Fortunate Wife Ch 111

Chapter 111 – Fated Marriage String (3)

Li Man hastily went over to the bed.

Seeing that Li Yan had half-opened his eyes and was struggling to get up, Li Hua hurriedly tried to stop him. “Second brother, you’re sick. Lie back down. Oldest brother and third brother have already left to get the doctor.”

“I -” Li Yan seemed to not realize he was sick. He turned his confused gaze towards Li Man.

Li Man had to say, “You have a fever.”

“Oh.” Li Yan slightly closed his eyes and lightly said, “No wonder I feel so bad.”

Li Hua promptly asked, “Where are you feeling uncomfortable?”

“That’s just what happens when you have a fever. Your entire body will feel feeble, and your limbs will ache,” Li Man answered for Li Yan. After that, she told Li Hua, “Bring over another basin of warm water. He’ll feel better if you wipe him down again.”

“En.” Li Hua quickly left to get more water.

Li Yan lightly opened his eyes again. He looked at Li Man with a dim gaze. “Are you annoyed? Do you find me too useless?”

Her annoyance was towards how much he liked to torment himself. Not only did he take a cold rinse, he let himself get soaked by the drizzling rain too. Looking at his current state, Li Man didn’t want to make him feel worse, so she only said, “This is just a minor cold. It’s no big deal. The doctor will be here soon. You’ll be fine after eating the medicine that he prescribes.”

“What if…” Li Yan’s gaze dimmed further. “What if I don’t make it?”

“How could that be possible?” Li Man was frightened by the sorrowful look in his dim eyes. “It’s only a fever. You’re so healthy. You’ll probably be fine by tomorrow if you just rest today. You might not even need to eat medicine.”

Li Yan wryly smiled. What scared poor people the most? Getting sick.

It was especially true in this impoverished mountain village. There had been people who had died from catching the cold. There was even a person that had gotten bitten by an unknown bug and died two days later.

He felt so uncomfortable. It felt as if there was a blazing fire raging inside his body.

Li Man couldn’t quite understand. Why had his thoughts pessimistically strayed to death? He was a grown man, and it was only a minor fever.  Seeing that Li Yan had closed his eyes and wasn’t saying anything, she wanted to go to the kitchen and check why Li Hua hadn’t returned yet.

Right after she turned around and was about to leave, her wrist was seized. Li Man turned her head to look at him. His gaze was blurry, and he was pleadingly looked her. “Keep me company.”

“No, I’m just going over there to take a look….”

Before she could finish speaking, he tightened his grip on her wrist and pulled her to the edge of the bed to sit down. “Stay here with me.”

“You?” He seemed like he still had plenty of energy.

But, Li Yan had already closed his eyes in exhaustion. And yet, his hand was still tightly holding her wrist as if he was scared she was going to run away.

Li Man could only shake her head. He was acting so childish. It was only a fever. What was there to be so scared about?

A while later, Li Hua finally returned with a basin of warm water.

“Why did it take so long?” Li Man picked up the towel on Li Yan’s forehead and rinsed it in the warm water.

“There wasn’t any more boiled water, so I had to boil some more,” answered Li Hua. He looked at Li Yan. “Second brother, are you feeling any better?”

Li Yan didn’t want his brother to worry, so he said, “Better.”

Hearing that his voice was a bit hoarse, Li Man quickly said to Li Hua, “Bring over a bowl of drinking water.”

“En.” Li Hua got up and went back to the kitchen.

Li Yan suddenly chuckled. “You seem very comfortable with ordering fourth brother around.”

Why was he speaking so sarcastically? Li Man rolled her eyes at him. After wiping his hands and neck, she placed the damp towel back on his forehead.

At this time, Li Hua came back with a bowl of water. It had just been boiled and was still very hot.

“Let it cool down first before giving it to your second brother to drink,” said Li Man

“En.” Li Hua nodded. At this time, his gaze towards Li Man had slightly changed. “You seem to know a lot?”

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Fortunate Wife Ch 110

Chapter 110 – Fated Marriage String (2)

Li Man tried to hand over the prepared warm towel. “Wipe him down. Wipe his neck, armpits, chest, palms, and everything else. Every spot needs to be wiped.”

Li Hua only doubtfully looked at Li Man。

“Go on, it’ll help cool him down.” Li Man directly stuffed the damp towel into his hand and continued to say, “He probably got sick because he took a rinse using cold water yesterday and was working outside in the rain all morning today.”

Li Hua thought her words were very logical and hurriedly followed her directions in wiping down Li Yan.

