother. He chuckled and asked, “Oldest brother, how do you know that she doesn’t like us?”

Hearing these words, Li Hua felt very anxious. “Second brother, she can’t even understand our words. Isn’t it too early to be discussing this matter?”

Li Shu twitched his lips and said, “Oldest brother, if she doesn’t know, then you can teach her. If that doesn’t work, there’s still second brother and me. Fourth brother, you’re a scholar…”

Li Mo shouted at Li Shu to stop, “Third brother! Fourth brother is right. She’ll like us in the future. It’s just a matter of time. Right now, let’s give her time to become more familiar with this place. At the very least, we should wait until she can speak out dialect.”

Li Hua promptly agreed, “Oldest brother is right.”

Annoyed, Li Shu glared at Li Hua and said, “What do you mean he’s right? Fourth brother, stop adding unnecessary stuff into the conversation. Haven’t you thought about oldest brother’s age? Other people, who are the same age as him, already have children old enough to plow fields. Do you think oldest brother’s life has been easy during the past years? Don’t you want him to have a wife sooner? For him to have someone that’ll be considerate and caring towards him?”

Looking at Li Shu’s red eyes, Li Hua could see that he was being seriously about Li Man. The words that Li Hua wanted to use to disagree got stuck in his throat.

Ten years ago, one after another, their parents died. Li family fell into dire straits. At the time, Little Five wasn’t even one-month-old. Back then, his oldest brother had taken on the full responsibility of taking care of his four younger brothers by himself.

Actually, Li Hua also hoped that his oldest brother could find a woman sooner. “Oldest brother…”

Li Mo didn’t want his brothers to fall into discord over this issue. “Enough, stop having those wild thoughts. Third brother, do you remember what our mother said before she died?”

Li Shu’s eyes immediately turned redder. He turned his head away and grumbled, “Wasn’t is it just to cherish and pamper our future wife?”

“Good, you remember.” Li Mo patted Li Shu’s shoulder and said, “Oldest brother knows that you’ve suffered in the past several years, but she’s our wife. Are you really willing to hurt her?”

“I?” Li Shu couldn’t say another word. Of course, he wanted his wife to live a happy life.

“Right, of course you wouldn’t be willing. Second Shun’s wife had only said a few bad words about her, and you were willing to beat Second Shun’s wife to death over it. So of course you wouldn’t be willing to hurt our wife,” Li Mo said.

“Oldest brother, I’m just feeling bad for you.” Li Shu forlornly looked at Li Mo.

Li Mo showed a gratified smile. “I know. Don’t worry. Oldest brother knows how you feel.”