Fortunate Wife Ch 90

Chapter 90 – The first night (9)

Li Hua watched as his oldest brother’s lonely back figure disappeared into the curtain of rain. His eyes were a bit wet as he said, “Second brother, isn’t this pushing oldest brother too much? Oldest brother, he…”

Li Yan suddenly felt somewhat upset too. Did fourth brother really thinking that he was directly going against their oldest brother? He was just trying to help him. “Don’t worry, your third brother and me are also aware.”

After saying this, Li Yan turned around and entered the kitchen.

Li Man had already finished cooking the last piece of pancake and was scooping out the pancakes from the pan.

As soon as Li Yan came over, he leaned over and tilted his face so that it was close to her as he sniffed and said, “Oh, something smells really good.”

Li Man uncomfortably shifted away. “These pancakes are ready. You should eat them while they’re still hot.”

“En.” Li Yan stretched his hand out and picked up a piece. As he nibbled on it, he smiled and said, “Oh, this smells just as good.”

Li Man’s hand trembled, and the pancake fell off her spatula and into the pan. Hadn’t this wicked person already praised her pancakes for smelling good?

Li Yan was leaning against the stove. He watched Li Man as he ate the pancake.

Being looked at like this, Li Man got angry and she asked, “What are you looking at?”

“You.” Li Yan raised his eyebrows like a hooligan. After swallowing the last bite of his pancake, he took another piece and continued to eat.

“You?” How could he be so shameless? His third brother was right there. Oh, right, what was up with Li Shu? Was he deaf?

Li Man took the rest of cooked pancakes to the table, then she looked at Li Shu. He was still crouched down by the stove and munching on the burnt pancakes. He only knew how to eat. He didn’t even stand up or pay attention when his older brother was bullying her.

“What’s wrong?” As soon as Li Shu caught sight of Li Man’s aggrieved look, his heart softened, and he hurriedly stood up in worry.

To his surprise, Li Man fiercely glared at him and turned her back to him. “Call them over here to eat.”

“Oh.” Li Shu felt his head and somewhat uneasily left to call the rest of the family over.

But, right after Li Shu left the kitchen, Li Man realized that she had made a mistake. How could she let him leave? There was still a wolf in sheep’s clothes in the room. She quickly tried to follow after Li Shu and leave the kitchen too, but Li Yan stretched his hand out and stopped her.

“What are you doing?” Li Man glared at him. She didn’t believe that he would dare to do anything shameless. There were still plenty of people left at home.

“Where’s the hairpin?” There was a hint of threat in Li Yan’s gaze.

Li Man inexplicably felt flustered. “I… I forgot to wear it.”

“Really? Where is it?” Li Yan cross his arms and wickedly curved his lips.

Li Man was surprised when she heard herself honestly answering, “It’s in my room.”

“Go, put it on,” Li Yan ordered her.

Li Man felt annoyed. “I can’t get used to wearing it.”

“Really? Wouldn’t you be willing to wear it if third brother or fourth brother had been the one that gave it you?” A cynical smile suddenly appeared in Li Yan’s eyes. “Perhaps, it would be okay if the giver was oldest brother too.”

“What?” Li Man doubtfully looked at him. “What are you talking about?”

Knowing that she probably didn’t understand all of his words, Li Yan could only shake his head. He lowered his head and came closer to her face. “Do you know where my blue headband is?”

“Eh?” Li Man leaned backwards and doubtfully looked at him.

Li Yan rested his hand on her waist and pulled her closer to him. He continued, “Didn’t you see everything yesterday? I don’t remember where I put it. Do you remember?”

It was as if an explosion had gone off. Li Man’s little face flushed red. The blush spread all the way to the tips of her ears. She stared at the man in front of her. There was a genial smile on his face that was as flawless as jade. However, his inky black eyes were full of teasing intent.

He… he was clearing making fun of her for sneaking glances of him when he was taking a rinse yesterday.



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