Fortunate Wife Ch 78

Chapter 78 – Considering his options

Li Man couldn’t win against Li Shu’s strength. Besides, the thin door couldn’t put up must resistance either. The door started to shake after only a few pushes from Li Shu, and dust fell from the top. Li Man was truly worried that he would wreck the door. She hurriedly exclaimed, “Stop pushing. Put the food down by the door. I’ll get it myself.”

Li Shu stuck his ear against the door and loudly asked, “Wife, what did you say?”

This rotten guy was definitely just pretending to not understand her simple words. Feeling annoyed, she said, “Put it down by the door.”

“Ah? What? I can’t hear you clearly.” As Li Shu said this, he pushed the door a few times again.

As more dust fell down, it made a quiet rustling sound. The dust almost got into Li Man’s eyes. Seeing that he would soon break the door, Li Man angrily gritted her teeth and abruptly opened the door. As soon as she did so, Li Shu, who had been leaning against the door, started to fall down. Fortunately, Li Shu was strong and had long arms. He grabbed hold of the doorway and didn’t crash onto the ground.

After regaining his balance, he saw Li Man’s angry expression. He delivered the bowl of mood and apologetically smiled as he said, “Wife, it’s time to eat.”

“Alright.” Li Man took the bowl from his hand, then pushed him outside. She slammed the door shut without waiting for him to speak.

Right after the door was closed, she felt that her behavior wasn’t right. This hut was their bedroom. After lunch, Li Hua would need to come here to study. Besides, the other people might want to come here to take a afternoon nap. She couldn’t just remain here and tyrannically take over their room.

And so, the recently closed door was open again. Before the startled Li Shu had time to say something, Li Man had already dashed inside her own hut. With a slam, she firmly closed another door.

Li Shu stared at the door that was still swaying. Truly feeling annoyed with himself, he said, “Wife, I was wrong.”

Looking like a dog that had its tail between its legs, Li Shu returned to the kitchen. Seeing that everyone else was enjoying his meal, Li Shu felt even worse. Was everyone in high spirits because he had upset their wife?

“Come eat.” Li Mo pushed a bowl of rice towards him.

“Oldest brother.” Li Shu miserably scowled as he said, “Wife seems really angry at me. I said so many words, but she wouldn’t listen to any of it. She even slammed the door in my face and glared at me.

“What were you expecting her to do?” Li Yan mocked.

Li Shu fiercely glared at him. “I know that wife has been treating me well the past few days. You’re just jealous.”

Li Yan picked up a piece of string bean with his chopsticks and ate it. He didn’t refute Li Shu’s words and only darkly smiled.

Li Mo added some vegetables to Li Shu’s bowl and comfortingly said, “It’s okay. It’s alright.” He knew that Li Man was a kind-hearted person. She wouldn’t really stay angry at Li Shu. At most, she was just too shy and too embarrassed to face them.

“Really?” Li Shu didn’t quite believe his oldest brother’s words. If his oldest brother actually understood women, then how come he had never seen a woman interested in him? But, what about his second brother and fourth brother?

Li Shu considered his options before decisively asking Li Hua, “Fourth brother, what do you think? Do you think that wife will hold a grudge against me and never talk to me again?”

Li Hua actually had the same train of thought as Li Mo. He chuckled and said, “Third brother, as long as you don’t bring up this matter again, she won’t continue to be angry with you.”

“…” Li Shu thought it over and finally decided that these words were reasonable. He solicitously added a bunch of Chinese chives to Li Hua’s bowl. “Here, fourth brother, eat more. Wife cooked this.”

Li Hua’s face turned red in embarrassment. Who didn’t know that their wife had cooked this meal? Third brother’s words made it sound as if Li Man only belonged to him.


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