Fortunate Wife Ch 83

Chapter 83 – The first night (2)

Li Man remained sitting on the other side of the bed. She looked at the brothers that were laid out in a row. Little Five was the closest one to her, then it was Li Hua, Li Yan, Li Mo, and finally Li Shu. The brothers were very well behaved in this dark room. Even the sound of their breathing seemed restrained as if they were worried about bothering her.

Suddenly, all of the embarrassment, nervousness, and discomfort that she was feeling completely disappeared without a trace. Instead, she felt this new experience was slightly amusing. In the midst of this dark room, she slowly unwrapped her quilt, tossed it to the side, and swiftly burrowed underneath the quilt that Li Hua had laid out for her.

This quilt was still pretty new, and the cover for it had recently been washed and soaked in sunlight. When she sniffed the quilt, there was a pleasant scent of grass and ink. Moreover, it still had some residual warmth. As soon as her chilled body burrowed into the quilt, she was immediately surrounded by warmth. It felt so comfortable.

Little by little, Li Man’s consciousness floated away. Surprisingly, there was a bout of sleepiness, and she quickly fell into slumber.

However, once she fell asleep, it was even harder for the nearby men. Originally, everyone was acting more properly because of her close proximity. They didn’t even dare to let their imaginations run wild. But, once she was asleep, they immediately relaxed. And once they were less tense, their excited minds imagined all sorts of fantasies…

Li Shu was the first one that couldn’t control himself. He quietly called out, wifey,” a couple of times. After not hearing any response, he couldn’t resist kicking away his quilt. “Too hot.”

Li Mo, who was lying next to him, hastily chided, “Be quieter.” He was worried about waking up Li Man.

However, once Li Shu complained about the temperature, the other men also felt as if their bodies were burning up, and the discomfort of not being able to let out that heat.

Li Mo also quietly pushed down his quilt and took a long breath.

As soon as Li Shu heard this movement, he happily giggled. “Oldest brother, you’re feeling uncomfortable too, right?”

Li Mo quietly scolded, “Go to sleep.”

“I can’t.” Li Shu kicked his quilt off the bed with his feet. He groaned, “Oldest brother, wife is here.”

Li Mo pressed his lips together. Before he had time to respond, Li Yan asked, “So what if she’s here?”

Li Shu immediately brightened up and asked, “Second brother, you can’t sleep either?”

“En.” There was a slight rustle as Li Yan took his hands out from underneath the quilt. He also felt unbearably hot.

His movement caused Li Hua to feel uncomfortable. He turned to sleep on his side.

“Fourth brother, you’re not asleep either?” Li Shu propped half his body up and looked over like a small animal.

Li Hua slightly bit his lips and mumbled, “En.”

Li Shu gleefully laughed.

Li Mo hurriedly turned his body and covered Li Shu’s mouth. “Third brother.”

“Oldest brother.” Li Shu was very stirred up. He impulsively grabbed Li Mo’s hand and was slightly panting as he asked, “Oldest brother, let’s choose tonight as the wedding night. It’s not like an auspiciously chosen date will be superior.”

Once these words were said, it was as if bolts of lightning had struck everyone and left them stunned and dumbfounded.

The following silence was oppressive enough to suffocate.

They could hear the wind blowing outside and the pitter-patter of the rain. It confused their emotional state.

After a period of strange silence, Li Shu finally couldn’t resist asking, “Well, what do you think? It’s already been several days, and it looks like wife’s health has already recuperated.”


10 thoughts on “Fortunate Wife Ch 83

  1. Lol li man was surely a fortune wife while her the Li brothers was the unfortunate husband because of their situation only little five can sleep peacefully

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  2. Can someone please explain to this poor girl that they’re ALL her husbands! Are they trying to murder her from fright? Lol. Thank you for the translations.

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