Fortunate Wife Ch 77

Chapter 77 – Apologizing

Li Man leaned against the door as she mentally beat herself up while feeling ashamed and resentful. When she had finally calmed herself down a bit, she realized that had entered the wrong hut. This was the Li brothers’ hut.

She plopped down on the floor. Should she just go ahead and kill herself? She had originally planned on refusing to face reality by hiding in her room for the rest of the afternoon. She had wanted to wait until the awkwardness had passed before going out again. Great, she was in someone else’s hut. How could she stay here to hide? Ahhh!

On the other side of the door, the men looked at each in dismay.

Li Yan was the first one that couldn’t maintain a serious face. He burst into laughter. With one hand holding onto the wall for support, he continue to chuckle as he said, “So cute and amusing…”

Li Mo was almost grinding his back molars. However, as soon as he pictured the recent scene and that woman’s pitiful, shocked, embarrassed, and at a complete loss appearance, the lines on his handsome face subconsciously softened and the emotion in his dark eyes thawed into amusement. And yet, he resisted the urge to laugh and said to Li Yan, “Second brother, stop laughing. She’s easily embarrassed.”

“Oh.” Li Yan pressed his lips together and turned around. He still wanted to laugh.

Li Hua’s handsome face was flushed. This was the first time he saw a scene like that too. It felt as if a fire had been lit in his heart, and his blood was boiling. He actually… His gaze drifted towards the door. He wondered how she was doing on the other side.

Li Shu didn’t dare to continue smiling. He had just been light-heartedly fooling around before, but after seeing his wife rush into the hut, he felt a bit nervous. “Wife wouldn’t be angry, right?”

“What do you think?” Li Mo sternly glared at him. That woman was very shy. She definitely wouldn’t be coming out anytime soon.

With a doleful face, Li Shu hurriedly strode towards the door. “I’ll go apologize to her.”

“Third brother.” Li Hua quickly stopped him. An apology at this moment would be the same as pouring oil on a fire. She would end up being even more unwilling to come out.

While Li Shu was blankly looking at his fourth brother, Li Yan came over, gently patted his shoulder, and wickedly smiled as he said, “Third brother, you’re doomed. Wife will definitely feel resentment towards you over this matter for the rest of your lfie.”

After Li Yan said this, he pulled Little Five, who had been completely lost over what had recently happened. “Come on, let’s all go eat. Little Five, bring over wife’s meal later.”

“Oh,” Little Five agreed while still feeling muddled and being pulled into the kitchen by his second brother.

Li Mo glanced at Li Shu with a composed expression, and Li Shu obediently followed him into the kitchen too.

Li Hua had preemptively remained in front of the door to block Li Shu from doing something stupid again. He waited until his third brother, who had a vexed expression, entered the kitchen before he following after the group.

Inside the kitchen, Li Yan had already taken out food for Li Man and was about to have Little Five bring it over when Li Shu hurriedly went forward and extremely fawningly said, “Little Five, sit down to eat. I can deliver the food.”

Li Mo looked at Li Shu and ordered, “You, sit down.”

Li Shu was somewhat unwilling. “Oldest brother, I’m worried that wife is angry. Let me bring the food over. I’ll apologize while I’m there.”

After he said this, he hastily snatched the bowl from Little Five and rushed out of the kitchen and to the eastern hut before anyone could stop him. He lightly knocked on the door and pleaded in a soft voice, “Wife, I was wrong. I shouldn’t have shown you what Big Black and Little Yellow were doing. Don’t be angry anymore. I brought you lunch. Could you open the door please?”

That rotten man, how dare he mention it? Li Man gloomily bit her bottom lip. Humph! I won’t open the door. I won’t.

“Wife, please open the door. How about you just beat me up? I won’t dare to do something like that again. If next time Big Black and Little Yellow are doing that again, I swear that I’ll drive them far away from you so that you won’t see. Is that better?”

Pfft! Why would there be a second time? Did he think she was an idiot? If she saw it again, why would she still stupidly not know what was happening?