Once he was halfway done, Li Man took the damp towel from him, cleaned the towel in the water, and wrung out the excess water again before handing it back to him. After that, she gently checked Li Yan’s temperature by touching his forehead. Although his temperature had dropped after being wiped by the towel, it was quickly going back up again.

Second Shun was still standing in the hut. Seeing that the two of them were so busy that they had forgot about him, he opened and closed his mouth before quietly saying, “Li Hua, should we get a doctor to come over to check on him? It won’t be good if his cold gets worse.”

Li Hua’s expression was solemn as he put the towel into the basin. He said to Li Man, “Watch over him for a bit. I’ll call oldest brother over.”

Medical treatment was poor in ancient times, so even a minor illness like a cold could take someone’s life. Li Man also started to worry. She hurriedly nodded. “Okay.”

Li Hua rushed out to look for Li Mo.

A few moments later, three brothers came into the hut.

Li Shu was the first one to run to the bed and worriedly asked, “What’s wrong with second brother? Wasn’t he okay before?”

Li Mo followed him over and stretched his hand out to check Li Yan’s temperature. His expression became graver. “I’ll go find the doctor and bring him here.”

“Oldest brother, I’ll go with you,” said Li Hua.

Li Mo glanced at him and said, “No need, stay at home and take care for your second brother. It’ll be enough for me and your third brother to go.” Fourth brother was much more cool-headed than their third brother. If something happened at home, he would feel less worried if he remained here.

Li Hua glanced at Li Man. With second brother sick, he would worry too if she was the only other person left here, so he said to Li Mo, “Okay. Oldest brother, take some money with you. That way, if the doctor gives you a prescription, you’ll be able to buy the medicine before coming back. It’ll save you a trip.”

After agreeing, Li Mo walked over to the wardrobe and took out a small bag. When he opened the bag to look inside, his eyebrows slight furrowed. He stuffed the entire bag into his clothes, turned around, and said to Li Shu, “Third brother, let’s go.”

“En.” Li Shu wiped the sweat from his forehead and followed after his oldest brother.

Li Man saw that the two of them were going out just like this. It was misty outside from the rain, and she didn’t know how far that doctor’s house was. If they were out in the rain for too long, she was worried that the two of them would get sick too. She hurriedly followed after them and said, “Do you not have any raincoats, bamboo hats, or umbrellas?”

Umbrellas were something that only rich people used. However, a raincoat… Li Mo suddenly remembered. “We do have a raincoat. I’ll go get it.” He hastily ran to the kitchen and pulled out a raincoat from the pile of junk that was behind the cupboard. He had woven this raincoat from Chinese alpine rush several years ago. Although it was covered in dust, it looked passable after he shook off the dust. At the very least, it could provide some cover from the rain.

Li Mo went back and gave the raincoat to Li Shu, “Third brother, put this on, and we’ll leave.”

“Oldest brother, what about you?” Li Shu asked while he put on the raincoat.

Li Mo shook his head. “I’m okay.”

The two of them walked straight into the misty rain.

Second Shun hurriedly followed after them. “Li Mo, wait. I have a raincoat at my home. Wait a bit. I’ll bring it over.”

Li Man was standing at the doorway.  The three of them had already walked far way. Was Li Mo even wearing a raincoat? Sigh. The men in this family were really awful at taking care of themselves.

“Fourth brother.” Li Yan’s weak voice suddenly sounded from behind.

Sitting on the side of the bed, Li Hua hurriedly answered, “Second brother, I’m here.”

Fortunate Wife Ch 109

Chapter 109 – Fated Marriage String (1)

Li Man felt a burst of dizziness, and even her ribs felt pained from being pressed down by his body. She stretched her hands out to try to push him off, but his sturdy body was like a millstone that firmly pressed down on her without leaving any gaps.

After opening her mouth wide to take in a deep breath of air, she felt a bit better.

Li Man was sure that he had a fever, and it was quite serious. She tried calling his name several times, but there was no reaction from him. She only felt his uncomfortable weight on top of her.

It really wouldn’t do to carry on like this. The ground was dirty and cold. Drat, she had just changed into new clothing too.

She took another deep breath before shouting towards the outside, “Little Five -”

But, there was no response to her calls. She could faintly hear the sound of dogs barking. Where had Little Five, that brat, gone off? She hadn’t seen his shadow since lunch. But, she really didn’t want anyone else to see her current predicament.

Fretful and not having any other options, she shouted, “Li Hua!”

