Fortunate Wife Ch 96

Chapter 96 – Suspicious (6)

Li Man was still clutching her hair when she heard the door opening. She raised her head up to see, then lowered her head soon after. She couldn’t free herself from struggling over these weird feelings.

“What happened?” Li Yan approached her and tugged her hand down. He wouldn’t allow her to continue mangling her hair. Seeing that she was sitting on the damp bed, his eyebrows furrowed even more, and he pulled her up. “The bed is already so wet. Why are you sitting there?”

“Is that any of your business?” Li Man angrily stretched her hand out to push him, but she wasn’t able to push him away. Instead, she ended up in his arms, and her small face bumped against his strong chest. Feeling a twinge in her nose, she almost started to cry.

Upset, she started to hammer him with her fists. Tears really did well up in her eyes. “What are you doing? Why are you bullying me like this? I just want some time alone. I won’t wear your hairpin. What can you do about it? Humph!”

Her small lips were angrily pouting. Her translucent tears were like a broken strand of pearls as they fell down her bright and clean face. She was obviously being stubbornly furious, but Li Yan felt his heart melting like water in a desert.

“Fine, you don’t have to wear it. What’s there to cry about?” Li Yan lifted up her small face with both hands and wiped her tears with his callus fingers.

“Who’s crying?” Li Man turned her head away and stubbornly told a bald-faced lie.

However, Li Yan drew her head back to face him. He chuckled as he showed her a finger that had a drop of tear left on it. “Then, what is this?”

“You…” Li Man fiercely bit her bottom lip and glared at him. “What exactly do you want?”

Li Yan slightly sighed. “You tell me. Do you really find me that dislikable?”

“What?” She hadn’t said that she disliked him, ah. But, why was he always doing stuff that she disliked?

“I don’t know why you’re like this. But, you’re not crying because of something that I did, right?” Li Yan lowered his head, and his inky-black eyes stared at her without blinking. It was if he was trying to see through to her heart.

Li Man clenched her teeth and stared at him. If it wasn’t him, who else could it be? If he hadn’t called her wife, would she have become like this?

She simply and clearly asked, “Why did you call me wife too?”

“Oh, do you not like it? Then, I’ll change it to something else. How about Man-er?” It sounded so intimate.

Li Man pushed away his fingers that were playing with her hair, skirted to the side, and kept her vigilance up as she looked at him. “Don’t you think that you’re acting very outrageously? Don’t you understand that there shouldn’t be any direct contact between men and women?”

“Nope, what do you mean?” Li Yan simply pretended that he was confused

“Really?!” Li Man felt quite vexed.

Li Hua had heard sounds from the neighboring hut, so he had walked over here and saw that Li Man and his second brother were in a deadlock inside the room. When he took a step closer, he saw that Li Man’s eyes were red, and there were traces of tears at the corners of her eyes. It was obvious that she had recently cried.

Li Hua protectively stood next to Li Man and sharply asked with a slightly shaky voice, “Second brother, what did you do?”

Li Yan’s gaze turned a bit chilly. He curved his lips into a smile and replied, “Fourth brother, what do you think I would do to her?”

Li Hua turned his head to look at Li Man. “Are you okay?”

Li Man rubbed her eyes and shook her head.

“Stop rubbing.” Li Hua pulled her hand down. “If you keep doing that, your eyes are going to get swollen.”

Li Man assented and obediently stopped rubbing.

Watching them, Li Yan felt a pang of sourness in his heart. When he had tried to persuade her to stop crying, she would only glare at him. As soon as his fourth brother said something, she would obediently listen to him like a docile kitten.


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