“Wife, just say something or make a sound. The food is getting cold. If you won’t open the door, I’m going to push it open.” Li Shu was an impetuous person. After pleading with her so many times and seeing that there was no reaction from inside, he became anxious enough to want to forcefully push open the door.

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Fortunate Wife Ch 76

Chapter 76 – Embarrassment

“Ah!” Li Man felt as if all the blood in her body was going to solidify. She loudly called out, “Hurry, come out! Big Black is going to eat Little Yellow!”

Inside the hut, the brothers heard her scream and rushed out in panic.

Leaning against the wall for support and shivering in fear, Li Man didn’t care who was next her. She just grabbed him and pointed at the corner. She didn’t dare to look again. She stuttered, “Little Yellow… Big Black ate Little Yellow.”

Li Mo looked at the little woman that was cowering by the wall. The hand that was clutching his clothes was also shaking. He couldn’t help but feel tenderness towards her. He gently grabbed hold of her and comfortingly said, “Don’t be scared.” He meaningfully looked at his younger brothers to hurry up with separating that pair of beasts.

However, Li Yan just turned around to face the wall and tried to stifle his laughter.

Little Five squeeze out from behind the doorway and curiously asked, “What happened?”

Li Hua hurriedly stood in front of him and blocked his view by covering his eyes.

It was only Li Shu that remained leaning against the doorway and looking at Big Black. An audience had surrounded big Black, but he was still maintaining his composure as he vigorously and violently enjoyed his pleasure.

Li Shu couldn’t stop himself. He burst out in boisterous laughter, then he picked up a stone and threw it at Big Black in front of everyone.

Suffering from a painful attack, Big Black got up from Little Yellow.

Li Shu immediately shouted, “Wife, look, Little Yellow is okay. Big Black didn’t eat her.”

“Ah?” Puzzled, Li Man turned head and really did see Little Yellow rising up in one bound and scampering away. As for Big Black, he briefly glared at everyone with reddened eyes before chasing after Little Yellow. Li Man got a clear look of the black and long rod-like thing that was still swinging back and forth underneath him.

It wouldn’t be possible for Little Yellow to outrun Big Black. Only a short period had passed before Big Black had pressed Little Yellow down again by the chicken fence. Little Yellow whined for a bit before allowing Big Black do as he pleased with her body.

Li Man watched this scene in shock. As she clearly saw Big Black’s barbaric movements, her mind was blank. She didn’t know how to respond.

Li Mo didn’t think that his third brother would brainlessly stand by and do nothing and have Li Man witness this type of scene again. He hurriedly moved his body to block her line of sight. He wanted to say something to alleviate the awkwardness of the moment, but he didn’t know what to say.

Seeing Li Man like this, Li Shu was already laughing so hard that he couldn’t stand up straight. “Wife, Little Yellow is the wife that Big Black recently found. Our family is going to have puppies soon.”

Li Man trembled for a moment as she saw him laugh. Her face immediately turned burning hot. Dear god, what had she done to deserve this?

She had ended up shouting for these men to come outside to watch this… erotic show, and it had been the wild animal kind too.

Ah, this was way too embarrassing.

As soon as Li Man turned around, she ran into her hut and closed the door. With her back against the wall and her heart pounding, she recollected the recent scene. She really wanted to dig a hole and crawl into it. Why hadn’t she realized it sooner?

When she was a child, she had seen a rooster leaning over a hen and forcefully pressing its cockscomb. She had though the rooster was bullying the hen, so she picked up a stone and was determined to drive the rooster faraway.

Now, she had seen a male dog and female dog…

Damn it! How could she have known that Little Yellow was a girl dog? Besides, there was too big of a size difference between those two dogs. Little Yellow was so small. Most of her body would be hidden under Big Black’s bulk when he was on top of her.

Moreover, her first meeting with Big Black had been too terrifying. He had been holding a pheasant dripping with blood in his mouth. It was inevitable that she would associate that bloody scene with Big Black. How could she have known there would be a passionate and warm side to him?

Bah, this incident was simply unbearable.