As expected, she heard the sound of footsteps after calling his name only a few times. Just as she was feeling hopeful that Li Hua was going to come over and pull Li Yan off of her, she saw a tanned man enter the kitchen. His face was unshaven, and his eyes were cloudy and bloodshot. She couldn’t guess his age.

Li Man thought he was a random drunkard that was trespassing. She fearfully screamed, “Who are you? Get out! My family is right behind this wall! Don’t you dare do anything bad!”

Because she was too nervous, she had slipped back to speaking in Mandarin instead saying those words in the local dialect. That person was obviously stunned, but a moment later, he responded with a foolish-looking smile. “Are you my younger brother’s wife?* Is Li Mo not at home?” Then, he leaned over to take a look. Shocked, he asked, “Ah, what’s wrong with Li Yan?”

* T/N: (This person is only saying this to indicate closeness between him and the Li family. He’s not related to the Li brothers.)

Was this a family friend? Li Man slightly relaxed and hastily did her best to answer in the local dialect, “Uncle, Li Yan has a fever. Could you help me by pulling him up?”

That person’s murky eyes lingered over Li Man’s face, and he was a bit stunned before hastily looking away. He said, “Sure,” and continued nodding as he helped pull Li Yan up.

Li Man immediately got up once the weight was lifted off of her. After dusting off the dirt on her clothes, she hastily led the two people to the eastern hut. “Please bring him into this hut.”

“Oh.” That person agreeably helped bring Li Yan into the eastern hut and placed him down on the bed.

“Thank you.” Li Man said as she stretched her hand out to check Li Yan’s temperature. Too hot.

Because Li Yan was unconscious, the man felt it was a bit improper for him to be alone with this woman.  Standing behind them, he awkwardly scratched his head and said, “Younger brother’s wife, I’ll come back in the evening since Li Mo isn’t here.”

He was about to leave right after saying this.

At this time, Li Hua had hurried over here. Seeing the visitor, he was slightly surprised. “Second Shun?”

“Ah, Li Hua, you’re not at school? I came over here to see your oldest brother.” Seeing Li Hua, Second Shun greeted him with a beaming smile, but his expression had become a bit reserved.

Li Hua replied, “My teacher gave us a few days off.” He looked at Li Yan, who was lying on the bed, and hastily went forward. “What’s wrong with second brother?”

“He has a fever.” Li Man was sitting on the bed and using a dry towel to wipe the sweat from Li Yan’s forehead. Seeing that Li Hua was here, she requested, “Bring over some lukewarm water.”

“Oh.” Seeing that his second brother was unconscious and that his handsome face was looking so pale, Li Hua listened to Li Man’s words and brought back lukewarm water from the kitchen.

Li Man got up, took the basin of water, and placed it down on a nearby stool. Then, she dipped the towel into the warm water and wrung out the excess water from the towel. She said to Li Hua, “Untie his belt.”

“Eh?” Li Hua was stunned for a moment, but he still obediently untied the belt.

Fortunate Wife Ch 108

Chapter 108 – Jealousy (9)

Li Yan was sitting on the stool and looking up. Seeing her coming into the kitchen, he only cast a glance at her from the corner of his eye.

Knowing what kind of person he was, Li Man didn’t feel comfortable being alone with him. And so, after putting the basin down, she hastily started to leave.

“Wait.” Seeing that she was scurrying away like she was fleeing from something, Li Yan felt irritation welling up in his heart. He stood up, caught up to her in one big, sudden stride, and forced her into a corner.

“What are you doing?” Li Man felt a trembling in her mind. She looked at him with widened dark, limpid eyes.

“Why are you running away when you see me?” Li Yan did his best to keep his eyes on her face and not let his gaze wander down.

“Who’s running away?” Li Man’s back was against the wall. He had her completely cornered. She felt both embarrassed and indignant.

“You weren’t running?” Without him being consciously aware, Li Yan’s gaze had drifted down to her slightly heaving chest. Something flicked through his mind, and he felt a burst of dizziness. He hurriedly shook his head to compose himself and asked, “Then, why didn’t you ask me anything?”

Li Man thought he was being ridiculous. “What am I suppose to ask you?”

Li Yan suddenly moved closed to her ear. His warm breath blew into her ear as he murmured, “I had a nosebleed.”

Li Man abruptly pushed him. “I didn’t you hit you.” What did his nosebleed have to do with her, ah?

Li Yan got choked up. “You’re not going to ask me about it? Show a little bit of concern?”

