Fortunate Wife Ch 95

Chapter 95 – Suspicious (5)

And so, Li Mo sympathetically spent all of the money that he had on him to save her. However, the burly man left after taking his money and didn’t hand over a life contract.

At the time, he hadn’t clearly told her that he was going to bring her back to be their wife. After all, she didn’t look very good at the time, and he was worried that his picky young brothers wouldn’t be willing to accept her.

But on their way back here, she had washed her face in a pond.

Li Mo thought that he would never forget what happened next.

Once she washed the blood from her face, his gaze was caught on her beautiful face: her white skin, her large eyes, her pert nose…

When she gratefully smiled at him, she looked like a waking dream underneath the sunlight. Her sparkling eyes looked like the stars in the sky.

At that moment, for the very first time in his life, he felt out of sorts from looking at a woman.

After his younger brothers heard the whole story, there was silence for a long time.

Little Five had finished eating the congee and was quietly sitting. He blankly looked around. His intuition told him that something bad had happened, and it was related to older sister.

He felt very unsettled, so he lightly touched Li Mo’s arm and asked, “Oldest brother, is older sister going to leave us?” Right after asking this question, the little fellow’s eyes turned red.

“No way, she’s our wife. Oldest brother spent money on her, ” Li Shu exclaimed as if he wanted to let everyone in the world know this.

Li Yan lightly glared at him. “Quiet.” Then, he looked at Li Mo and said, “This makes the matter a bit more complicated.”

Li Mo nodded. When he had brought their wife back, his younger brothers had all been very satisfied, and he was very happy too. He thought the matter had been settled. Although he had spent ten silver taels, their wife had a good appearance, and her temperament seemed good too. If she was able to get along with them in the future, the cost would have been worth it. However, who could have predicted that those later incidents would occur?

Li Hua felt apprehensive as he asked, “Oldest brother, could she have been kidnapped and sold into slavery?”

Li Shu nodded too.

Li Mo helplessly shook his head. “I don’t know.”

Li Yan said, “It doesn’t seem like it. If she was kidnapped, then she would want to go back home.”

“Hadn’t she tried to run away once?” asked Li Shu.

L Yan still shook his head. “Although she tried to run away once, all of you can see that she’s settled down and is trying her best to get along with us.”

“Then…” Li Hua thought it over before saying, “Maybe what oldest brother said last time was true. Perhaps, she really is a servant girl from an aristocratic family that fell on hard times, so she was sold off.”

“That’s possible!” Li Yan and Li Shu chorused. They were both hoping that this was the truth.

Everyone looked at each other in dismay for a while. In the end, there was a bout of silence.

Li Mo finally made a decision and said, “No matter what the real truth is, since we’ve accepted her, we have to treat her well for an entire lifetime.”

“Of course,” Li Shu said. The others, including Little Five, also solemnly nodded.

With a resolute gaze and a deep voice, Li Mo said, “Alright then, the matter is settled. She’s our wife. Let’s eat.”

Once oldest brother had given the final approval, his younger brothers felt relieved. No matter what, wife was wife. No one should dare to try to snatch her away from them.

After the brothers rushed through breakfast, Li Hua remained behind to wash the bowls, and Li Mo brought Li Shu with him to chop down some bamboo to bring back. The bamboo would be used to fix the roof, and new straw would be added on top to cover it. This would be a temporary fix so that the roof wouldn’t continue to leak.

Li Yan had said that he was busy with something, but after oldest brother and third brother left, and fourth brother and Little Five remained in the kitchen to tidy up, he pushed open the door to Li Man’s hut and darted inside.


One thought on “Fortunate Wife Ch 95

  1. I don’t think she was a servant. I think she was a noble lady. Someones most likely looking for her. I hope they don’t cause problems for the brothers and I hope she stays with the family

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