Fortunate Wife Ch 43

Chapter 43 – Looking

Li Mo put down what he was doing, got water from the well, and washed his hands before entering the kitchen.

The food had already been put on the table. The large plate of fish with pickled cabbage was enough food for the family to have a very satisfying meal.

“Oldest brother, we’re so lucky to have such a skillful wife.” Lu Shu winked at Li Mo. He hadn’t been able to resist sneaking a bite. The fish today was even more delicious than the braised fish from last time.

Slightly smiling, Li Mo sat down. Li Man brought over a bowl of rice as well as a pair of chopsticks.

“Thank you for your hard work,” Li Mo politely said. His heart felt as if it was overflowing with warmth.

Li Man smiled. She understood what those words meant. “No problem.” After picking up a piece of fish with her chopsticks and removing the bones, she gave the fish to Little Five and said, “Take your time with eating so that you don’t choke.”

“Thank you, older sister.” As Little Five ate the fish, he somewhat gloatingly looked at his three older brothers. Hehe. Once again, older sister added food to his bowl, and he was the only one that got this special treatment.

Li Hua picked up a piece of fish with his chopsticks and placed it in Li Man’s bowl. “You should eat too. Little Five can get his own food.”

“Yeah, wife, you should eat more. I heard that women that like to eat fish would give birth to beautiful and clever children.” Li Shu hurriedly followed suit and stuffed two pieces of fish into Li Man’s bowl.

Li Hua almost choked on the rice that he was eating, and Li Mo’s face flushed red. Li Mo admonished, “Third brother, stop saying nonsense. Eat.”

“Who’s saying nonsense? I’m just repeating a fact,” Li Shu seriously said, then he tried to add more fish to Li Man’s bowl.

Li Man picked up her bowl and tactfully declined, “No need. I can get the food myself.”

Seeing her rejecting gesture, Li Shu didn’t mind. He tossed the slice of fish into is own mouth. Ah, so yummy.

Seeing him like this, Li Man lowered her head and secretly smiled.

Actually, Li Shu was the best looking one in his family. He was slender, tall, and straight. His heroic facial features were very distinct too. If they were in modern-day, there would be countless actors trampled under his feet.

However, this was only true when he wasn’t talking. The second he opened his exuberant mouth, his unrivaled handsome image would be destroyed. Of course, he also had an explosive temper. His eyes there were as a deep as a lake seemed to always be shooting out fiery sparks. If he couldn’t win an argument in a few words, he would be ready to throw a punch. This was probably why no one noticed how handsome he was.

“Wife, are you looking at me?” Li Shu wickedly batted his eyes at Li Man. “Well, what do you think? Have you discovered that I’m better looking than them?”

Although Li Man didn’t understand the meaning of his words, the explicit look in his eyes was enough to make her heart skip a beat. She hurriedly lowered her head and pretended to not understand.

Li Hua helplessly glanced at Li Shu. Fortunately, Li Man didn’t understand their words yet. Otherwise, how would they be able to peacefully continue this meal? She already looked too uncomfortable to eat.

Li Mo furrowed his brow, “Third brother -”

“Okay, okay.” Before his oldest brother could lecture him, Li Shu surrendered of his own accord. “I won’t talk anymore, okay? Still, you have to admit that our wife had been gazing at me. Hehe.”

Li Mo picked up a piece of garlic and put it into Li Shu’s bowl. “Just eat.”

Li Shu immediately exclaimed, “Oldest brother, you know that I hate eating garlic.”

Taking advantage of Li Man lowering her head to eat rice, Li Mo gave Li Shu a warning glaring and said, “If you keep talking nonsense, you’ll have to eat chili peppers too.”

Li Shu tossed the piece of garlic onto the table. “Haha, oldest brother, you’re feeling jealous…”

Before Li Shu could finish, a piece of chili pepper was tossed into his open mouth.

Caught off guard, Li Shu ended up choking on the chili pepper and having a coughing fit.

Li Man raised her head and asked in worry, “What’s wrong? Did a fishbone get stuck in your throat?”

Li Hua smiled at her comfortingly, “It’s okay. He’ll be fine after eating some rice.”


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