Li Man secretly gritted her teeth. Since he was still looming over her, she resigned herself to asking, “Are you okay? I hope it’s not serious.”

“What do you think?” Faced with her indifferent appearance, Li Yan felt as if a kitten was clawing at his heart. She had recently given him a towel to dry his face, so he had though her attitude towards him had improved. Unexpectedly, she went back to her bad behavior.

Li Man looked at him. “It doesn’t seem serious. Your complexion looks fine. If there’s nothing else, don’t keep me here. The kitchen is quite stuffy.”

“It is a bit stuffy.” Li Yan nodded in agreement. He couldn’t resist look down at her body again. His gaze lingered there.

Li Man immediately stiffened. She felt as if he was stripping her naked with his eyes. She stretched her hand out to push him again. If she couldn’t push him away, then she would resort to scratching him. “Li Yan, if you continue to bully me like this, I’ll -”

Before she could finish her threat, Li Yan’s vision turned black, and he slumped over her.

Li Man instinctively tried to support him. Seeing that his complexion had turned as white as paper, and there was cold sweat on his forehead, she couldn’t help feeling startled. “What’s wrong?”

Li Yan was leaning on her and seemed to only have the strength to weakly gasp for breath.

Li Man touched his forehead. His temperature was frighteningly hot. She anxiously said, “You have a fever.”

His head was resting on her shoulder, and he weakly opened his eyes halfway. He stopped responding after groaning out, “Oh.”

Li Man had both her arms around his waist to keep him from falling over. He was so tall and heavy, and her petite body could barely support his weight. She was almost about to be crushed by him, so she could only yell, “Li Yan, are you still conscious? If you haven’t fainted, please hang on for a bit. I’ll help you to your room.”

He slightly opened his eyes again and weakly said, “Oh, okay.” But as he was saying “okay, ” he fainted, and his body collapsed onto Li Man.

It was as if a behemoth had fallen on top of her. How could Li Man possibly bear this weight? Her foot also tripped on something, and her body started to fall towards the ground.

Fortunately, Li Yan’s strong hands had been behind her head, so they cushioned her fall and kept her from harm.

Although there was no pain from her back from the fall, his sturdy body was pressing down on top of her, and she felt as if her internal organs were being squeezed out. She almost couldn’t breathe!

Fortunate Wife Ch 107

Chapter 107 – Jealousy (8)

Seeing that the desire in Li Yan’s eyes hadn’t been hidden away yet, Li Mo’s gaze gradually turned chilly. He continued to stare at his younger brother without saying a word.

“What’s going on?” Li Shu looked at his oldest brother, then he looked at his second brother. He couldn’t figure out what was going on.

Li Yan suddenly chuckled. While continuing to work, he said, “Oldest brother, you should hurry. It looks like it’s going to rain again. Wife has already left the hut.”

“Wife?” Li Shu suddenly thought of something and wanted to move the straw aside to have a look. “Did wife go inside? What was she doing?”

“It’s nothing.” Li Mo blocked him way. Who knows if his second brother was telling the truth? What if their wife hadn’t finished changing her clothes yet?

Li Yan stood up. Grinning, he walked over to Li Shu. He patted his shoulder and said, “Third brother, go down and bring up more straw.” The layer of straw on the roof was too thin. He had accidentally made a hole in the roof and saw something that he shouldn’t have. That girl was petite, but when her clothes were completely taken off, her clean and snow white figure…

Well! Li Yan felt a bit woozy and hot just thinking about it. When he lowered his head, it felt as if something warm was going to spray out of his nose. He hurriedly stopped Li Shu and said, “Third brother, stay here. I’ll go down.”

So that the blood wouldn’t drip out from his nose, he kept his head tilted up as he hurriedly went over to the ladder to go down.

Li Man had no idea what was happening on the roof. From her perspective, she only saw that the roof was covered in straw and couldn’t see anything through it. She had no clue that a small hole on the roof would be enough to clearly see everything inside the hut.

She came out of the hut once she had changed into dry clothing. Li Hua had also finished cleaning his feet by now and had put his shoes back on. He was standing at the doorway and seemed to be waiting for her.

Feeling a bit awkward, Li Man smiled.

“Is everything okay?” Li Hua’s voice was a bit hoarse.

Li Man self-depreciatingly laughed. “What could have possibly happened? That water wasn’t even cold.”

“Yeah.” Li Hua suddenly changed the topic. “It’s too wet inside, and your bed is too wet to sleep on too. There’s a bamboo couch in the kitchen. We’ll move it to our hut later. You can sleep there tonight.”

