Fortunate Wife Ch 92

Chapter 92 – Suspicious (2)

It was a simple line of words written in a natural and flowing style. The words were easy to understand, but Li Man felt as if her eyes had been stabbed with thorns, even her brain felt throbbing pain.

This teenager was also saying that she was his wife?

She was on the verge of fainting. She hadn’t even figured out her relationship with the other two. Why was there another one now?

Li Man felt as if the world was spinning, and the scene in front of her was turning dark.

Li Hua hurriedly supported Li Man as she tottered. “What’s wrong? ”Was it because of what he had written? Was she unwilling to be his wife?

Li Yan and Li Shu, who were at the side, also received a shock. They came over and worriedly asked, “Are you okay?”

What on earth was going on? Li Man looked Li Yan and Li Shu, who had come over here and were crowding around. Her mind felt twisted up. In this family of five brothers, why had three of them called her wife? Were they mistaking the meaning of wife? Could it have a similar meaning to older sister, aunt, or aunty?

“Are you not feeling well somewhere?” Seeing her deathly pale face and feeling worried, Li Yan stretched his hand out to touch her forehead. It wasn’t hot. It was actually very cold. “Are you feeling cold from not wearing enough clothes?”

Li Man pushed his hand away and weakly shook her head. It felt as if her thoughts were tangled up into a mess of string that couldn’t be disentangled.

At this time, Li Mo returned home and saw this scene. He asked, “Why are you all crowding by the doorway?”

The group instinctively looked towards his direction and saw that Li Mo was soaked from walking in the rain, but there was surprisingly a light smile on his face.

“Oldest brother.” Li Hua was very curious. Why had his oldest brother’s mood changed so drastically after going out for only a short period of time?

Li Mo had already walked over. He looked at the group. As he looked at Li Man, his honey-colored face turned slightly red. Before the group had time to inquire where he went and what he did, he was already quickly heading over to the eastern hut. “Oh, I’m going inside to change my clothes.”

Although the brothers felt doubtful, none of them asked any questions. Their attentions were all focused on Li Man.

Li Man’s complexion had slightly improved, but the three brothers were still worried.

“Wife, if you’re not feeling well somewhere, you can tell us,” said Li Shu.

Li Man supported her forehead in her hand. This had all started because you kept calling me wife.

“How about I go ask the doctor to come over here to check?” After Li Hua asked this, he started to head out, but Li Man grabbed onto him and said, “No need, I’m okay.”

“Really? ”Li Yan closely scrutinized her. It was a fact that she had almost passed out recently.

Oh! Li Yan suddenly looked at Li Hua and asked, “Fourth brother, what did you write on the ground?”

“I…” Li Hua’s heart sunk. Because of what he had wrote, she… He looked at Li Man and said in a low voice, “If you’re not willing, I…”

Seeing his suddenly lonely expression, Li Man hurriedly shook her head and interrupted him. “It’s not because of you. Let’s not keeping standing here. It’s quite chilly. Let’s go inside to eat.”

After saying this, she left the three brothers behind and quietly entered the kitchen by herself. She sat down at the table, but didn’t move. Her mind was a mess. Please give her some time to calm down.

But, the three brothers followed her inside. However, seeing that she wanted to be left alone, no one dared to say anything to her. Instead, one of them quietly ladled out of a bowl of congee for her and placed it by her side.

When Li Mo entered the eastern hut, he saw Little Five making the bed.

Little Five was surprised to see Li Mo totally soaked. “Oldest brother, how did you get so wet?”

Instead of straightforwardly replying, Li Mo said, “Little Five, go eat first. Oldest brother is going to change into dry clothing.”


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