She really didn’t have the face to go outside and see other people!

Fortunate Wife Ch 75

Chapter 75 – Unwilling

By the time she finished washing clothes, returned home, and hanged up the clothes, it was already noon, and time to prepare lunch.

Li Hua was inside a hut and studying. As soon as Little Five had returned home with her, he had gone off to play with Big Black and Little Yellow. Li Man didn’t call him back either. She took a small basket and went into the backyard to pick some string beans and chili pepper.

After washing the rice and pouring it into a big pot, she tossed in a few pieces of wood under the stovetop to increase the cooking fire. Then, she stood up and started washing the vegetables.

There would only be two vegetables for lunch. The Chinese chives that Aunty Li had given her as well as a plate of string beans that were flavored with chili peppers.

Right after she had finished washing the vegetables, Li Mo, Li Yan, and Li Shu returned home.

The three of them had stopped by the kitchen’s entrance. Soft smiles appeared in their eyes when they saw that she was busy with cooking.

However, Li Shu couldn’t help himself in the end. After he tossed the hoe into a corner of the hut, he turned around and went into the kitchen. He stopped by Li Man’s side and asked with a grin, “Wife, what yummy food are you cooking for lunch?

Li Man skirted a bit to the side and ignored him.

Li Shu looked at her as she kept her head lowed and focused on chopping the chili peppers. As she moved, her hair slipped out from behind her and blocked half of her small face. She used her fingers to tuck her hair behind her ear again.

Li Shu suddenly felt an inexplicable urge that spread from his chest. He turned his head to check the doorway. Seeing that there was no one else around, he lowered his head and snuck a kiss from behind.

While Li Man was feeling perplexed by that sensation, the man that had done a bad deed had already fled in panic. She blankly wiped her neck. Had he intentionally kissed her? Or, did he just accidentally bump into her?

Li Shu escaped from the kitchen and ran straight into the eastern hut. Once he was out of public’s gaze, he stiffly lay down on the bed and was breathing heavily as he looked at the ceiling.

He had kissed his wife. He had finally kissed her!

After Li Yan had washed his hands and returned inside, he saw his younger brother like this and curiously asked, “What’s wrong?”

Li Shu couldn’t bother with paying attention to him. He was busy keeping his eyes closed as he recollected that recent moment. He wished that it could have continued further. It was inevitable that he would feel a bit dissatisfied. Ah, it would be so wonderful if one day, he could slowly and deliberately kissed his wife in public.

Inside the kitchen, after blanking out for a bit, Li Man didn’t take the matter too seriously. She thought that Li Shu must have just accidentally bumped into her. No one would kiss the collar of someone’s clothes, then just run off.

After she finished chopping the vegetables, Little Five came inside and crouched down by the stove to tend the fire for her.

She and Little Five were already a well-coordinated team when it came to cooking together. There was no awkwardness between them unlike when Li Mo was helping her.

Li Man was able to chat with him while she cooked. When she asked him where everyone else was, Little Five replied that they were resting in the eastern hut.

She thought that they were probably tired from working so hard in the morning, so she want to cook soup to show her appreciation, but this family didn’t even have eggs. Even the cleverest housewife couldn’t cook without the necessary ingredients. She could only do her best to cook with the vegetables that she had.

After she finished cooking the food, Li Man brought them out onto the table and sent Little Five to tell his brothers that lunch was ready. However, after Little Five had been gone for a while, he still hadn’t come back. After she had scooped out rice for everyone, she came out of the kitchen to call them over herself.

A spell of roaring laugher came from the eastern hut. She suddenly thought of how they were a group of brothers. Who knows what they were joking about? It would be awkward if she boldly entered their hut. And so, she stopped by the doorway and called out, “Time to eat.”

She suddenly heard whimpering from a corner of the courtyard. Li Man turned around to look and was terrified by what she saw. Big Black was on top of Little Yellow and baring his teeth as he whined. As for Little Yellow, Li Man could only see her head and her front legs. The rest of her body was hidden underneath Big Black.