“Ah? I’m going to sleep in that hut again?” Li Man widened here eyes. Wouldn’t that be too inconvenient?

Li Hua also knew that this was a bit improper, but there weren’t any other options. He could only comfort her by saying, “It’s only until the weather clears up.”

“Oh.” Li Man bit her lip and comforted herself by thinking that it was fine. Nothing had happened when she shared a bed with them last night. So, what was there to worry about? She would be sleeping on separate furniture from them tonight. Moreover, they had seemed more nervous than her last night. Don’t be scared. Don’t be scared.

The two of them were chatting underneath the eaves when Li Yan hastily came around the corner of the hut while clutching his nose. He quietly glanced at the two of them, but he entered the kitchen before either of them had time to say anything. Once he was inside, he scooped up a ladle of cold water and started to wash his nasal cavity.

Li Hua followed Li Yan into the kitchen. Worried, he asked, “What’s wrong?”

Li Yan finished washing. Feeling that his nose was okay now, he raised his head and answered, “I’m fine. I just accidentally touched something.” As he said this, his gaze drifted to Li Man, who was standing at the doorway. Feeling a trickle of warm blood dripping down, he hurriedly scooped up cold water and splashed it over his face.

“Second brother, you should rest. I’ll go over there to take a look.” Seeing this sight, Li Hua was very worried. He left the kitchen without waiting for a response from Li Yan.

Since Li Hua was going to the backyard, and she wasn’t busy with work herself, Li Man picked up the basin and brought it back into the kitchen.

Fortunate Wife Ch 106

Chapter 106 – Jealousy (7)

“It won’t be easy for you to do it yourself, right?” Li Man moved the wooden stool forward. “Come closer and lift up your feet. I’ll pour water over them. This way, your feet will get cleaner faster, and you’ll be able to wear your shoes sooner.”

Li Hua obediently sat down on the stool and stretched his feet out.

Li Man thought it was a bit strange. This teenager had an attractive face, attractive hands and feet, and even his legs were slender and straight. She went forward and poured his water over his muddy feet.

The water washed away most of the thick mud, but there were still some dirty spots that needed to be cleaned by hand. Li Man looked at him.

Li Hua felt a bit embarrassed. He stretched down to wipe away the remaining mud. But, the stool was too small, so he lost his balance and started to fall forward. Li Man instinctively stretched her hand out to support him, but as she did so, the basin tilted, and the rest of the water poured out onto both of them.

Never mind that, Li Man dropped the basin and tried to help up Li Hua, who had fallen into her arms.

“Are you okay?” It seemed as if his entire body had gotten soaked.

“F-Fine.” Li Hua moved away from her chest. His cheeks were flushed red like fire. A moment of carelessness and he had ended up falling into her arms. His face had touched those two soft, fragrant….

Li Man hadn’t noticed. She just felt a bit dejected when she saw that their clothes were soaked. It hadn’t been a good day. Her quilt was wet, and now their clothes were wet too. There wasn’t even a place to dry off.

Li Hua stood up with his feet still bare. Seeing that her upper garment and pants were completely soaked, he felt very apologetic. “I’m sorry. You’re all wet now.”

Li Man mustered up a smile as she said, “Oh, you can finish washing up by yourself. I’m going inside to change my clothes.” Then, she brushed off the water from her clothes as she headed inside.

Li Man felt so upset. Her new clothes had gotten wet the first time she wore them. Fortunately, Li Hua had made her two sets of clothing, so she still had another set of cleaning clothing to wear.

And so, she took out the other set of clothing from her wardrobe and slowly took off her wet clothing.

There was still thumping sounds coming from the roof, and from time to time, wet straw would fall down.

She didn’t pay attention to it. The windows were closed, the door was closed, and she didn’t think anyone would try to sneak a peak. She completely didn’t think about how the Li brothers were on the roof and cleaning away the rotten straw.

And so, Li Mo was caught off guard when he saw a woman below through a small hole in the roof.

At this time, Li Man had untied the strings for her undergarment halter top, taken it off, and placed it inside the wardrobe. From Li Mo’s angle, he happened to see her clean, snow-white figure, her smooth and delicate shoulders, the elegant curve of her chest…

His hand froze, and his breathing stopped. Li Mo felt as if drunken rabbits had been stuffed into his heart, and they were erratically jumping around.

“Oldest brother?” Li Shu brought bamboo over. He had called a few times, but Li Mo hadn’t responded.

