Fortunate Wife Ch 32

Chapter 32 – Rumor

Before Li Shu had time to respond, Xing-niang had already hurriedly pushed herself up from the ground after seeing Li Mo. She tearfully shouted, “Aiyo, Li family’s oldest son, you finally returned. Your family’s third son is utterly devoid of conscience. He bullied me. Seeing that I wouldn’t comply him, he even hit me…”

Li Mo stared at her with a severe gaze. Xing-niang‘s heart thumped for a beat. Feeling a bit guilty, she stopped speaking.

Li Mo turned his head and said to Li Shu, “Third brother, tell me what happened.” Everyone in the village knew exactly what type of person Second Shun’s wife was. Although his younger brother was a short-tempered person, he wouldn’t hit someone without a reason.

“Oldest brother, that rotten woman has been going around to spread lies about our wife,” Li Shu angrily said.

“Who’s telling lies? This old mother has only been saying the truth. Everyone, look at that girl. Look at her beautiful face and figure. Her skin looks young and tender enough to squeeze out water. Could an ordinary family have a daughter as fresh-looking as her?” Seeing that more and more people had come over to spectate, Xing-niang wasn’t scared anymore. Instead, she wanted to make the situation worse. It wasn’t fair the Li brothers were protecting that woman in every possible way while she had been married to that useless person and had to endure the villagers’ supercilious looks.

“Shut your mouth!” Li Mo and Li Shu berated in unison.

Xing-niang felt that she had suffered a loss today. Even if she had to die, she would drag someone down with her too. Her eyes flickered to look at Li Man’s body. With an insincere smile, she said, “Humph! I wonder, this girl is in the budding beauty stage of her life, and she looks so beautiful. How could they have been willing to sell her?”

Once these words were said, all of spectators furrowed their brows and disdainfully looked at Li Man.

Faced with their cold gazes, Li Man felt as if she was being stabbed all over. But, the worst part was that she had no idea what was going on. Although she knew that woman’s words were targeted at her, she didn’t know what she was saying and didn’t even have the ability to refute her words.

“Despicable woman, you’re talking bullshit. I’m going to beat you to death.” Li Shu suddenly went forward and slapped her.

Xing-niang wasn’t able to dodge in time, and her other cheek ended up getting a red mark too. It was just enough to make each side of her face swollen to the same height.

Li Mo coldly watched and didn’t say anything until after Li Shu had slapped her. “Third brother, don’t be so impulsive.”

“Oldest brother…”

Clutching her face, Xing-niang wailed like a ghost, “Aiyo, everyone, you saw what just happened, right? Li family’s third son wants to kill me…”

Li Mo grabbed hold of his third brother, who looked as if he was going to slap her again, and said, “Second Shun’s wife, has your husband come home yet?”

Xing-niang dropped her hand. With tears dripping from her eyes, she complained, “Who knows where that useless person has gone? Li Mo, you and that useless person usually treat each other like brothers. But now, you’re working together with your younger brother to bully me. This old mother is tell you now, even if that useless person comes here, I won’t let you off.”

Li Shu felt renewed anger, “You rotten woman, how dare you say that? It’s me that’s not going to let you off.”

Scared, Xing-niang took a step back.

Li Mo stopped his younger brother from taking a step forward. Looking at Xing-niang with a heavy gaze, “Since Second Shun isn’t home today and there’s no one to discipline you, then I’ll find a place and properly discipline you for him.”

“What are you planning on doing?” Xing-niang looked at him in alarm.

Li Mo let go of his third brother and ordered, “Bring her to the village head’s home.”

Hearing these words, Xing-niang thought she had gotten exactly what she wanted. Once they reached the village head’s home, she would definitely cause a fuss. “Fine, let’s go. I can walk there by myself.”


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