Fortunate Wife Ch 80

Chapter 80 – Despicable

Li Man had originally assumed that those three brothers wouldn’t return until the evening, but they unexpectedly returned before the sun had fallen below the mountains.

Li Man felt a bit gloomy. She wanted to take down the halter top undergarment and other items, but she was worried about being too obvious. What if they didn’t notice anything, and it was her activity that ended up drawing their attention to it? And so, she pretended to be calm and silently prayed that they wouldn’t notice. Otherwise, it would be too embarrassing.

In reality, Li Man was overthinking things. After coming home from a day of tiring work, why would the brothers notice what kind of clothes was hanging on the bamboo poles? After placing the tools down in a corner of the courtyard, Li Shu went into the kitchen and brought out a wooden bucket. He pumped out some water from the well, then took out off his shirt and started to rinse off his body with cold water right in the courtyard.

It was currently April. Although the temperature wasn’t too low, it wasn’t warm either. Wasn’t he worried about catching a chill from pouring cold water over himself? Li Man stood by the window and furrowed her brow as she watched this sight. This person was really awful at taking care of himself.

To her surprise, after Li Shu finished rinsing off, dried his body with a towel, and went into the eastern hut to change into clean clothes, Li Yan came out bare-chested. He also pumped out some water and started to rinse off like Li Shu.

Li Man hadn’t expected that this guy’s figure would be this good too. Although he wasn’t as well-built as Li Shu, Li Yan had a tall and slender stature with wide shoulders and a thin waist. He could be considered perfectly proportioned. Underneath the setting sun, there was a different kind of sexiness as the crystal clear water droplets slowly rolled down his body.

Li Man clucked her tongue in wonder. Li family was truly a place that produced beautiful men. All these brothers had handsome faces and even their figures were really good too. It had to be said that the gods had truly shown favor to this family. And yet, it was kind of strange. These men were so outstanding, so why were none of them married? It couldn’t be because their family was a bit poor, right?

As she was appreciatively looking at Li Yan and pondering that question, she was caught off guard when Li Yan poured the rest of the water over his head. There was a loud splashing sound as the water cascaded down. When he suddenly turned his head, she saw that his long hair, which had gotten soaked by the water, was sticking to his face, and the water droplets blurred his elegant, almond-shaped eyes. The corners of his lips were curved up into a shallow arc. His wicked, insincere smile was attractive enough to lead people astray.

While this sight enamored Li Man, Li Yan’s smile deepened and he started to untie the belt.

Ah? What was he going to do? He wasn’t going to take off his pants, right? She hurriedly turned around and covered her eyes with her hand, but then she heard a burst of laughter from the outside courtyard. It was at this moment that she realized she had gotten too distracted while watching the beautiful man showering.

Humph! She didn’t believe that he would really dare to take off his pants in public.

He was truly despicable. He probably already noticed that she was watching him from the window a while ago, that’s why he was being… What a pervert. He had even pretended to take off his pants. Despicable, so despicable!

Still, it was one thing to have these thoughts. When all was said and done, Li Man didn’t have the courage to turn around and check.

Once he was done washing up, Li Yan was about to go back inside to change into clean clothing when he saw that Li Mo was crouched down in a corner and feeding Big Black, he asked, “Oldest brother, why aren’t you taking a rinse too?”

Actually, before Li Man’s arrival, this household only had bachelors. Walls enclosed the courtyard, so there usually wasn’t anything they would abstain from doing while in the outside courtyard. And so, when they came back from work with a body full of smelly sweat, they would simply take a rinse by the hand pump water well. But, now that Li Man was here, oldest brother had warned them to not act too impudently. And so, when they were taking a rinse this time, they only took off their shirt and left their pants on.

“Oh, I’m not in a rush. I’ll wash up later, ” Li Mo replied with his head lowered.

While drying his hair with a towel, Li Yan smiled and said, “Oldest brother, are you feeling shy?”

Li Mo’s handsome face turned slightly red. He mumbled, “Nonsense. Quickly, go inside and change out of your wet clothing. Be careful that you don’t catch a cold.”

“Oh.” There was a knowing smile on Li Yan’s face as he turned around and went inside.

Li Mo fed a few more chicken bones to Big Black. He looked at hand pump water well in the courtyard, but still felt that it wouldn’t be appropriate since Li Man was here. She was so shy and wouldn’t be used to a bunch of shirtless men showering in front of her. It would better for him to wait until the evening.


T/N: Lol, Li Mo, if only you knew that Li Man had been practically drooling over Li Yan’s body.


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