“Ah!” Li Man felt as if all the blood in her body was going to congeal. She loudly called out, “Hurry, come out! Big Black is going to eat Little Yellow!”

Fortunate Wife Ch 74

Chapter 74 – Kindness

There were several ponds at the foot of the mountain, so there was a separate pond for everything: one for animals to drink water, one for washing toiletry items, one for clothes, one for washing vegetables, and so on.

The pond that they had stopped at, which couldn’t be any clearer, was where the villagers would wash their clothes.

Li Man followed Little Five to the pond while carrying the basket of clothes. At this time of the day, there were already clusters of women in twos and threes by the pond. They were chatting and joking around as they washed the clothes. Perhaps, something amusing was recently said. Several women were chortling.

Walking around the pond, Li Man found a spot that no one was using and told Little Five, “Sit here, it won’t take me long.” She had Little Five stay by the shore as she went down further to wash clothes on a boulder.

Seeing that Little Five was obediently listened to her words, Li Man crouched down by the edge of the water, took out all of the dirty clothes, placed them down by her feet, and started washing the clothes. This family couldn’t even afford soap, so she could only use plant ash to wash the clothes. From time to time, she would use a wooden club to beat the clothes to help clean it better. Fortunately, none of the clothes were too dirty and soaking them in the water for a little bit longer was enough.

She washed the clothes very quickly. It didn’t take long before she had finished washing half of the clothes. Remembering the new clothes that Li Hua had made her, she thought that she should bring them out to wash too. The water in this pond was really great. The results from washing clothes in this pond was even better than using a washer.

Just as she was about to turn her head and ask Little Five to go back to bring her new clothes over here, she saw a kindly-looking middle age woman. She also had a basket of clothes and was heading over here.

Li Man hurriedly looked away. However, after that woman saw Little Five, she smiled in greeting and said, “Oh, you’re… Li family’s wife, right?”

Li Man knew that she was only capable of saying a smattering of words in the local dialect properly. Worried that someone might end up misunderstanding her, she simply pressed her lips together and gave a good-natured smile.

“Aunty Li, this is my older sister.” Little Five stood up and took the initiative to help Li Man out by introducing her.

Aunty Li had already walked over to Li Man’s side, put down her basket, and crouched down behind Li Man. She clucked her tongue in approval and said, “Aiya, I heard rumors that Li family had married a celestial maiden as their wife. From what I see now, those words weren’t an exaggeration. Even a real celestial maiden might not have a face as beautiful as yours.”

This woman spoke very quickly, so Li Man wasn’t able to understand the general meaning of her words. However, Li Man could see that this woman didn’t have any ill-intentions towards her, and Little Five was only showing a silly grin. So, she didn’t take this woman’s words seriously. She smiled at that woman again before resuming her washing.

“You’re almost done washing, right? Aunty Li will wait to use your spot then.” Aunty Li added. Then, she took out Chinese leeks from her basket and started plucking the leaves. She listened to the other womenfolk talk, and from time to time, she would interject with her own words.

Li Man couldn’t quite understand what the other women were talking about, but she felt entertained by this lively atmosphere anyways. As she heard their frequent carefree laughter, she also smiled too.

Very soon, Li Man finished washing the clothes. Just as she had gathered up the clothes and was about to leave, Aunty Li stopped her. She took out a large handful of Chinese leeks from her basket and insisted that Li Man take them home.

Li Man felt awkward about accepting this gift. Besides, she didn’t have a place to keep them. Her basket was full of clothes.

Aunty Li gestured Little Five over and had him hold the vegetables. Then, she warmly told Li Man to come visit her when she had free time. She had two daughters that were about the same age as Li Man. They would definitely find something to chat about.

Li Man nodded her head in agreement. There was a trace of joy in her heart as she thought how nice it was to be the recipient of kindness in this strange world.

Fortunate Wife Ch 73

T/N: I was starting to wonder if the author had forgotten about Li Mo’s hunting dog, Big Black.


Chapter 73 – Clothes Fitting

Li Hua waited outside by the doorway for a long time before lightly knocking on the door and asking, “Are you done changing?”

