Fortunate Wife Ch 86

Chapter 86 – The first night (5)

“You don’t need to worry about something like that.” Li Mo turned his head to the side and fiercely glared at him.

Feeling wronged, Li Shu pouted. “How can I not worry about it? After other people get married, they spend every day happy enough to die. After we married our wife, we’re not even allowed to touch her. It’s ridiculous. Oldest brother, could it be that you want to have wife all to yourself…”

“Out.” Li Mo’s expression had turned cold. He grabbed hold of Li Shu’s collar and was about to shove him off the bed.

Li Shu shrieked several times before Li Mo covered his mouth again. In a muffled voice, “Oldest brother…”

“Do you want to sleep outside?” Li Mo coldly warned.

Li Shu hurriedly shook his head. It was very windy outside and also raining. Oldest brother was so heartless.

“Be more well-behaved then. Even if you can’t sleep, stay quietly lying down. If you dare to say another word, I’ll throw you out.” Li Mo fiercely issued his last warning.

Li Shu could tell that his oldest brother was truly about to lose his temper. He obediently picked his quilt from the ground and wrapped the quilt around himself the way a person would wrap banana leaves around sticky rice filling.

Li Yan chuckled. “Oldest brother, third brother was only saying that. He wouldn’t really do that to wife. Don’t take it so seriously.”

It sounded as if he was covering up a shortcoming. Li Mo said in a low voice, “Let’s just go to sleep.”

As Li Yan looked up at the dark ceiling, a light flashed through his bright eyes. “Oldest brother, since no one is feeling sleepy tonight, let’s talk until everything is cleared up.”

After hearing these words, Li Mo looked stifled, Li Hua tightly clutched the top part of his shared quilt, and Li Shu grinned and poked his head out of his quilt.

“Second brother, what do you want to say?” Li Mo seemed to have already guessed the gist of it, and his words sounded guarded.

The corners of Li Yan’s lips slightly curved up. In the dark, rainy night, his beautiful, deep and low voice had an indescribable sense of hegemony as he said, “Oldest brother, I know that you’ve been worried that wife won’t be able to accept us and this family. You’re worried about harming her.”

Li Mo’s tightly clenched hand relaxed a bit. In the end, it was second brother that knew him best.

Li Yan continued, “But, did you not notice? It’s not just you. We want to take good care of her too.”

Li Mo suddenly felt as if a tiny thorn had stabbed him in the heart.

Next to Li Mo, Li Shu hurriedly parroted, “Yeah, I’ll treat her well.”

Li Yan added, “Besides, you’ve witnessed everything that wife has been doing during the past several days. She washes our clothes and cooks for us every day. She sweeps the outside courtyard and is even raising chickens and pigs. She’s doing her best to become a member of our family.”

Li Mo heavily closed his eyes. Various images of her flooded his mind and overlapped each other. Yes, she was doing her best… but he…

Li Shu anxiously added to conversation by saying, “Oh yeah, wife has been learning to speak our dialect from Little Five every day.”

“En.” Li Yan nodded, “Oldest brother, since wife is willing, why can’t we do our best to get her to fall in love with us? So that she’ll willingly…”

“Yeah,” Li Shu hurriedly said, “Who knows? Maybe wife is anxious about consummating the marriage too. What woman doesn’t want to be dearly loved by a man and give birth to a baby sooner rather than later?”

“What do you know?” Li Mo knew that he couldn’t win an argument against his second brother, so he went after his third brother.


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