“Ah, nothing.” Li Mo hurriedly took the bamboo from him and covered up that hole. However, right after he did that, he saw that Li Yan was half-kneeling on the thatched roof and staring down at the scene below. His black hair had fallen down and was covering half of his face, so no one could see his expression. However, Li Mo immediately realized something after looking at him, and a feeling of anger rose in his heart without reason. He shouted, “Second brother.”

“Hmm?” Li Yan slowly stood up straight and gathered up some straw to cover up the hole. Then, he raised his head and looked at Li Mo. “Oldest brother, what’s wrong?”

Fortunate Wife Ch 105

Chapter 105 – Jealousy (6)

“That’s good. You don’t need to come with us. It’ll be enough with your second brother, third brother, and me.” said Li Mo.

“It’s okay. I can help with handing over the straw,” Li Hua hurriedly said.

Li Shu finished eating the last bite of noodles and chimed in, “Just stay inside. Your hand is already injured. I can stay on the ground and toss up the straw instead.”

After that, he asked Li Man, “Wife, is there any more left?”

Li Man had been thinking that these brothers got along really well. Caught off guard by Li Shu’s question, she instinctively got up while answering, “There’s more.” She took his bowl, went over to the stove, and filled his bowl with more noodles.

Li Shu was stunned. “Wife?” He had just been worried that his wife would be annoyed with him for eating too much. He hadn’t expected that she would personally add more food to his bowl.

He was still calling her that? Feeling a fresh burst of annoyance, she placed his bowl down in front of him, glared at him, and didn’t respond.

However, Li Shu’s heart was still happily skipping even after his wife had given him a supercilious look. Holding up the bowl of noodles, he took a big gulp of the soup first. This soup smelled so yummy, and his heart felt so at ease as he drank it.

It didn’t talk long for the family to finish eating lunch. Li Mo and his two younger brothers went to the backyard to continue work. Li Hua felt bad, so he wanted to at least wash the dishes. But, his fingers were injured, so how could Li Man possibly let his hands get wet? She hurriedly pushed him away.

After she was done with the dishes, Li Man returned to her hut and heard thumping sounds from the roof. She knew that they were fixing her roof, but when she looked at bed, she saw that half of it was still very wet. It would take at least a few days of sunny weather before she could sleep on it again. What to do? Where would she sleep tonight?

Even though she was felt depressed over this, she still had to take care of the piglets and chicks. The yellow chicks had been moved into a corner of the kitchen with the fence surrounding them. They only needed to be feed some food and given some water. But, what about the piglets that were in the backyard? The backyard was full of mud. How could she go over there to feed them? She already skipped feeding them this morning and could hear them wailing for food.

Would… would she have to go barefoot in order to feed the piglets?

After struggling over what to do, Li Man went over to ask Li Hua, “Are there any wooden clogs?

“Eh? Where are you going?” Li Hua doubtfully asked.

“To feed the piglets.” Li Man said with a miserable expression on her little face.

“Oh.” Li Hua got down from the bed with a slight smile. Then, he rolled up his pants and said, “I’ll do it.”

“You?” Li Man looked at him. He was such a gentle, refined, and elegantly handsome scholar. Wouldn’t it be a crime against nature to have him go feed the pigs?

Just as she was about say no thanks, Li Hua had already gone outside before her and went to the kitchen. He filled a small cask with slop and some fodder and wheat bran. He lifted up the cask and was about to go out.

“Wait.” Li Man saw that he was going outside while only wearing cloth shoes and asked, “It can’t be that this family doesn’t even have a pair of wooden clogs, right?”

There really weren’t any other shoes. Back when there wasn’t any woman in this family, they would just walk barefoot when the ground was too muddy from the rain. But now, looking at Li Man, Li Hua thought it would be a good idea to have a pair of clogs for Li Man’s convenience.

“When the sky clears up, I’ll go buy a pair of them from the town.” After saying this, Li Hua walked to the doorway, took off his shoes, and walked outside in his bare feet.

Li Man looked at his slender and white feet. His feet were so attractive, but they were stepping into mud. She suddenly had the urge to cover her eyes to block out this sight.

However, Li Hua didn’t have this feeling at all. He brought the slop over to the pigpen and came back after feeding the piglets.

At this time, Li Man had already brought over a basin of water and was waiting by the doorway. Seeing him coming back, she said, “Here’s the basin. I’ll help you wash your feet.”

“Oh.” Li Hua looked bashful. “I can do it myself.”


(T/N: It’s so sweet how much Li Hua’s older brothers baby him.)