“Ah, yeah, wait a sec.” Li Man hurriedly stuffed the undergarment halter top and matching bottom beneath the other clothes, then she took a few deep breaths to calm herself before opening the door.

Once the door was opened and Li Hua saw that she was still wearing her old clothes, he somewhat dejectedly asked, “Why didn’t you change?”

“Ah…” Li Man avoided making eye contact and loudly laughed. “I tried them on. They were a good fit. That, umm, thank you.”

“Really?” Li Hua didn’t believe her. His eyes remained focused on her face. The redness hadn’t faded from her cheeks yet. Being stared at like this, her rosy cheeks went back to a flaming red.

“Yes, really.” Even Li Man could feel the heat radiating from her cheeks. She silently scolded herself for being useless. She had already transmigrated, so why hadn’t she gotten over her tendency of blushing at the drop of a hat?

Li Hua had originally been a bit dismayed. He had thought that she didn’t like him, but he became amused when he saw her reaction. Her little face was becoming redder and redder, and her gaze was darting to the sides like she was a small rabbit. It was obvious that she was flustered and didn’t know what to do, but she was still putting on a pretense of being calm.

“It’s good that those clothes fit you well,” he said.

Why did he have to phrase it like that? Li Man thought of that undergarment halter top. Could he guess her bust measurement just by looking? Gah, no, why were her thoughts going in that direction… Li Hua was a pure-minded teenager. He was just asking about the clothes and didn’t have any ulterior motives.

“I’m going to go do laundry, right, the laundry -” Ruffled, Li Man went back inside and brought out all of the dirty clothes.

Li Hua chuckled and thoughtfully went into the kitchen to bring out the laundry bucket.

Li Man was worried that he was going to help her again, and more awkward incidents would arise, so she hastily said, “”Oh, I’m going to the pond to wash the clothes. It’s not easy to wash the clothes clean in a small bucket.” As she said this, she looked around the courtyard. Where was Little Five? Hadn’t she asked him to feed the chicks? Where had he run off?

“You want to go to the pond to wash clothes?” Li Hua deeply looked at her. The smile in his eyes hadn’t diminished. “I’ll go with you.”

“No need.” Li Man hurriedly refused. Seeing his expression stiffening, she rushed to explain, “Don’t you have studying to do? Little Five can come with me instead.”

Li Hua half lowered his gaze, and the corners of lips slightly curved up. In a low tone, he said, “That’s good too. Let’s have Little Five go with you then.”

After saying this, he looked around. Not seeing his youngest brother anywhere, he called out, “Little Five.”

“Ai,” Little Five’s voice came from the backyard. He ran over here and was followed by Big Black as well as another smaller dog.

After not seeing Big Black for several days, he seemed to have gotten bigger. He shook his body and bared his teeth before rushing over. From Li Man’s scared perspective, it looked as if a lion was charging over here. Terrified that he was going to come over and bite her, she retreated several steps.

“Don’t be scared.” Li Hua placed his arm behind her waist to support her. He was scared that she would stumble and fall.

Li Man felt a bit embarrassed. Honestly, Li Mo had already told her that Big Black was domesticated and wouldn’t harm her, but she couldn’t help feeling scared. Furthermore, she suspected that Big Black wasn’t an ordinary dog. He was probably a Tibetan Mastiff.

(T/N: Below are pictures of Tibetan Mastiffs.)

Seeing Li Man’s fearful expression, Li Hua comfortingly said, “Big Black grew up with oldest brother, so he’s quite tame. He wouldn’t bite someone without a good reason.

Little Five smiled and said, “Older sister, don’t be scared. Big Black wouldn’t bite anyone. Oh, right, fourth brother, this is Little Yellow. She was brought back by Big Black.” As he said this, he pointed at the smaller dog.

The smaller sandy dog didn’t look any different from native dogs, so Li Man wasn’t scared of it. “Little Five, come with me to the pond. I’m going there to do laundry.”

