Fortunate Wife Ch 85

Chapter 85 – The first night (4)

“Ah?” Li Shu was stunned. “Fourth brother, it can’t be that you have feelings for wife too, right?”

Li Hua’s face felt hot. He didn’t say another word.

In contrast, Li Yan laughed. “What? She’s our shared wife. Do you think you’re the only one allowed to think about her?”

“Meh.” Li Shu scornfully curled his lips. “You’re all thinking about her while pretending to be saints. Anyways, second brother and fourth brother, the two of you also want to consummate your marriage with wife sooner rather than later, right?”

Li Hua secretly felt irritated. Why was third brother going back to this issue?

Li Yan only laughed in response.

Not hearing anyone acknowledging him, Li Shu went back to bugging Li Mo. “Oldest brother, say something, ah. Do you agree or not? If you agree, let’s wake up wife and consummate the marriage tonight. Okay?”

Li Mo almost ended up choking after hearing these words. Really, his third brother’s personality was too much. He failed to consider the current situation. Seeing that Li Shu was about to sit up, he hurriedly shouted, “Stop fooling around.”

Li Yan slightly propped his upper body up and disapprovingly laughed, “Right now, there’s six of us on this bed. How exactly do you plan on consummating the marriage?”

Li Shu was stunned for a bit. Soon after, he said, “What’s there to worry about? Let’s just move Little Five to the side.”

“And then?” Li Yan shook his head as he looked at him. Li Shu was already an adult, but his problem solving skills were still so basic.

“Then?” Li Shu slightly furrowed his brow. He said, “Oldest brother will go first. We’ll do it by birth order.”


It wasn’t just Li Yan that felt utterly vexed by Li Shu’s words. Li Mo and Li Hua felt the same as Li Yan.

Ice had crept into Li Mo’s words as he said in a deep and low voice, “If you don’t want to sleep, you can go out and cool yourself down.”

“What?” Li Shu was baffled. “Eh, aren’t we having a good chat? Besides, if oldest brother is the first…”

Before he could finish talking, Li Mo had covered his mouth with one hand and elbowed him in the chest with the other arm so that his pained yelp was completely smothered.

When Li Yan saw this, he hurriedly looked in the other direction to check. Li Man hadn’t twitched. She was breathing naturally and appeared deeply asleep as if nothing over here could startle her awake. Feeling relieved, Li Yan chuckled and said, “Third brother, you’re too outrageous. Look at wife’s petite body. Can her body take you, me, oldest brother, and fourth brother? Do you want her to die on this bed tonight?”

“Second brother.” Li Hua lightly admonished. He didn’t expect that second brother would say nonsense too.

Li Yan turned his head to the side and teasingly said into Li Hua’s ear, “Fourth brother, is your heart aching for her?”

On the other side of the bed, Li Mo had just let go of Li Shu. Li Shu recklessly interrupted before Li Hua could respond, “What’s the big deal? Don’t each of the women in our village serve several men? Second brother, you know about A’da’s family, right? They live at the back of the village. They bought a wife last year. A’Si told me that their family’s wife is really amazing. She insists that she wants all four brothers in one night for her to feel enough pleasure. We’re not that much stronger than A’da and his brothers. Who knows? Maybe wife will enjoy being taken by all of us together?”

Li Mo really wanted to sew Li Shu’s mouth closed. “You’re not allowed to say such nonsense.”

Li Yan put his hands behind his head and thought of Li Man’s shy and guarded appearance. He lightly shook his head and sighed. “Everyone is different.”

Unwilling to accept Li Yan’s words, Li Shu asked, “Different how? Are you saying that our wife is inferior to another woman?”

The corners of Li Yan’s eyes twitched. “This isn’t an issue of whether or not she’s inferior.”

“Then, what is it?” Li Shu was at a loss. “Are we suppose to leave wife alone every day even after marrying her?”


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  1. Someone needs a sex education really quick !!! I have been wondering how they were gonna ‘share’ a wife! Hope it won’t be as Li Shu says. I really wonder how Li man gonna survive these Bros !!

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