Fortunate Wife Ch 87

Chapter 87 – The first night (6)

Li Shu winked and said with a sly smile, “You don’t know this, but that woman in the house behind ours is always dragging First Shun and Second Shun to do that with her, and she’s still not satisfied. She sneakily tumbles around with strange men.”

“Out.” Li Yan couldn’t resist spitting out, “That woman is from a brothel. Just like how a dog can’t stop itself from eating sh*t, she can’t bear to stay away from other men for even one day. How could she be compared to our wife? Third brother, don’t ever mention those words again. Otherwise, if wife finds out that you said something like this, she might ignore you forever.”

Li Shu hastily covered his mouth and mumbled to himself, “But, I’ve also said that our wife is better than that woman too.”

Seeing that Li Yan wasn’t going to say anything else, Li Hua felt a bit anxious, so he asked, “Second brother, why did you say all that?”

Li Yan shrugged and straightforwardly said, “Since oldest brother isn’t willing to take the lead of consummating the marriage with wife, then let’s just it make it fairer. Anyways, she’s our wife. We can all just do our best to bed our wife as long as we don’t use force. As for who’s the first one and who’s the last one, this will depend on each person’s ability.”

When Li Mo heard these words, a nameless fiery sensation spread from his heart. Did he have the ability to get Li Man to like him?

“Second brother, are you saying that as long as wife is willing, I can immediately consummate the marriage with her?” Li Shu’s eyes were glimmering. According to second brother’s intentions, he could completely ignore oldest brother and second brother.

“Sure, as long as you have skill to make her willing.” Li Yan enigmatically smiled.

Li Shu clapped his hands and cheered. “Then, it’s settled. I’ll wake up wife right now. She’ll certainly be willing to do that with me.”

Li Mo smacked Li Shu’s head. “Settle down.”

Li Shu acted as if a cold bucket of water had suddenly been poured over him. He spluttered, “I was just joking. Wife is sleeping so sweetly. Who would be willing to wake her up right now?”

The heavy silence that followed felt suffocating.

This time, Li Shu didn’t dare to speak first and only perked up his ears to wait for someone to discuss their own ideas. Come on, hurry up and speak.

In the end, it was Li Mo’s low voice that broke through the uncomfortable silence. “Alright, let’s do what your second brother suggested.” These words were directed Li Shu and Li Hua.

Li Shu was so excited that he ended up shrieking, “Really?” He was sure that wife liked him the most. She had been frequently sneaking glances at him during the past few days. She would definitely be willing to consummate the marriage with him.

In contrast, Li Hua disagreed, “Oldest brother, this matter…”

“Alright, the matter will be settled like this.” Li Mo’s voice was deep as he interrupted Li Hua. He pulled his quilt up, closed his eyes, and said, “Sleep.”

Li Hua felt distressed for his oldest brother as he looked in his direction. Oldest brother was probably feeling really bad. Normally, when brothers married a shared wife, it was usually the oldest brother that would consummate the marriage first. But… As soon as he thought of Li Man, there was an upset feeling in his heart. He had three older brothers…

Outside, the wind and rain gradually died down. Inside, the four brothers had a load on their minds and were unable to go back to sleep

The next day, roosters called out three times as the sky slowly brightened. When Li Man woke up and opened her eyes, she saw an unfamiliar ceiling. Her heart tightened for a moment as she heard the sound of unfamiliar masculine breathing. Fortunately, the brothers seemed to still be asleep.

She hurriedly tried to calm herself down. She wanted to go back to her room to get dressed.

When she shifted her body, she felt a weight on her stomach. She looked in that direction and saw that Little Five, the little brat, had half of his body over on her side. One of his legs was sprawled out over her stomach No wonder, she had dreamed of a stone falling down on her.


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  1. Little Five is really cute! Poor Li Mo! Its like giving up his right as the eldest. Li Shu is really impatient huh? I guess since he is a teenager himself, his energy and drive is pretty much on the fifth gear! Good luck Li Man!! Thanks for the updates!!

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