(T/N: Below are two pictures of the dog breed that’s native to China.)

Ch 073 - sandy dogCh 073 - Sandy dog 2

“En.” Little Five patted Big Black’s head, then stroked the smaller dog’s fur. He was smiling as he gestured to the two dogs, “Stay at home, I’ll come back soon.”

Li Man placed the dirty clothes into a basket, then she went out with Little Five.

Fortunate Wife Ch 72

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Chapter 72 – Trying on clothes

Disappointment well up in Li Hua’s heart when he saw how hard she was trying to avoid him. He followed after her and left the kitchen too, but he didn’t enter the hut. Instead, he only remained standing outside.

After Li Man had returned to her hut and taken a moment to calm herself down, she folded up her quilt and picked up yesterday’s clothes. Thinking that Li Hua had probably returned to the eastern hut by now, she opened the door and almost fell into his arms when she stepped out.

“You?” Li Man raised her head to look at him, but at the same time, she didn’t dare to meet his eyes. She secretly thought that it was really too disgraceful for someone of her age to feel so flustered by a youngster.

“You’re avoiding me.” Li Hua’s long eyebrows were slightly knitted as he carefully examined her.

Li Man pretended to be confused by his words. She pointed at the clothes that she was holding and asked, “Do you guys have dirty clothes? Bring them to me so that I can wash them.”

“I know that you can understand what I’m saying,” Li Hua quietly and deeply stared at her. He didn’t want to miss seeing any emotion that appeared on her face.

“Ah?” Li Man blinked. She looked as innocent as a little rabbit as she asked, “You don’t have any clothing that needs to be washed? Never mind then.”

Hugging her clothes to her chest, she went around him and entered the kitchen to pick up the pants that had Li Mo had dropped in the kitchen this morning.

Li Hua stood in the doorway and kept his gaze locked on her as he observed her every action.

Ah, what exactly did this brat want? Why was he starting at her?

Just as Li Man wanted to know seize the opportunity to show her annoyance, Li Hua said, “There are clothes. Wait here.” He entered the eastern hut and returned soon after with a bundle of dirty clothing.

“Eh.” As Li Man looked at the mountain of clothes that had been suddenly dumped into her arms, the corners of her lips twitched. He really wasn’t showing any signs of being polite.

Seeing her stunned expression, Li Hua suddenly smiled. He went back inside to the eastern hut.

Li Man’s eyelids were twitched. Were there more dirty clothes?

She saw Li Hua coming out again, but this time, he came back with new clothing.

“Here, this is for you.” He looked at her with a burning gaze. Seeing that she had a pile of dirty clothes in her arms and wouldn’t be able to accept his gift, he signaled with his eyes for her to follow him inside, then he entered Li Man’s hut.

Li Man felt foolish as she followed him inside with the dirty laundry.

Seeing that she had brought the dirty clothes inside, his frown turned into a smile as he said, “You can put that down. Come here, try these clothes.” He put down the newly made clothes on her bedside.

“It’s already done? So quick?” The new clothes immediately caught Li Man’s attention. She put down the dirty clothes, walked to the bedside, picked up the clothing and held it up to compare it against her body.

Li Hua smiled when he saw that she was as happily excited as a child. “I’ll step out. Call me back once you’re done trying the clothing. If something doesn’t fit, I’ll help you alter it.”

“En.” Touching the new clothing, Li Man felt ecstatic. As soon as Li Man had left the hut, she shook the clothes out and decided to change into the entire outfit. But as she did so, a pink piece of clothing fell out.

Eh? They hadn’t bought cloth of this color that day. It was such a vivid color too. While feeling puzzled, she hurriedly picked up the clothing. When she straightened it out to see what it was, her little face immediately became hot.

It was a pink halter top that was to be worn as an undergarment. It looked exquisite and unique. There was also a matching bottom for it.

She didn’t want to accept it, but… it was really a very practical item.

If she accepted it, then…

Aiya, why did that rotten brat make something like this for her?

