Fortunate Wife Ch 88

Chapter 88 – The first night (7)

Li Man carefully shifted Little Five’s leg off before quietly burrowing out of her quilt. She only had her undergarments on, so she had to return to her own hut and put on the rest of her clothes before the men woke up.

After she quietly got out of bed, she realized that her shoes were missing. Oh, she didn’t have anything to put on her feet. Last night, Li Mo had carried her and her quilt over here.

Since she was a child, she had never walked barefoot. Moreover, it wasn’t like the floor of this hut had finished flooring. It was just dirt.

Sitting at one end of the bed, she continued to look at the ground and was at a loss on what to do next. Her brow furrowed.

In the middle of the bed, Li Yan suddenly turned over with a snort. His eyelashes were fluttering. He seemed as if he was about to wake up.

With her heart clenching in alarm, Li Man tumbled onto the ground. No longer caring about the coldness of the floor, she ran outside barefooted.

Behind her, Li Yan was sitting up on the bed. His gaze was full of amusement as he stared at the doorway. This girl was too thoughtless. She had rushed out of the hut without closing the door on her way out, and a cool breeze poured into the hut.

Just as he was thinking about this, a figure appeared by the doorway. It was Li Man, looking the same as before with her feet bare. She had rushed back here and was now closing the door in a flustered state.

Li Yan couldn’t resist bursting out in chuckles. What a silly girl.

Next to him, Li Hua let out a long sigh. He shifted a little bit and closed his eyes again.

Li Man thought that she had left the hut without anyone noticing. She was feeling glad that she had woken up early today as she returned to her own hut. Looking at the mess on her bed, she felt dejected. Fortunately, her clothes had been stored away in the wardrobe and hadn’t gotten soaked by the rain. She hastily put on her outer clothing, socks, and shoes.

Just as she finished dressing, she heard the sound of activity from the neighboring hut.

Actually, other than Little Five, the Li brothers hadn’t been able to sleep well last night. When Li Man woke up this morning, the four brothers had been startled away by the small amount of noise that she had made. It was only that when Li Shu wanted to sit up and greet his wife, Li Mo had grabbed hold of his arm and stopped him. As a result, he could only close his eyes and pretend to be asleep.

Once Li Man had left the hut, the four brothers weren’t able to continue lying in bed.

There was a rustling sound as Li Shu sat up, covered himself with his outer clothing, and anxiously got out of bed.

Li Mo also sat up and looked at him with a deep gaze. “What are you off to do?”

“I ate too much last night. I’m going to the outhouse.” Li Shu clutched his stomach as he walked outside. Right after he went outside, he didn’t head towards the backyard. Instead, he dashed towards western hut. However, just as he was about to stretch his hand out to push open the door of that hut, Li Yan grabbed hold of his arm. “Third brother, you’re being too impatient.”

Li Shu grinned. “Second brother, what are you thinking? I just came here to check on the leaky roof.”

Li Mo came out, glanced at Li Shu, and said, “There’s no need for you to check. You’re coming with me to go up the mountain and chop some bamboo to bring back.”

Seeing Li Mo’s gloomy expression, Li Shu wiggled his eyebrows at Li Yan. His gesture meant, “Oldest brother is really angry.”

At this time, Li Man opened her door to go outside. Seeing the three brothers clustered around her doorway, she was momentarily stunned. She smiled and said, “You’re all awake? It’s still so early. I’ll go make breakfast.”

After saying this, she bustled over toward the kitchen.

“I’ll help you.” Li Shu hastily flung Li Yan’s hand off and followed her into the kitchen.


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