Holding the clothes, Li Man felt conflicted for a period of time…

Fortunate Wife Ch 71

Chapter 71 – Hardworking

Seeing that Li Man’s wasn’t showing any reaction, the other three men went back to resentfully looking at Li Shu. Why was it him? No one would have expected that the first person that their wife would like would be their third brother, ah.

Li Shu was elated. He had noticed that his wife had been frequently sneaking glances of him during the past few days. And today, she had even given him her cornmeal pancake. She was clearly indicating that she liked him.


Seeing that Li Shu looked smug enough that if he had a tail, it would be raised high up in the sky, Li Mo admonished in a heavy tone, “Eat your breakfast properly. Once you’re done, we’re going to the fields today.”

“Ah?” Li Shu swallowed the piece of cornmeal pancake in his mouth and discontentedly said, “Wouldn’t it be enough if second brother and fourth brother went with you? I’m going to help wife feed the animals and tidy up the courtyard after breakfast.”

“Your second brother will naturally come along too, but fourth brother still has studying to do, so don’t think involving him. Come on, eat faster.” Li Mo was the first one to finish breakfast. After he put down his bowl and left the kitchen, he went to the eastern hut and took out hoes and other tools. He used a whetstone to sharpen them up again while he was waiting.

Li Shu looked a bit miserable. He secretly grumbled to himself that oldest brother was doing this because he felt jealous and didn’t want him to spend more time with their wife.

After Li Yan finished eating, he stood up and patted Li Shu’s shoulder. Smiling, he said, “Third brother, eat faster. We’ll need to plow both of the fields today.”

“Oh.” Although Li Shu was feeling reluctant, he still ate faster. He understood that in his family, only him and oldest brother were capable of real manual labor. Second brother could help out in numbers. As for his fourth brother, he had been a quiet kid. He was good at studying, but as for manual labor… Anyways, he had three older brothers, so doing manual labor didn’t need to fall on his shoulders.

After everyone finished breakfast, Li Mo and two of his younger brothers left to go work in the fields.

Li Man mixed the leaves from the wild plants and wheat bran together to make slop and fed the two piglets. She also combined the leftover scraps of the wild plants into the leftover congee and had Little Five feeds the chicks with it. Then, she went back into the kitchen to tidy up the bowls and chopsticks.

“Let me help you.”

Li Man was startled by Li Hua’s voice. She hadn’t noticed that he had come back into the kitchen.

Li Hua quickly gathered up the bowls and chopsticks on the table and placed them inside a large pot. After scooping out some clean water, he picked up a dishrag and start washing the dishes.

Li Man was startled by the sight and stood the side. “Eh? Shouldn’t you be studying?”

“It’s fine if I take a break from it.” Li Hua turned his head and lightly smiled at her before continuing to meticulously wash the dishes. Once everything was washed, he scooped out more water from the large water jar and rinsed everything. Then, he neatly put everything away into a cabinet.

After scrubbing the pot clean, Li Hua wrung the dishwashing rag to remove excess water and used it to wipe the table and stove clean.

Watching from the side, Li Man thought that Li Hua was even more meticulous with cleaning than herself. She also thought that with him here, her presence was superfluous, so she wanted to go back to her hut and take out yesterday’s clothes to wash.

Seeing that she had turned around and was walking out, Li Hua dropped the dishwashing rag and chased after her, “Don’t leave.”

“Huh?” Li Man stopped at the doorway and turned her head back to look at him.

Perhaps, it was because he was feeling eager, so Li Hua’s face was slightly red. “I… I have something that I want to say to you.”

“Ah?” Li Man suddenly felt a bad premonition. A teenager that was experiencing love for the first time was affectionately looking at her, and his face was flushed in embarrassment. As for what he wanted to say to her, even her toes would be able to guess the correct answer.

“What happened that afternoon, I-”

The image of that kiss flashed through her mind again. Feeling anything but reassured, she quickly interrupted him, “Oh, right. Do you guys have any clothes that you want washed? Bring them all out. I’ll wash all of it together.”

After saying this, she hastily exited the kitchen and disappeared in a flash to hide in her hut.